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  1. Was alright with it the second time around, the Leviathan DLC fleshing things out helped. I wish they would have tweaked the Destroy ending a bit more so that it just killed the Reapers instead of all synthetic life since, for me, that's the only ending that actually works.
  2. Is anyone else experiencing crackling audio logs through the dualsense? First few were fine but now they are all like that.
  3. Some stuff is, a lot still isn't.
  4. Yup, I just ended up deleting it for now, will go back to it in the future when they get this stuff ironed out. Bummer because I was really enjoying it.
  5. Welp, if you were waiting for the patch to be able to finish the DLC it's now broke in another place. After the final fight something is supposed to happen and it doesn't, you can go through a portal in the back of the room but it causes the game to fail saving and freeze up.
  6. Just hit level 21. No wins, just can't seem to do it, something always goes wrong for me in the end.
  7. And I only found it because I had a dig spot in the yard of the house. Hah!
  8. I ended up finding it, didn't realize that the maps were randomly generated. Also was 2 of the same house and I was at the wrong one. Thanks for trying to help with out, I appreciate it!
  9. The quest pops for him as soon as he see the house, that's the part that's not happening for me so the window isn't even open for me to listen in. I've tried moving to another part of the city and came back and nothing, I will keep messing around with it though.
  10. I cannot get the Old Soldiers quest to start. I pass by the house and nothing triggers, only info I can find out is that people say you need to do it after 9pm and nothing else. Was wondering if anyone here had any more info?
  11. Alright, good to know. Thanks!
  12. Apologies for bumping this old topic but did they ever fix the scythe switching bug?
  13. When you say end of Chapter 4. Do you mean right before the ?
  14. Guess I should have keep a save at the beginning of Chapter 4. Never had an issue with this during 2 and 3 so I just assumed it wouldn't be one during 4. Hate when stuff like this happens, kills my motivation.
  15. Thanks guys! I did have the right fairy, just one guide was telling me level 5 another level 8. Leveling her up to 12 did indeed work! Much appreciated!