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  1. As the title says. For anyone that has gotten platinum or going for it currently. What’s the easiest way to go about it? Do collectibles transfer over? Or should I go with chapter select to finish them off?
  2. Trying to figure out why I can’t view certain forums? The ones in particular are about modded weapons on Borderlands 1 for PS4. Was able to view and reply as of a few days again. Now it won’t let me. Not quite sure why, all I get is this error. Looking at anything else seems to be fine tho.
  3. Is the Season Pass DLC worth buying? It’s currenly $16 on psn but don’t k is if the DLCs are any good. Really regret buying the ones for FarCry 5, as they were very bad. Don’t want to buy them if they dont add anything new really, or just aren’t that fun to play.
  4. Great games for a month, waste of my money tho. Already own both of them. Was hoping they were going to add an extra title or two since they discontinued the PS3/Vita. Appears that won’t be happening. They are going to have to do something to keep me wanting to sub.
  5. I don’t really avoid any games due to trophies. Yet I have given up on quite a few so far. Heavy Rain on PS3, Dragon Quest Hero’s, and Steep are the first few that come to mind.
  6. Only thing I’ll pick up is SuperHot, seems like a decent price this time around. Was looking at Perception but most of the reviews say it’s not that good of a game, so I’ll probably pass on it.
  7. Can’t talk much about ACS, it the DLC for FarCry 5 isn’t that good. If the gold edition come with FarCry 3 then I’d say the price is with it, but if not I would just get the standard. All of the 5 DLC was subpar at best.
  8. Alright so to start off with, not sure if this topic has already been started somewhere. I tried looking earlier but didn’t have any luck finding what I was looking for. Min trying to find some good games that are couch co-op for PS4 that me and my girlfriend can play. Currently we play stuff like Diablo 3 and Minecraft. Yet can’t really seem to find a lot of games we both enjoy playing together. I also have stuff like Gauntlet, Don’t Starve Together, and Vikings. Really looking to hear of any games that support couch co-op. I know Black Ops 3 does, but not sure if any of the other CODs or Battlefields do. Any help/tips would greatly be appreciated.
  9. As far as I know you can do everything, except stuff to do with killing/eating corpses, should be able to do vegan too, although it would be easier in survival. Also should be able to get 10 revives in peaceful as long as you can still knock down your partner.
  10. Have one and two on PS4 already, can’t wait to get this one. It looks amazing.
  11. Can’t quite seem to figure out how to access this DLC on the PS4 version. If anyone knows if it has to be online or can be done with co op, it would be appreciated. Found a lot in the PS3 version and how to earn them but not quite sure if it’s the same for PS4.
  12. If anyone wants a code for this let me know, I have one I can message to you.
  13. So far from all the ones I’ve played through. The last of us remastered Uncahrted collection Dark Souls 2 SotfS Bioshock collection South Park SoT Gravity rush remastered Borderlands collection far cry 3 classic Olliolli 2 Fez tomb raider definitive edition journey Limbo Runner2 heavy rain okami Burnout paradise shadow of the colossus crash bandicoot
  14. Wow see a lot of large games. I’d have to make this the lineup. A lot of games I just haven’t felt like spending money on. PS4: Shovel Knight and Modern Warfare Resmastered PS3: XMen Origins Wolverine and Metal Gear Solid Collection PSV: Salt and Sanctuary and Darkest Dungeon
  15. That’s a bummer. Wish I had the money to pick the up when they hit the summer sale. Oh well tho, guess I’ll have to buy physical if I want to play now.