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  1. lay off your throttle every time before you going up a hill.. you will rather want to stick at the road rather than flying in the air, because being on air is very slow and time consuming.. don't jump unless you have to or the jump can actually benefit more that stick on road(like when there's many tiny hills ahead). Seriously, this game is pretty no-brainer.. because the rewind can actually change the tide every time you messed up, rewind, brake more, then you are good to go.. you can almost win by more than a lap over the 2nd npc on the easiest setting..
  2. The trophy doesn't auto pop up for me, but it popped after i enter the sub menu of each subclass then change an equipped skill and it popped.
  3. if you check the "real" description on the PlayStation trophy. You will find that the description has been change to "complete the introduction of crucible" only, so my guess the unlock condition for this trophy might had been altered as well..
  4. nope I don't agree.. you should try explore the whole world and things will get interesting , at least for me, when you found the plot that everything is fake and it's actually future that our world has come to an end at 21 dec 2012 prior to the game.. haha.. it hints the infinite loop of time and explain the animus..
  5. just the every type, not the every weapon, but do noted that fist has multiple type. oh and by the way, you can check your progress on the stat menu, as there clearly state kills for each weapon. any stage will do, but maybe some earlier and easier mission like 10 or 15 will do, as there are always more than 100 per stage so there's really no point in picking though, it's accumulative so if u didn't get enough kill, just rise and repeat.
  6. The concept of replaying chapters is, the effects are linear, in which meaning, you can alter the result as long as it was at and before your checkpoint. In other words, you can, but however, you must be very sure there aren't any chapters effecting element that can stop you from making others to survive at their critical moment.
  7. The game will explain if you choose to let Todd alive earlier, and he will shown up at the bus station if you manage to get there.. and it is even better explained there than words here because there's actually more than you can expect.. Todd will be forgiven and Alice and Kara will have a great moment with Todd during that moment.. go ahead and see for yourself.. Todd removed the LED obviously.. because he is looking for replacement and there's no way he will let that annoying LED keeps reminding that Alice is an android. There is failsafe actually, but once you gone deviant, it will stop working and android will be able to remove them on their free will, Luther's owner explains that already. Lets just say, Rose doesn't meet any little girl android before and she doesn't know, and that's that, eos.😂 The temperature sensor is obviously useful, or else how can they serve their master well, it was even hinted very early in the game when Markus remove the window sheet for Carl to awake, reporting the weather and the temperature. And it might even be needed for sensing human temperature to serve them well during Eden's Club, you know what i meant and i will leave that there for your imagination.😂 but i have to admit, the game does have flaws here and there from time to time though.. for example, the bus ticket and the passport, there weren't any prepared for Luther, since his joining aren't expected, and.. that's that.. 2 ticket for 3 doesn't makes sense, and the guards even ignores that.
  8. Actually, cars given from deluxe is the reason why the trophy not unlocking, for the living the dream, that audi is the reason, for purchase all grade A, that subaru is the reason, and for the upgrade, cars from bonus aren't count, so, just toss away all your deluxe bonus car should do the trick.. as for fire up that car, if you are using the audi u get from deluxe edition, i think the trophy wouldn't unlock even if u get to top tier, better manually purchase your own copy and toss away that stupid car.. haha all of this linked to 1 single reason, any cars not purchased manually doesn't registered wirhin the game causing trophies not unlocking.
  9. try fully turn off the Vita and restart it.. this problem happens a lot especially on the 1K version when you do too much rest mode and the WiFi will be unable to turn on.. restarting the console fully will solve this issue..
  10. IMO, I think the whole capturing thing is totally random and luck base.. and it's not the fighter's luck I'm referring, it's the player's luck.. 😂 I think the official forum FAQ aren't quite accurate then.. since I manage to capture fighters 50 levels higher than me most of the time.. 😂
  11. I am still ranked 10 and I haven't cross floor 10 so I don't have access to grade 2 fighter.. my max is level 25 so .. if you are wondering how can I win against those level 75 fighters and even bring them home, there's a trick where you can totally ignore the requirement for the weapon and armor.. but I'll leave that to your imagination.. by the way, maybe I can try upload a video later as a prove where I use level 25 fighter and beat some 75 and sadly can't bring home 2 downed fighters together.. 😀
  12. pause and unpause.. simple.. works with all the other trophies including boss fight.. the game didn't censor when pausing..
  13. I have to disagree on that because I am 25 and I always have higher chance catching level 75 fighter back to base, sometime even 2 at the same time and I hate the fact that you can only bring one home with you not 2..
  14. spam hokutomaru's heavy kunai attack works me wonder.. the 3 kunai can farm out many time extension and life ball when u needed..
  15. not really.. the dungeon can be complete solo and the trophy will still pop.. all you have to do is just visit a speciality shop and buy the related teleport scroll, and enter the dungeon alone and clear it..