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  1. Exactly, my thought exactly.. you are misunderstanding my point there.. i was trying to compare the hatred as to why people are complaining TLoU and not with walking dead.. making sense is the exact point i want to say.. Joel shouldn’t be killed by total stranger and the story shouldn’t evolve around all new characters instead of Ellie/Joel.. people want them.. Yeah, i did said that earlier in two post before you.. glad we both like WD.. it is truly well executed.. Maybe the game will perfect as you said, when Ellie discovering the truth about Joel hidding, and killed him herself, then regret in doing that and in adventure of seeking redemption, experience with many new characters and make her experience those flashback and in the end she got what she deserve, whether dead or alive is fine.. might make the game got praises.. at the very least the game revolves around Ellie/Joel and NOT strangers.
  2. you should really give that game “Telltale Walking Dead” a try if you don’t mind, because the storyline are awesome as it’s also about two strangers met and develop those relationships like father and daughter, the reason i said TLoU was a rip-off.. plus.. its trophy hunter favorite.. because the platinum are free given.. LOL..
  3. you know, its not the fact that Joel was killed.. its the fact that because this is NOT a game about Ellie and Joel.. They should have just let Ellie killed Joel instead and let the game roles on Ellie before and after she killed Joel.. That way the game will be perfect and everyone will be happy.. They don’t want a newcomer, Abby, where nobody even knows her at all.. if Ellie was the one who did it, and walking through the suffer and pain, the whole story will be perfect and more will like it.. (nah.. i doubt it, maybe the same will happen when people start complaining again).. in the end, nothing is perfect, you wouldn’t be satisfying the whole planet earth.. people will still complaining whatever the outcome may be.. What makes Walking Dead different is, the MC was killed because it is something that unstoppable and the other MC had to do it out of their willingness, so you see, in the end, it’s not because Joel is dead, it’s the way he died that matters.. they should have just made him got bitten ehen trying to protect Ellie from sudden attack and become infected and force Ellie to kill him.. hahaha..
  4. Telltales Walking dead... where Lee is killed by clementine and you will use her on the sequence.. 🤣🤣🤣 but the funny fact is, nobody hates her.. hahahahaha and by the way, i never consider TLoU1 to even be a masterpiece at all, its just a rubbish because the ending is also anti climax and bored to hell.. plus its clearly a rip-off version of walking dead.. the storyline are almost the same..
  5. you can track your total cleared song by pressing triangle at the main title screen.. so does the total bingo and the total of extreme song count etc..
  6. err.. you weren't suppose to be using X and O at the same time.. instead tried use the other hand for the triplet or quick swapping.. like left hand for the red and right hand for the blue.. triplet of the same color should be done both hand.. not one hand.. like tapping the right and square..(layout 1)
  7. that sparky are way too easy and it’s not exactly random if you manage to study his pattern and counter method, he always use his right hand so whenever he is on the left, go down one line, if on the right, go up, as for up and down, aim the middle, lure its homing ball to your bomb. Personally I think the wind boss are more harder though.. that typhoon pattern although is not random but it cost so many trial to study its pattern. that fire boss has an added hazard after he is angry so you can’t go near him anymore when he is doing the jumping and dropping, just hold your horses and attack after he finish his jumping, if you lure his bomb like a ladder from either side of his under, he will only have one place to jump for certain so you will be more safe rather than have to guess your luck out of two.
  8. English. China, it's in their blog. Only China and German. And by the way, if the lockdown continues, Sony did mention there will be wave 2 or so on.. so probably knack 2 will be on other region later.
  9. Thank you. 😀 Let's just hope you are right, and by the way, that's exactly what i meant. It's funny but i just don't want to say it that bluntly.. It's just as you said, the ToS are there just to protect themselves in case anything goes wrong, they don't care..😂 didn't i said go ahead and enjoy it as well? LOL..
  10. not really, the rules is there and the reason why you didn’t got banned or suspended is because you didn’t get their attention so they oversee it, plus they got no solid evidence to prove you are using fake. They can’t use IP blocking because that’s against their rules. The PSN ID is created based on identity rather than solely on region, for example, if you are a german and you are currently staying at Malaysia/any other region, as long as the content doesn’t explicitly against the rules on that certain region, they can’t revoke your access to German ID/PS Store providing you are giving a real identity (a german citizen). which is why they didn’t use the ip blocking. They do however, collecting your information from time to time, (a german citizen who keep accessing their account from certain region), but oh well, it’s just too many so they can’t actually go and banned every account, unless there are complaints from others and you caught their attention, or you finally did something serious that can actually brings vital harm to them, or else, i would say it’s totally fine to do that. Just try not to be too showy. it is, and might not at the same time, German is a bit stricter but it shouldn’t cause any serious damage as long as you didn’t do something too over the border, the worst might just got your account (German) banned, which should be totally fine since you didn’t spend money on it (yet).
  11. 30.. get a skill to level 3 is doable.. the xbox have the exact same walkthrough and same trophy.. i get 30/44 as well.. check my trophy if you want proves..
  12. To be honest, i actually kinda relieve and happy to see the game still living and not closing server anytime sooner.. its a very unique game where you can have a virtual lifestyle and have fun. Well actually i do more hoping they actually adding more games than trophies though, maybe a dominos? Or some other region base game like mahjong haha..nevermind that might just ruin the casino's atmosphere, just forget it.. or maybe five finger fillet (too much rdr2 maybe😂) P/S : okay, i miss the "PlayStation Home" very much.. this games serves every right as a tribute to that.. 😂
  13. nope.. its totally possible to raise a skill to level 3 in just the 3 earlier chapter.. coz i have done it.. 😂😂 and yes, i am totally agree with you. it is rather entertaining indeed because they do have certain connection and consequences to every chooses you made. it does have a unique system there just like heavy rain beyond 2 souls or detroid become human. Although the graphic can do a little bit more improvement.. not saying they aren't nice though.. pretty solid indeed..
  14. the sky dragon and that fish a like battle. sorry for not knowing their names.. because it was what Monster hunter can’t do during the PS2 era. (what i mean is skybound and underwater), which is why they leave a huge visual impact in memories (during that time).
  15. Sadly i wasn’t the first-timer because i used to play this game way far back then (like ten years ago) during the PS2 era.. haha.. yup, this was a PS2 game afterall.. then again, the graphic improvement does surprisingly amazing compare to some others titles remastered from PS2 (like god of war), at least SoC doesn’t simply just copy paste the whole game without upgrading the CG and background (yeah Gow is a rip-off). it was good during that time because it has something to compare with what the Monster Hunter from PS2 gen lack to deliver during that time (extremely huge monster, sky battle, underwater battle, and the thrilling for climbing and holding), which is probably what the great things about the game, well at least for me.