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  1. If there's one thing I hope the game will let you do at least once during its runtime is to let you walk into the TARDIS and manipulate the controls to fly then walk out in another location.
  2. Just FYI, I'm working on a trophy guide for Outer Wilds PS4. I got my Platinum (was the first on this site) so who better?
  3. And Plat #137 is Lego Marvel Superheroes. Jeez that only took me just under 4 years.

  4. WOO HOO I just nailed the Ultra Rare Superhot VR Platinum. I'm the 96th Achiever of it on this site.

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      Oh wow, nice! Any tips in general?

    3. ShadowGandalf


      Learn and remember. Enemy placements, weapon placements, and the gun glitch can help too. If you have a gun and wanna take it into the next phase, release it, then grab the pyramid and immediately grab the gun again. If done right you'll carry the gun with you. Certainly a big help in certain parts, like in the Graveyard where you have to dodge 3 shotgun blasts. Take a shotgun from last phase with you and blow two of them away before they fire.

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      Nice work!

  5. So, this thread is to discuss your attempts at Insane difficulty, be they jubilantly victorious, or frustratingly tragic. Be aware, this thread may contain spoilers. I've been struggling hard. I'll admit, I've died 3 or 4 times in the basement where you restore power, but i'm getting better at it. I've died once in the large flooded area by Chris Walker, and Trager has got me twice. My most recent attempt, I eluded Trager but Walker got me again during the Sprinker valves objective. I'm learning as I go, progressing further and further on each attempt. I WILL do it eventually. The most frustrating parts are the unskippable cutscenes. Especially the 5 minute one with Trager. Having to sit through them again and again. So, you have any stories of Insane mode to tell?
  6. Well, at one point you need to play the game on the hardest difficulty, and complete it with no kills, no deaths, no alerts and no special items, and in under 5 hours. Then there's all the other emblems that require playing in different ways, like spending a certain length of time in one run in prone stance, and all other kinds of things. Sp yeah, its a long and difficult road to Platinum. I likely won't bother. I haven't earned an MGS4 trophy in years.
  7. I found a trick that worked on the Ambience Playlists. Back to back Tetris's. I managed to complete the whole playlist getting more than 10 consecutive Tetris's in a row. Just be careful with placements and don't make any lines that aren't a Tetris. Other modes.... will be tougher of course..
  8. This one will randomly pop up during Mystery Mode. Keep playing Mystery and you'll eventually get it.
  9. I have 3 Ultra Rare trophies. (%'s correct at time of typing) Modnation Racers - 2.91% GTA IV - 2.38% Red Faction Guerrilla - 1.88% Is your list longer?
  10. So, I just nailed the Late Boomer trophy on SSU. Because the requirement has been lowered by 2 bombs, I was able to get it with a single bomb, using this simple tactic. Still requires a bit of luck, but it certainly isn't as tough as trying to get 15. When the first ship appears, don't destroy it, follow in it's wake. Hold on until the second ship appears, then, with a bit of luck, you can blast both with one bomb, releasing 4 bombs to pick up. That's 13. You may not be able to blast both as soon as the second one appears so keep following the first until they align. You must hit them both from front or back. Blasting them from a side will only yield 1 bomb. Good luck. If anyone writes a trophy guide and wants to include this tip, feel free.
  11. I liked PixelJunk Shooter #1 more than I thought I would. I picked it up for 79p on PS+ exclusive special offer. PixelJunk Shooter 2 has now appeared on the Spring Sale. I'm eyeing it, but I notice it has 3 online trophies. I'd be prepared to bet the multiplayer community for this game is virtually non existent, so if I were to buy it, would anyone be able to assist me to get the 3 multiplayer trophies? If not, i'll pass. It's not exactly a game I REALLY want, just a passing fancy, just while it's on offer. It's no big loss if I don't get it. So. Can anyone help? The Spring Sale ends April 9th so that's when this request becomes void. (I'll only buy it at the reduced sale price)
  12. Ok, here's a little game I just thought up that could result in some wacky combinations. Take the protagonist from the last game you played, and place them into the setting of the last film you watched. and, if possible, Take the protagonist from the last film you watched, and place them into the setting of the last game you played. Let the hilarity commence. My last game was Angry Birds (lol), and film was Chernobyl Diaries... lol So, the Angry Birds persue the pigs all the way to Chernobyl, where they use thier famed catapult to *spoiler warning* and find thier eggs. Meanwhile the 4 friends agree that going to Chernobyl is a stupid idea (lol) and instead explore some hills where they meet some seemingly friendly pigs. However, the pigs steal the friends only food items. They must use whatever is at hand to recover thier lunch. Ok, so it's not the easiest combination to work with. Let's see who can do better...GO!!
  13. Can someone explain this? The event is marked with a NEW tag, but I'm on the Speedwall for it, meaning, I've done it. So why is it marked as NEW? I thought it might be because I'm in a different car, but there are other events I've done in different cars, and they aren't marked as NEW. It can't be anything to do with Autolog Recommends, because there are no friends on that Speedwall with me. It's got me confused. I'm trying to keep track of which events I've done.... but when it does something like this.. it throws me off completely.
  14. I created a topic like this a few years ago on It was quite fun. I went through al the forum games currently listed and didn't see this, so I'm creating it again here. Basically, choose an old game, from any system, as long as it doesn't already have trophies, (unless you want to redesign an existing trophy list, but you'd need to be extra creative to do that), and make up a trophy list for it. Try to be creative with names, descriptions and requirements, but try to be realistic too. Give realistic values, (a gold for finishing the tutorial isn't realistic), realistic amounts for what the game is, (like 10-15 for small games and 40-50 for larger games) and realistic requirements. You can make them as hard as you want, as long as they're still considered achievable. Aside from those restrictions, just let your imagination loose. Feel free to comment on other peoples trophy lists too. This is the first trophy list I made for my version. It's for Dark Chronicle (aka Dark Cloud 2) Now I'm gonna make a brand new one. BANJO KAZOOIE
  15. Straight to the point, I want to comprise a list of games on PS4 that use the Touchpad and how they use it. Then we can see which ones use it most effectively. Any games you add, I'll edit into the primary list here. So, post any I've missed or correct any I might have wrong. Here we go: UPDATE: It's been a while since this topic was seen... Can we revive it? There must be loads to add with all the new games... Just tell me how the touchpad is used in various games (that aren't already on the list) and I'll add them into this first post with your name. UPDATE 2: I've re-ordered the games so they're listed alphabetically. It'll be easier to see which games are already listed. Trickier when they're listed randomly. Alien Isolation - Open map, notes, tags screen (feral611) Angry Birds Star Wars - Aim and launch birds (CypherNova139) Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Open and scroll map. (StrickenBiged) Batman: Arkham Knight - Open map (ZAID26194) Battlefield 4 - Open Battlelog. (Bonofifa) Battlefield: Hardline - Open Battlelog (Saltyie) Throw bullet casings to distract enemies (Banana_Sausage47) Bloodborne - Left side to open Gesture menu, right side to open Item menu. (MagicSandwych) Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - Open menu/Scroll map (locutus442) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Open Scoreboard (MRgreen55) Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Open Scoreboard (Jay) Call of Duty: Ghosts - Open Scoreboard (MRgreen55) Child of Light - Control Igniculus (ShadowGandalf) Destiny - Summon Ghost Companion (Saltyie) DMC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition - Skip cutscenes, Open items menu (Sadistic Waffle) Don't Starve - Open/close map. (ShadowGandalf) DriveClub - Photo mode (pese-97) Dust: An Elysian Tale - Opens menu (ShadowGandalf) Dying Light - Open map/Scroll through inventory (Banana_Sausage47) Ether One - Examine currently held item (ShadowGandalf) Far Cry 4 - Open and scroll map, scroll weapon wheel (Marko_Decepticon) Fez - Open map (Saltyie) Rotate screen 90 degrees/Pan and rotate map (CypherNova139) Fifa 14 - Control keeper/Alter viewing angle (The_Dragon_Man) Fifa 15 - Change Song (KeyvanNav) Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Use as mouse/Toggle between on screen interfaces (AuzzieWingman) Flower - Open screensaver (CypherNova139) Galak-Z - Open/Close Map (CypherNova139) Goat Simulator - - Open/Close Map (CypherNova139) Grand Theft Auto V - Change radio stations/change weapon, change camera view (pese-97) Guacamelee Super Turbo Edition - Open map/As an input in Konami code (dysphasic) Hitman GO: Definitive Edition - Move character (CypherNova139) Hustle Kings - Pause game/Move camera (pese-97) Infamous: First Light - Context Sensitive Actions (CypherNova137) Infamous: Second Son - Context Sensitive, draining powers, opening doors, sabotage generators, etc. (ShadowGandalf) Injustice: Gods Among Us - Cutscene QTE's. (Malfuras) Journey - Start Meditating/Screensaver (ShadowGandalf) Just Cause 3 - Open Menu (ShadowGandalf) Killzone: Shadowfall - Swap OWLs functions. (StrikenBiged) LEGO Jurassic World - Open Map (DanteHellMode98) LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - Open and scroll map. (StandAndScream21) LittleBigPlanet 3 - Open Popit menu/Various Create Mode functions (CypherNova139) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - Open menu on left side, open iDroid on right side, skip cutscenes. (ShadowGandalf) Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Open and scroll map (ShadowGandalf) Minecraft: Playstation 4 Edition - Access Social menu (pese-97) Mousecraft - Toggle Active Pause (ShadowGandalf) Murdered: Soul Suspect - Open clue list, bring up detailed description of selected item (ZAID26194) Never Alone - Opens/plays Cultural Insights (ShadowGandalf) Onechanbara Z 2 Chaos - Used during QTE's (LetsTurnJu-On) Outlast - Open documents/notes page (ShadowGandalf) Ratchet & Clank - Open Map (CypherNova139) Rayman Legends - Scrub the scratch cards. (StrickenBiged) Enter Camera Mode. (STRANGEgenius) Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Open Inventory/Crafting menu (Not_like_therest) Resogun - Photo Mode (can be disabled) (ShadowGandalf) RIDE - Change camera view (Banana_Sausage47) Rocket League - Open Text Chat (CypherNova137) Rogue Legacy - Open/close map (ShadowGandalf) SHAREFactory - Move cursor across time bar (CypherNova139) Skylanders: Swap Force - Open Character screen (ant1th3s1s) Shadow Warrior - Alternate input for special moves and magic (MagicSandwych) Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition - Open map. (Sadistic Waffle) Sound Shapes - In create, switch screens and navigate items, in Beat School, place note (CypherNova139) Sparkle 2 - Control entire game (liamlangan) Stick it to the Man - Control the telepathic arm. (ShadowGandalf) Styx: Master of Shadows - Open Map (DanteHellMode98) Switch Galaxy Ultra - Change Lanes by swiping (CypherNova139) Tearaway Unfolded - Many actions throughout game (CypherNova139) The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - Move and adjust map (TheYuriG) The Last of Us: Remastered - Open crafting menu (sp and mp) (KingCuervo88) The Playroom - Tosses robots into the room/Toss Ninja stars in a mini game (ant1th3s1s) The Swapper - Open/scroll map (CypherNova139) The Witcher III - Open Map (HaSoOoN-MHD) Thief - Switch quickly between weapons and items. (X_senka_X) Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition - Open/close map (madbuk) Trials Fusion - Pause menu on right side side/reset course on left side (CypherNova139) Trine - Create and Move objects as Amadeus (cjshaitan) Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection - Open Journals/maps (CypherNova139) Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - Open Journal/Maps (ShadowGandalf) Unfinished Swan - Throw ink/water pellets (ZAID26194) Warframe - Use Gestures/Powers (vivan000) Watchdogs - Open and scroll around map. (ShadowGandalf) Wolfenstien: The New Order - Open Journal (ZAID26194) Thank you to everyone who contributes. I'll keep updating as more are added.
  16. That was my guide. I submitted it, but the revision that was requested was a huge undertaking. While doing that I hit a bit of a gaming crash and didn't game or do anything game related for a few months. I just found its still there, so I'll look into it. See what I did and see about getting it published.
  17. Ok, let me explain what I mean. If you sort your trophy games in your XMB so they're displaying alphabetically, what is the longest chain of Platinumed games until it gets interrupted by a PSN title or incomplete game. My longest chain is 10 Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time Red Faction Guerrilla Resistance 2 Rio Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Shadow of the Colossus Skyrim Sly 1 Sly 2 Sly 3 The chain has Rag Doll Kung Fu to break it at the top, and Sonic the Hedgehog to break it at the bottom. It'll probably extend to 13 when I get the Ratchet & Clank Trilogy next month. So what's your longest Platinum Chain?
  18. Who doesn't enjoy a good funny limerick? This thread is to share known or self made-up limericks. Just for a laugh. I created this one in my head last night. It's about the first episode of Pokemon. A Pokemon trainer named Ash Acted a little bit rash With one little rock He angered a flock And hurriedly had to dash. Yeah, it's not great... This one by Lee Evans is hilarious though. Can you make any up? Or know any existing ones? Then share them here. (This unfinished one is from Star Trek The Next Generation, Season 1 Episode 2, The Naked Now, in which a virus infects the crew that affects their brains like alcohol....) Worf - "I'm getting very strange reports from all decks captain" Data - "Confirmed captain. There's also a rather peculiar limerick being sent by someone in the shuttlebay. I'm not sure I understand it. ... 'There was a young lady from venus, whose body was shaped like a...'" Picard - "CAPTAIN PICARD TO SECURITY!!" ... (meant purely to interrupt and stop Data saying next word) Data - (to Worf) "Was it something I said?" Worf - "I don't understand their sense of humor either" LOL.
  19. Updated. Sorry it took so long. Some people may've noticed I've not been active here lately. Oh, who am I kidding? No one noticed. Thanks again. Remember, PM me if you add more. That way I'll get email notification.
  20. I'm not that person anymore. I'm not even a serious trophy hunter anymore. I've been playing games less lately. I've found a new hobby. One that gets me out of the house, having fun with like minded people and being more social than sitting at home gaming all the time. I still game, don't get me wrong, and I'll still chase trophies, but I'm over my trophy addiction. I no longer feel the NEED to attain 100%. In short, my new life has saved me. (I never did get 100% back on The Last of Us)
  21. This topic is basically a new way for me to play Skyrim. As I play, I keep notes on various happenings, whether quest related or random. I them write them up as diary entries written by my character. I am in no way any kind of professional writer, so don't expect anything ground breaking, it's just for a little fun. Also, I may not be able to update it TOO frequently, since I work full time, and have many other games to play. I'll update when I can. If you'd like to follow whenever I update, hit the follow topic button up there. Notes from me will be kept here at the very top. Anything below will be the Diary. Everything that happens in the diary WILL be something that happened in game. Events will be embellished to seem more realistic, but I won't just make up events. This is NOT a diary of my time with the game. It's a diary of the characters time in Skyrim. Let's begin. I've added the first two chapters for now. Will add more later. Chapter One Journey to Skyrim First Entry 4E201 17th Last Seed I've decided to start a journal. I've never kept one before, but the last week, and especially the last few hours have encouraged me to keep a record of, well, me. It's not everyday you come seconds from death. Ok, let me go back a bit. I'm an Argonian. My name is Talen-Ja. I have dark green scales, blue feathers on the back of my head and a few blue scales on my face. I grew up in Gideon, Black Marsh with my parents, but after my mother died, my father and I left to seek a new life in Skyrim. Our plan was to settle as simple traders in one of the smaller towns. But it didn't work out that way. On our way between Lleyawiin and Bravil we were attacked by Bandits. My father succeeded in fighting them off while I assisted with my bow and arrows, but not before they'd cut him with a poisoned weapon. I took a cut to the face too but I wasn't poisoned. We didn't find out about the poison until we were tending our wounds in Bravil a while later. By then, father had taken ill. I took care of him as best I could, but fever took him after a couple of days. His last words were that he knew I would make him proud. I buried him outside of Bravil then continued with a heavy heart. I wouldn't let him down. I would make him, and mother, proud of me. And this scar on my face would always remind me of the bandits that took my father from me. Something I would never forgive. Not much happened after leaving Bravil. I followed the path round the Imperial City and north towards Bruma. I stopped here to rest and the next morning journeyed through Pale Pass, avoiding the Frostbite Spiders who infested the cave. While in Bruma I was able to learn a basic fire spell from a magic scholar, and when a Frostbite Spider tried to attack me, I drove it back with the flames. This magic is intriguing. I'd like to learn more at some point. When I emerged into Skyrim I decided to head to the nearest town, that being Falkreath. After about half an hour of walking I came across a group of Nords. Cautiously, I approached them intending to ask if they had any food to trade, since I had run out, but just as I got near, a group of guards jumped out. The last thing I remember was someone yelling something about Ulfric Stormcloak when I felt a pain in the back of my head. Everything went black, and what seemed like seconds later I was in a cart with my hands bound. Chapter Two Helghan I had been captured by the Imperial Guard for being found in the company of Stormcloak Rebels. But they refused to listen to my insistence that I am innocent. I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. How was I to know that the first people I would meet upon emerging from Pale Pass would be Rebels who were waging war against the Empire? Three others shared the cart with me. The man across from me was a Nord by the name of Ralof. The man next to me was gagged, but Ralof said he was Ulfric Stormcloak, the leader of the rebellion. This caused the third man, a horse thief apparently, some panic, as he wondered where we were going. It soon became apparent as we entered a town called Helghan. There was an executioner and a block. My heart sank. We were all going to be beheaded. So much for the start of a new life I thought bitterly. Less than 2 hours after arriving in Skyrim I get executed. One of the Imperial guards, named Hadvar, gave me a bit of hope when he noticed I wasn't on the list of known rebels, but this hope was quickly snuffed out as his captain told him to ignore the list. I'd be going to the block with the others. I watched queasily as the first rebel was beheaded, then they called me forward. I couldn't move, how could I? I was pushed forward roughly by a guard and my head placed on the block. There was suddenly a distant but loud roaring noise. They ignored it as the executioner looked down at me. Turning my head slightly I looked up into his eyes. Silently pleading him not to do this, but the eyes that looked back through that black mask were cold and without mercy. He raised the axe. But just as he was about to bring it down, a massive black dragon landed on the roof behind him and roared loudly. The noise was so tremendous it knocked the executioner off his feet. I took my chance and ran just as the dragon released a fiery breath and turned the executioner to ash. Ralof called out to me and we both ran into a tower. We climbed the spiral stairs until we came to a gaping hole in the wall. Ralof told me to jump into the tavern below and run. My hands were still bound so I landed heavily. I quickly picked myself up and ran out the door. There, I saw Hadvar kneeling over the body of a fallen Imperial guard. He told me to follow him as we crossed to another building. Unable to do anything else, I stayed close as the dragon flew overhead torching more buildings and people. Eventually, Hadvar and Ralof's paths crossed, then they both told me to follow them as they ran in opposite directions. I followed Ralof. When we were inside, he cut my hands free, and I took some weapons from a nearby table. A bow and some arrows. As we went through the Keep, and got attacked by Imperial Guards, I grew to respect this Nord Warrior more. Eventually, we made it outside. The dragon flew overhead and headed towards the mountains. It was gone for now, but Ralof was concerned. His sister, Gerdur, lived in the nearby town of Riverwood. We made our way there. Riverwood was safe when we arrived. Ralof told his sister and her husband everything that had happened. They asked me if I could go to the city of Whiterun and alert the Jarl of what happened. I agreed, but Gerdur could see I was tired and likely hungry. She gave me a key to her home and said I could stay there tonight, and for as long as I needed. That evening, I shared a meal with them as we talked about the dragon threat, and the civil war between the Stormcloaks and Imperials. Then I headed to bed. It was here, before I slept that I wrote this entire first chapter of what will likely be the start of something big. I wonder what mother and father are thinking as they look down upon me...
  22. Chapter Four The Bleak Falls Bandits My fight with the bandits was not over however. As I approached Bleak Falls Barrow I saw three bandits camped. They were talking about a treasure inside the barrow and a Golden Claw they possessed that was the key to something hidden below that would make them rich. Were they talking about the Dragon Stone I was after? I couldn't be sure, but I couldn't run the risk of letting them find it first. I readied my bow and aimed an arrow. I released it and killed one of the bandits. The other two leaped up and drew their weapons, one, a sword, the other, a bow. They were angry at the sneak attack but also obviously unnerved. I readied another arrow, then leaped up and fired at the archer, but missed. She shot an arrow at me but I'd already ducked down. My hiding place was now compromised. I knew the swordsman would be bearing down on me, so I rolled to one side and as he appeared round the corner I shot another arrow. It hit square in the chest and he toppled on top me. I threw him off then released a jet of flame upwards just as the archer appeared above me, and was scorched. I picked myself up and headed inside. In the caves it was easier to hide in the shadows and pick off unwary bandits with arrows. One was killed by a trap. He attempted to open a door but was peppered with darts from above. I was a bit smarter. I noticed a sequence of icons above the door, and some rotating pillars to my left. By matching the icons on the pillars with the the icons over the door, I opened it without triggering the trap. Soon I heard calls for help. I investigated and emerged into a cave full of webs. In one particularly large web, was a bandit. He begged me to release him, saying he had the Golden Claw, and would share the treasure with me. Of course, I didn't believe he would really share, but if he did have the Claw, I had to free him so I could take it from him. Just then, a large Frostbite Spider dropped from above. I jumped back and used my double strength flames to beat it back, but it kept trying to stab at me with its legs. I concentrated while stepping back and focused all my Magika until the flames burned hot enough to kill the spider. Breathing a sigh of relief, I turned my attention to the bandit. I reignited my hand and said I'd free him by burning the web. He seemed panicked and said I was crazy, that I'd burn him too. I scorched the web next to him. He was burned free and immediately ran. I knew he would. He didn't get very far. He ended up running right into the arms of a Draugr, a kind of Zombie that guards the halls of the Barrow. One bite and the bandit fell dead. I used my flames to kill the Draugr, if kill is the right word. They fell and didn't move again, so I suppose it's appropriate enough. Then I took the claw from the bandit. I'd heard the bandits outside saying it was key, but it was unlike any key I'd ever seen before. I also remember them saying they'd stolen it. After I'd used it I would see if I could find the rightful owner and return it. Assuming the rightful owner was still breathing of course. After making my way deeper and burning or shooting any Draugr that I came across, I reached a peculiar door. It had three rings and an indentation in the centre. The indent matched the claw. I put the claw in, but nothing happened. Puzzled, I looked at the rings and noticed symbols on each. There were symbols on the claw too. Now it made sense. I rotated each ring to match the symbols, and this time, when I fitted the claw, the door opened. Inside was a wall with strange symbols carved into it. As I approached, I felt my heart pound for some reason. One group of symbols started to glow, then a strange light poured out of the stone and into me. I suddenly understood what that group of symbols meant, though I didn't understand how... I didn't have time to dwell on it however, as a sarcophagus suddenly burst open behind me and a powerful looking Draugr climbed out. It was tougher than any I'd so far faced, and kept shouting a word which pushed me back. Eventually it succumbed to my fire. On the pedestal in front of the sarcophagus was the Stone I'd been looking for. I took it, then left the barrow via a hidden back exit and made my way back to Whiterun. As I walked I pondered what had happened. The Draugr kept shouting a word I didn't understand and every time it was like an invisible force was trying to knock me off my feet. Then there was the symbol that I suddenly understood after absorbing the light from it. I tried shouting the word, just as the Draugr had shouted his, but nothing happened. Just as puzzled as ever, I headed on. Upon arriving at the gates of Whiterun, I decided to bed down at the tavern before returning to Dragonsreach. It was late and after all the adventuring I was pretty tired. It was a strange day. I'll head to sleep now, but I can't help wondering if things could get any stranger.
  23. A thread like this was bound to pop up before long so I thought I would start it. Simply share what trophies you added to your trophy cabinet, and the reason you chose them. Thanks for the feature Sly, it's awesome. Mod Edit: For Information on how the trophy cabinet works, see this thread: I chose: Trash Panic "Beat HELL Mode". It took me over 15 hours straight, it's definitely my proudest trophy. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 "Beat Final Stage with No Damage". This took hours of practice to perfect it. Mostly lost it on bosses 4 and 5. Split/Second: Velocity "Beat 1:18 on Powerplant in Detonator". I have no idea how long this took. Days, weeks? It took ages that's for sure. Crossing that line JUST within the time was a fantastic feeling. Trine "Climb Tower of Sarek on V.Hard with No Deaths". I did it post patch so added enemies gave me hell. Streets of Rage 2 "Score 800k points on Hardcore". This was a huge challenge. I can't count how many times I saved and reloaded. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves "7 Tripled Medals in Multiplayer (DM & Elim only)". I did this with no boosting. I couldn't believe when I finally nailed #7. For someone of my average multiplayer skill, I found these medals virtually impossible. Ico "Beat Game in under 2 hours". Yes I used a guide, but it was still my skill and speed that pulled through. Shadow of the Colossus "Get all Hard Time Attack Rewards". Some major challenges here. But I prevailed. (no guide this time) Mercury Hg "Complete all Challenges". Completing multiple levels back to back without spilling any mercury while collecting a required number of pickups and all within a single time limit? Yeah, not easy. Spec Ops: The Line "Complete game on FUBAR difficulty". Various games have challenged and frustrated me with they're hardest difficulty trophies, but none more than this. While some might sniff at FUBAR, I found it a massive challenge, especially on later chapters.
  24. Yooka Laylee pre release Toybox demo releases to backers who chose the appropriate tier in July. :D

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      Nice! I wish them a successful release.

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      Awesome. Glad i backed it.

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      I can't wait :D

  25. Just saw the Ratchet & Clank movie. I loved it, it was awesome, I don't care what critics say. Of course I may be slightly biased, what with me being both a R&C fan since 2002 and a Furry, but whatever. I had fun, and that's what matters. (That mud credits scene also gave me exactly what I wanted to see)

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      *mid credits, damn you autocorrect...

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      30 Year Old Boomer

      Same here. I liked it quite a bit.