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  1. At the Gates!!
  2. First you get the games, then you get the trophies, then you get the women.
  3. A few days late... but new CYNICCCC!!
  4. Something "festive"... shame the youtube version doesn't have Eklundh's awesome solo though.
  5. The winter is starting draw in again, and ETOS always give me fond memories of winter and adventures in the snow.
  6. Seems like trophy notifications are...
  7. I'd say Siren Blood Curse, never seems like many people have heard of it. Suppose it doesn't help that it never got trophies either. Only seen it for sale once in a shop and that was the day I bought it.
  8. "This is good... isn't it?" -MGS4
  9. Really obscure, but also really awesome:
  10. The trailer states "Metro Exodus will be departing 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC!" in the description, hopefully none of it is timed-exclusive as it looks amazing.