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  1. You are a diamond. Yes I had the 2SV enabled but I had no clue what it was talking about with Device Setup passwords. And the Playstation support page was useless. Your info is the first thing to actually give me an answer. Thank you so much.
  2. In the email I got, it points out the PS3 and PSV stores will be closing in July. So I went to my Vita, which I haven't touched in ages, and attempted to log in. The Vita is fully updated to latest firmware and connected to wifi, but it constantly tells me my log in details are incorrect, when I know they are not. Those exact same log in details work fine on PS5 and Web Browser. The same happens on PS3. Tells me my details are wrong when they aren't. I wanna download Sly 3 on Vita, since I obtained it via cross buy and apparently I'll be locked out from it when the closure happens. How am I supposed to access the store and get what I need if I can't even log in. Does anyone have any answers or suggestions?
  3. Dunno if anyone is still using this thread, but I'm after one more Datachip. What I need: New Romulus 5.2 Contact me here or on PSN (same username) if you wanna arrange a trade. Can also offer energy credits.
  4. I have all 9 R&C Plats. Will be 10 soon. I will definitely be earning the Plat on Rift Apart.
  5. Never mind I’ve solved it. I simply earned another trophy (Into the Darkness) and then it synced correctly. That was really strange.
  6. Has anyone else had this weird issue? I finished the game and the trophies for Exchange and Conclusion, both popped. But the Conclusion trophy is not showing as earned in my list. I’ve synced, restarted, replayed chapter and nothing is fixing it. It’s like I never earned it at all. The notification for earning it even showed up under my PS5 notifications (though has since auto deleted itself) Does anyone know how to report such an issue and to whom? Developer? Publisher? Sony? I’ve been looking for a way to report it but keep coming up blank.
  7. YES YES HELL YES. Would buy in an instant. But I doubt it will happen.
  8. I got it last night. I thought some had glitched, but turned out I was looking at one I had already got. Once I found the actual one I was missing, I got the trophy. (was playing on PS5) I got the Plat and 100%.
  9. I'm not interested in this game at all. (I have no interest in Car Combat or Multiplayer, and this is both) But that is bullshit. Publishers will never learn will they? They know we all hate it, but money is all that matters.
  10. 3 of mine glitched too. Words Collected Silver and Gold, and Ships Destroyed Gold. I plan to try and get them again on my PD playthrough.
  11. I've had one hard system crash during a Miles Morales cutscene, but aside from that, no issues. Well, one other minor issue, but I don''t think it's to do with the PS5 itself. That being, when watching Star Wars on Disney+ it wouldn't display alien language subtitles. I needed to turn on full subs to see them. Anyone know how to fix that? Didn't have issues when watching on PC or PS4 D+.
  12. I don't have PS5 yet, (4 more days) but I'll certainly be trying it out. Like you though, it's not something I would've bought, but for free, why not?
  13. There are so many but if I had to pick just one, it would have to be Trash Panic: Complete the game on HELL difficulty. There are only 6 stages but they are SUPER difficult and IMMENSELY frustrating. And you cannot save and quit, you have to play all 6 in a single session or lose your progress. It took me.... no joke, from about 18:30 in the evening, all the way through to 9:31 the next morning to beat it. YES, 15 straight hours going through the night, stopping only for bathroom breaks. Stage 6 alone took 6 hours. Many trophies have challenged my skill and perseverance, but this one challenged my skill, perseverance AND sanity.
  14. Ok yeah that's weird. I haven't got the slightest clue. The only thing I can possibly suggest is delete and reinstall the game. No guarantees it will help, but maybe worth a shot?
  15. Maybe your R2 triggers are faulty? I can't say this ever happened to me. Do those triggers work on other games?