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    I love music. Heavy metal, horrorcore , folk ect I also love movies, some anime, reading.

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  1. Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to play this
  2. I would like Punisher, or Deadpool.
  3. I really don't understand why some people say its a waste of time since it doesn't have a plat, or gold trophies. I think trophies have taken over the thought process of people who play video games. Instead of playing for fun, they worry & get angry over what sort of trophies should be in the game.
  4. Rather have Phantasy Star 1 - 4 on the PS4
  5. I don't think I'll buy this. Base game was alright but the last two dlc weren't that great. Just hope the new Mass Effect game is great
  6. This will also be my first time & by playing the demo. I came to enjoy it and preorder it
  7. Just hope it's a great rpg
  8. Played it and wonder if anybody else had any problems with the saving?
  9. I love drama! Who needs cable when ya got this
  10. Trolls bring us together in these dark & lonely times. I don't hate them, If they're going to troll me. They better be funny when I'm gaming.
  11. That sounds painful
  12. Beat it. Still felt pretty shallow like JoH, combat was hard as heck. Went from 112k gold to 905k. I'm the Bruce Wayne of Thedas
  13. Best thing I can tell people is wait for one of those sales or when it hits ps plus.
  14. Hope its more story driven. JoH wasn't that great, it had some good parts and it was pretty.
  15. Love watching him review games. Game is crap & they're charging 60 bones for a half assed game.