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  1. titan attacks as you are only one trophy away
  2. plats almost all of his games,good taste in underrated gems like dokuro
  3. Buy a Vita,thank me later.
  4. post
  5. What THE FUCK IS Happening?
  6. Congrats from India
  7. I've had this problem just 1 month ago.Sadly I had to wait for 14 days to buy something again
  8. I'm considering getting this game.However,I have a few questions. 1.Does this game have any ad-hoc trophies?(I don't have any friend with a vita living near me.) 2.Is this game difficult? 3.How much time will it take to earn the platinum(approx.)? 4.Well,my budget is Rs 2900 and this game is Rs 1600.Is buying it worth it?
  9. Ps vita.
  10. No,it has not been released for vita yet.
  11. I've decided to buy this game for my vita and have a few questions- 1.Is the plat/dlc easy? 2.Is the multiplayer only for ad-hoc/local(I don't have any friends in real life that own a vita so does it have the online mutliplayer where you can play with a friend on your psn acccount?) 3.Is the online still active? Need quick answers
  12. Thanks for reply on the topic,I have 1 more day to decide.
  13. First of all,I'm new to gaming. Let me describe why I chose the following games: Assassin's Creed® III Liberation-I've never played an Assassin's Creed game.I heard that it is a good open world game for Vita so I want to buy it. Borderlands®2-I've never even played a Borderlands game.I heard that it is very fun and want to try it. Need for Speed™ Most Wanted-I have never played a NFS game(yes,REALLY).It's too an open world and I have heard mostly good things about it. Gravity Rush-It is one of the best Vita games(from what I have heard).The only downside is that it is very expensive. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD-An underrated fun game.Thought picking this up as it is currently on sale. PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate-I always wanted to play this game since it came out.Now it is on sale so I have the chance. Please tell me what games you would buy if you were in place of me. Based on the replies and votes,I will decide what games I will buy after 2-3 days.