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  1. I need help with Brother in Arms and Changing Lanes. Edit: Got all the trophies now
  2. Then this is easy. If you have the DLC packs before you start the game, it will pop those 3 trophies you mentioned as soon as you start a new game. The DLC packs I mentioned give you obscene amounts of G, EP, PP, and TP.
  3. That doesn't make any sense. How can I defend my case if I don't even know the specifics. I only have a general idea to go off on based on the reason I was given.
  4. I see. I'm just trying to figure out why I was flagged. Here's the reasoning for it: Agarest: Generations of War Zero • Reason: You have to finish at least once the game to achieve. To achieve what? The wording in this flag conflicts with what I and a few guides say where I don't need to "finish" the game once if I have a clear save from the first Agarest War. And the other trophies besides that CoD one are hidden for OCD reasons.
  5. Oh, let me rephrase that then. Everything, even the hidden ones (minus that one CoD), are legit.
  6. Yeah, only that one CoD game. Everything else is legit. I'm not sure why I was flagged for this game since having a clear save from the first Agarest War allows you to do the whole platinum in 1 playthrough.
  7. Valkyrios Agarest: Generations of War Zero You don't need to finish the game once if you have a completed save from the first Record of Agarest War.
  8. Telltale games. 'nuff said.
  9. How far into the game are you? You can't use DLC personas for about 1-2 hours into the game