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  1. if you dont have the game you can get the gold edition for like 32 somethin and it comes with the season pass tooo
  2. that like saying Professor X never came back
  3. i new i should of stay up and leveled up the legendary only needed 70,000,000 but thought i had another day ....
  4. just rent the game
  5. is pt worth money or soemthin???
  6. just remembering playing deep space and i had a really old tv so everythin was pretty much black on the screen and jumpin , cussin at the screen and then gettin yelled at cause it like 12 and everyone trying to sleep
  7. Lets see if i can win this ....
  8. im playing it now ... only got 2 trophy so far. goin for plat not 100%
  9. i got a new one ac brotherhood so its 4 now
  10. sign me up for deadpool. and thanks for having this
  11. Its crazy cause when we boost we have to have 2.0 on or it wont work. Turn all off unreachable but if everyone has 2.0 on it works fine
  12. someone let me get a code to wolf of battlefield already but thank you. could i get super street fighter