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  1. Does anyone know how much longer the multiplayer servers have left? For the last few days I've been unable to access the multiplayer at all and my initial thought is that the servers are going/gone.
  2. What is the easiest and most efficient way to boost on this game?
  3. So if you look at the trophy, there's one guy who has it, and he put this video on YouTube explicitly stating you need the EE done.
  4. It's also been confirmed on Reddit that you need the Easter Egg done as a prerequisite to unlock this trophy, you cannot do it right off the bat. But yes that is how you unlock it, once you have the EE done.
  5. Cannot wait for this game. Always wanted a list for this. Quite a simple list though unlike IV and V.
  6. Yes you will, does not matter what order they are done in, when you do your last mission on realistic, it will pop.
  7. The trophy only hit 0.1% yesterday. I assume it is a dev. Why? Because there is two things that are requirements for the trophy, which are glitched. All camos on the ZM-53 rocket launcher, and the medal for all accolades.
  8. You can't look for it. I suggest playing them in order and remembering where you left off.
  9. This is how.
  10. Finally. Hopefully a sign of more features people have requested, are on the way.
  11. And my Destiny has taken a dive to 84%, the 10 trophies have been added.
  12. Edit: got trophy.
  13. Telltale games exist, totally worth it.
  14. The trophy states to complete 15 challenges, not win. I sat through 15 challenges with my co-op partner and we swapped wins and after we completed 15 we both got the trophy.
  15. Awesome, glad you sorted it out.
  16. This sort of thing happened to me a few times while playing Dying Light (thanks Techland) and what seemed to work for me was rebooting the game. Worked the 4 or 5 times I had to do it.
  17. #51 - Dying Light Very enjoyable game, among it's many glitches, I finally have that platinum, I guess we'll talk about it next time I see you...
  18. #45 - Far Cry 3 One of my first games I played and finally got around to finishing it, now for the other Far Crys...
  19. Plat #44 - Medal of Honor: Warfighter. I think I timed this one well to come back and finish the multiplayer, as the servers are pretty much dead now, now for MOH 2010 to complete the trifecta.
  20. I'd be interested to know this too as I've only played First Light and not Second Son.
  21. I love how people who hack themselves to the top like that guy not only make it obvious with so many plats, but they hack impossible games like Moto GP 09/10 and Moto GP 10/11.
  22. #43 - Smart As Uh, I was so sick of this game I spent 16 hours straight on it today to finish it, that was grinding 90% of the genius difficulties, grinding 100 dates, and also my remaining 22 street smart stars via skyhook. What a long day.
  23. I would if I had the patience to look around for them.
  24. Downloading right now, awaiting someone to do a optional photograph guide for Episode 3.