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  1. YES YES HELL YES. Would buy in an instant. But I doubt it will happen.
  2. I got it last night. I thought some had glitched, but turned out I was looking at one I had already got. Once I found the actual one I was missing, I got the trophy. (was playing on PS5) I got the Plat and 100%.
  3. I'm not interested in this game at all. (I have no interest in Car Combat or Multiplayer, and this is both) But that is bullshit. Publishers will never learn will they? They know we all hate it, but money is all that matters.
  4. 3 of mine glitched too. Words Collected Silver and Gold, and Ships Destroyed Gold. I plan to try and get them again on my PD playthrough.
  5. I've had one hard system crash during a Miles Morales cutscene, but aside from that, no issues. Well, one other minor issue, but I don''t think it's to do with the PS5 itself. That being, when watching Star Wars on Disney+ it wouldn't display alien language subtitles. I needed to turn on full subs to see them. Anyone know how to fix that? Didn't have issues when watching on PC or PS4 D+.
  6. I don't have PS5 yet, (4 more days) but I'll certainly be trying it out. Like you though, it's not something I would've bought, but for free, why not?
  7. There are so many but if I had to pick just one, it would have to be Trash Panic: Complete the game on HELL difficulty. There are only 6 stages but they are SUPER difficult and IMMENSELY frustrating. And you cannot save and quit, you have to play all 6 in a single session or lose your progress. It took me.... no joke, from about 18:30 in the evening, all the way through to 9:31 the next morning to beat it. YES, 15 straight hours going through the night, stopping only for bathroom breaks. Stage 6 alone took 6 hours. Many trophies have challenged my skill and perseverance, but this one challenged my skill, perseverance AND sanity.
  8. Ok yeah that's weird. I haven't got the slightest clue. The only thing I can possibly suggest is delete and reinstall the game. No guarantees it will help, but maybe worth a shot?
  9. Maybe your R2 triggers are faulty? I can't say this ever happened to me. Do those triggers work on other games?
  10. Creates trophy that requires teaming up with an enemy. Bans players for earning it. Yup, makes perfect sense. Seriously wtf? I've never played this game and likely never will, but that seems screwed up to me.
  11. I remember Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate had a trophy for "Win 5 multiplayer matches in a row". They ended up patching it to become "Win 5 multiplayer matches".
  12. For anyone struggling to score well on The Trial, I have a couple of tips to share. Strategies that have helped me get better. First things you should craft should be Shiv and Nail Bomb. The Walkers won't swarm too heavily in the first couple rounds so just pick them off with head stabs. When you can afford it, get the Nova Shotgun. It's good for short to mid range headshots which should rack up Bitecoins pretty quickly. Just remember to reload every chance you get. You don't wanna be caught off guard. If things get too hectic, use the nailbomb. try to throw it into the middle of groups for max damage. Just don't let it explode too close or it's instant death. Replace the nail bomb every time you use one since it's the cheapest item at 25 coins. Get the stamina and health boosts when able, and the protective gear. Give yourself every chance. Also keep the health and stamina up with meds, bandages and food. Walkers that have a red circle at their feet will create a ring around them when they die. Your points will be doubled if you are in this circle while scoring. Don't run unless your escaping Walkers, save the stamina for melee kills and shaking off Walkers if you get grabbed. Explore the area for new recipes, supplies and special items. Don't be afraid to wander away from the crafting benches. Just remember that when each wave ends you'll only have about 60s before the next one auto starts. Hope these tips will help anyone playing this mode.
  13. I'm quite proud of Outlast 1's Insane mode since it's a permadeath mode. Spec Ops: The Line - FUBAR Alien Isolation - Nightmare Trash Panic - Hell Resident Evil 7 - Madhouse Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 - Brutal
  14. As I understand it, you only need to pick up what you missed. All collectables will reappear to be picked up again, but ones you've previously picked up will have a check mark next to them before you pick them up, to identify it as already obtained.
  15. I had a similar issue with the Lv25 trophy. It didn't pop until Lv28.