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  1. If there's one thing I hope the game will let you do at least once during its runtime is to let you walk into the TARDIS and manipulate the controls to fly then walk out in another location.
  2. Just FYI, I'm working on a trophy guide for Outer Wilds PS4. I got my Platinum (was the first on this site) so who better?
  3. And Plat #137 is Lego Marvel Superheroes. Jeez that only took me just under 4 years.

  4. WOO HOO I just nailed the Ultra Rare Superhot VR Platinum. I'm the 96th Achiever of it on this site.

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      Oh wow, nice! Any tips in general?

    3. ShadowGandalf


      Learn and remember. Enemy placements, weapon placements, and the gun glitch can help too. If you have a gun and wanna take it into the next phase, release it, then grab the pyramid and immediately grab the gun again. If done right you'll carry the gun with you. Certainly a big help in certain parts, like in the Graveyard where you have to dodge 3 shotgun blasts. Take a shotgun from last phase with you and blow two of them away before they fire.

    4. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

  5. Well, at one point you need to play the game on the hardest difficulty, and complete it with no kills, no deaths, no alerts and no special items, and in under 5 hours. Then there's all the other emblems that require playing in different ways, like spending a certain length of time in one run in prone stance, and all other kinds of things. Sp yeah, its a long and difficult road to Platinum. I likely won't bother. I haven't earned an MGS4 trophy in years.
  6. I found a trick that worked on the Ambience Playlists. Back to back Tetris's. I managed to complete the whole playlist getting more than 10 consecutive Tetris's in a row. Just be careful with placements and don't make any lines that aren't a Tetris. Other modes.... will be tougher of course..
  7. This one will randomly pop up during Mystery Mode. Keep playing Mystery and you'll eventually get it.
  8. That was my guide. I submitted it, but the revision that was requested was a huge undertaking. While doing that I hit a bit of a gaming crash and didn't game or do anything game related for a few months. I just found its still there, so I'll look into it. See what I did and see about getting it published.
  9. Updated. Sorry it took so long. Some people may've noticed I've not been active here lately. Oh, who am I kidding? No one noticed. Thanks again. Remember, PM me if you add more. That way I'll get email notification.
  10. I'm not that person anymore. I'm not even a serious trophy hunter anymore. I've been playing games less lately. I've found a new hobby. One that gets me out of the house, having fun with like minded people and being more social than sitting at home gaming all the time. I still game, don't get me wrong, and I'll still chase trophies, but I'm over my trophy addiction. I no longer feel the NEED to attain 100%. In short, my new life has saved me. (I never did get 100% back on The Last of Us)
  11. Chapter Four The Bleak Falls Bandits My fight with the bandits was not over however. As I approached Bleak Falls Barrow I saw three bandits camped. They were talking about a treasure inside the barrow and a Golden Claw they possessed that was the key to something hidden below that would make them rich. Were they talking about the Dragon Stone I was after? I couldn't be sure, but I couldn't run the risk of letting them find it first. I readied my bow and aimed an arrow. I released it and killed one of the bandits. The other two leaped up and drew their weapons, one, a sword, the other, a bow. They were angry at the sneak attack but also obviously unnerved. I readied another arrow, then leaped up and fired at the archer, but missed. She shot an arrow at me but I'd already ducked down. My hiding place was now compromised. I knew the swordsman would be bearing down on me, so I rolled to one side and as he appeared round the corner I shot another arrow. It hit square in the chest and he toppled on top me. I threw him off then released a jet of flame upwards just as the archer appeared above me, and was scorched. I picked myself up and headed inside. In the caves it was easier to hide in the shadows and pick off unwary bandits with arrows. One was killed by a trap. He attempted to open a door but was peppered with darts from above. I was a bit smarter. I noticed a sequence of icons above the door, and some rotating pillars to my left. By matching the icons on the pillars with the the icons over the door, I opened it without triggering the trap. Soon I heard calls for help. I investigated and emerged into a cave full of webs. In one particularly large web, was a bandit. He begged me to release him, saying he had the Golden Claw, and would share the treasure with me. Of course, I didn't believe he would really share, but if he did have the Claw, I had to free him so I could take it from him. Just then, a large Frostbite Spider dropped from above. I jumped back and used my double strength flames to beat it back, but it kept trying to stab at me with its legs. I concentrated while stepping back and focused all my Magika until the flames burned hot enough to kill the spider. Breathing a sigh of relief, I turned my attention to the bandit. I reignited my hand and said I'd free him by burning the web. He seemed panicked and said I was crazy, that I'd burn him too. I scorched the web next to him. He was burned free and immediately ran. I knew he would. He didn't get very far. He ended up running right into the arms of a Draugr, a kind of Zombie that guards the halls of the Barrow. One bite and the bandit fell dead. I used my flames to kill the Draugr, if kill is the right word. They fell and didn't move again, so I suppose it's appropriate enough. Then I took the claw from the bandit. I'd heard the bandits outside saying it was key, but it was unlike any key I'd ever seen before. I also remember them saying they'd stolen it. After I'd used it I would see if I could find the rightful owner and return it. Assuming the rightful owner was still breathing of course. After making my way deeper and burning or shooting any Draugr that I came across, I reached a peculiar door. It had three rings and an indentation in the centre. The indent matched the claw. I put the claw in, but nothing happened. Puzzled, I looked at the rings and noticed symbols on each. There were symbols on the claw too. Now it made sense. I rotated each ring to match the symbols, and this time, when I fitted the claw, the door opened. Inside was a wall with strange symbols carved into it. As I approached, I felt my heart pound for some reason. One group of symbols started to glow, then a strange light poured out of the stone and into me. I suddenly understood what that group of symbols meant, though I didn't understand how... I didn't have time to dwell on it however, as a sarcophagus suddenly burst open behind me and a powerful looking Draugr climbed out. It was tougher than any I'd so far faced, and kept shouting a word which pushed me back. Eventually it succumbed to my fire. On the pedestal in front of the sarcophagus was the Stone I'd been looking for. I took it, then left the barrow via a hidden back exit and made my way back to Whiterun. As I walked I pondered what had happened. The Draugr kept shouting a word I didn't understand and every time it was like an invisible force was trying to knock me off my feet. Then there was the symbol that I suddenly understood after absorbing the light from it. I tried shouting the word, just as the Draugr had shouted his, but nothing happened. Just as puzzled as ever, I headed on. Upon arriving at the gates of Whiterun, I decided to bed down at the tavern before returning to Dragonsreach. It was late and after all the adventuring I was pretty tired. It was a strange day. I'll head to sleep now, but I can't help wondering if things could get any stranger.
  12. Yooka Laylee pre release Toybox demo releases to backers who chose the appropriate tier in July. :D

    1. FlareXV


      Nice! I wish them a successful release.

    2. Oblivion


      Awesome. Glad i backed it.

    3. Dr_Mayus


      I can't wait :D

  13. Just saw the Ratchet & Clank movie. I loved it, it was awesome, I don't care what critics say. Of course I may be slightly biased, what with me being both a R&C fan since 2002 and a Furry, but whatever. I had fun, and that's what matters. (That mud credits scene also gave me exactly what I wanted to see)

    1. ShadowGandalf


      *mid credits, damn you autocorrect...

    2. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Same here. I liked it quite a bit.

  14. I had the best day of my life on Saturday. And not for reasons related to gaming. My previous status update may give a clue...

    1. DaivRules


      Congrats! Hope you found some good peeps to spend your time with!

    2. Superbuu3


      Good for you, its always best to be yourself.

  15. All updated again... I've become less active here lately, so if you want to add any, best to send me a PM like CypherNova did. That way I get an email to alert me.