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  1. Thursday, June 16: Group B, 2pm England v Wales 2-2 Thursday, June 16: Group C, 5pm Ukraine v Northern Ireland 1-2 Thursday, June 16: Group C, 8pm Germany v Poland 3-1 Friday, June 17: Group E, 2pm Italy v Sweden 2-0 Friday, June 17: Group D, 5pm Czech Republic v Croatia 0-1 Friday, June 17: Group D, 8pm Spain v Turkey 2-0 Saturday, June 18: Group E, 2pm Belgium v Republic of Ireland 1-1 Saturday, June 18: Group F, 5pm Iceland v Hungary 0-2 Saturday, June 18: Group F, 8pm Portugal v Austria 2-1
  2. Monday, June 13: Group D, 2pm Spain v Czech Republic 2-0 Monday, June 13: Group E, 5pm Republic of Ireland v Sweden 1-2 Monday, June 13: Group E, 8pm Belgium v Italy 1-1 Tuesday, June 14: Group F, 5pm Austria v Hungary 0-1 Tuesday, June 14: Group F, 8pm Portugal v Iceland 3-0 Wednesday, June 15: Group B, 2pm Russia v Slovakia 0-1 Wednesday, June 15: Group A, 5pm Romania v Switzerland 1-2 Wednesday, June 15: Group A, 8pm France v Albania 2-1
  3. Friday, June 10: Group A, 8pm 2 France v 0 Romania Saturday, June 11: Group A, 2pm 1 Albania v 3 Switzerland Saturday, June 11: Group B, 5pm 2 Wales v 1 Slovakia Saturday, June 11: Group B, 8pm 1 England v 0 Russia Sunday, June 12: Group D, 2pm 1 Turkey v 3 Croatia Sunday, June 12: Group C, 5pm 2 Poland v 0 Northern Ireland Sunday, June 12: Group C, 8pm 3 Germany v 0 Ukraine Overall Winner Germany Top Scorer Thomas Muller
  4. you just reminded me I need to finish the guide I was working on for this actually! I'll be finished with it pretty soon.
  5. Trophy isn't glitched I achieved this without even attempting it the best way to do this is to go onto Blister Lake hide in the bunker and wait for the airstrike to spawn if it's not in the bunker it will be on the roof which you can get to via the ramp on the airstrip
  6. No boost sessions for this on PS3 yet?
  7. If the prices are going to increase then they need to start making the subscription worth it..... Cos so far the sales haven't been too great, I haven't bought much off there recently and apart from rocket league there hasn't been much making the subscription to render the current price, let alone to justify a price increase from the current.
  8. PSN ID:Xx-King-Cob-Xx Systems: PS3/PS Vita No blank requests
  9. hmmmm favourite game character has to be Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat
  10. This game was good the storyline was okay and while the gameplay did feel slightly broken it was still enjoyable people overlook so many games nowadays just cos they aren't "mainstream" enough for them to play
  11. I'll definitely be in on this I only got round to playing a little bit and really wanted to play more seemed fun so I'll join in and play whenever I have the free time from college
  12. Of the ones I played there (which wasn't many) Walking Dead Season 2 just downloaded also though mine would definitely have to be South Park favorite game for a long time, picked it up quite cheap when I got it not long after release too but didn't stop laughing the whole way through the game
  13. only recently got Vita too feel free to add Xx-King-Cob-Xx
  14. Wrestling master 2K Showcase - Complete 50% of the objectives. Pretty annoying on Legendary