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  1. it was made as a separate game, which is specifically made with build in ads that ask you to purchase the full game, trophies removed, and added date detection that only playable until 30th March.
  2. thats because its only available to play until 30th March, and there’s no trophies.. much like the assassin creed odyssey /elder scroll online/ borderlands 3 ,that were given for free several months ago..
  3. Yes, normally Spotify will able to automatically muted the game music but no, this games music aren’t off even when spotify are playing their music, and yes it is best to even off the music at all and it does save the setting in your local savefile. Exactly, especially the sound effect when starting a fight and when everyone is getting their boost.. that thing always gives heart attack as it is very very loud and bad, that sudden bust of volume is so killing! 🤣
  4. i on the other hand, would love to add any game with trophy regardless of completion.. so Terraria is actually kinda surprise me to have that.. so anyone got more games to add on this case? would love to know more.. haha.. thanks in advance.😂
  5. More or less the same as before.. jumping from 57 to 600+. Sony did it probably for easier comparison among friends. because the old level system doesn’t provide a clear comparison with others so there’s no fun and as direct as now. For example, a old system of 57 vs 57 doesn’t same as the new trophy system 570 vs 630 .
  6. what you said are true, but you will only lose your fake account, not the whole PS4 console to be condemned.. because only the fake account is at fraud here.. you are not hacking your console , or doing extremely account sharing by jumping to many console with one id, and making things that will cause Sony to lose in profit so they have no reason to disable your console. the other account might be legitimate so they cant do that. anyway, such case are rare too because they need to have very solid proof to state that account is fake.
  7. you don't have to.. because there's a total tracker in your fighter profile..
  8. You can also track your progress from your fighting profile, it shows your total earned fight money and even detailly display money earn from every character..
  9. fine to me too.. try reducing your hdd burden by not downloading anything on the background or playing background apps like spotify.. and those pop up notifications can sometime spoils it too, even it doesn’t pop on screen but running on the background, or unless you have a very bad internet connection...
  10. not exactly.. you can win an episode without winning any race.. because the only wins for the episode (last round) isn’t exactly a “race”.. it counts as episode win but not the race wins.. races win requires you to get 1st in qualifying (all 4th round).. getting a 2nd is still a lose..
  11. you didnt get xp because you are forfeiting, not because the game doesn’t save.. the moment you enter a race, a flag will be place as “you are participating”, and if the server doesn’t receive the return flag for any whatsoever reason, it will automatically recorded as “forfeited”.. isn’t that the most basic rules of most of the online games.. it is to avoid cheating..
  12. go and click for your “next fight” from the matchmaking, instead of waiting.. the replay will start as soon as he next fight begins.. don’t just wait at your friend list after you click the inspect.. nothing will start from there.. tried.. even with a perfect win with 3-5 stacks.. nothing..
  13. same goes here.. it's the only game as well, as the other online games run smooth as well.. when i try monitoring the network using my hotspot, the game doesn't consume much data as well, less than 1mb per match, so it shouldn't be a download speed issue, more like connection quality issue.. more over my mobile is 5mbps while the wifi is 50mbps, so it's no way a 5mbps doesn't cause issue while the 50mbps does..
  14. happen to me exactly the same, try checking your replay, you will be amaze seeing that you are actually keep idle or suiciding yourself.. and i change my wifi to mobile internet with hotspot(another ISP), problem solve.. which leads to thinking... your ISP (internet service provider) is giving you a very lousy internet connection quality.. call them and scold them.. don’t consider your internet is fast, it is fast but only good for downloading and not gaming.. it will keep spiking and lost packeting so you are disconnected every now and then.. oh well..
  15. Joel never actually like Ellie since the beginning till the end if you are paying close attention to the game TLOU.. i wonder what makes them think they are close and good partner at all.. He doesn’t choose to save Ellie, he just want to destroy the evidence.. hahaha.. Little do they know they are actually playing with a villain from part 1 and didn’t choose to complaining.. 🤣🤣