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  1. Damnnnn, already got UC2 & 3 at 100% awhile back, though I never thought the day would come when they would actually shutdown the servers. Got a lot of good memories going for the trophies, as frustrating as some of them are, with loads of different players. Even got crushing complete on all co-op levels (UC3) with a mate just because it was so fun. Probably the best multiplayer experience I've played (both games). Sad to see it go!
  2. It's the 28th of the month and I still haven't got a trophy for May yet.
  3. I'm probably like half your age, single, no kids, live alone, half-time job, full-time loser and I still don't find enough time to get gaming in.
  4. You mean to say that putting my ranking on my CV won't increase my chances of getting the job? ... Damn.
  5. Nice!! Hopefully this'll mean something will happen to the Timesplitters franchise rather than just Crytek sitting on it saying "but no one wants Timesplitters". Maybe Timesplitters 4 will actually see the light of day this time, or this is just another chapter in it's unlucky history. A HD collection would be great though! I wonder what will happen with that Rewind project now that the IP has been lifted from Crytek.
  6. @Cassylvania Yeh, perhaps happy wasn't the best word I could have used, but you pretty much explained what I meant to say, they could be good or bad memories but it's still nice to get reminded of them.
  7. I'm a cheap-skate, so, if I've paid 20+ quid for a game, then I'm gonna get my moneys worth and play everything that game has to offer. Likewise, I can't afford to buy new ones often, so I'll go back to old ones and complete them when I get cravings for a certain type of game. My completion times are usually 2+ years, but that's why my completion rate is mostly at 95%+. I like my profile, not because it's 'perfect' or that I think it's a mighty flashy E-nob, but because I can look back at the trophy stamps and see what I was playing and when I was playing it - and remember fond memories from this. Like that large gap with no trophies - oh yeh that was that time I went away for several months. When I was playing this game - that's when I went to Uni, etc. The trophies are like little photos in a memory photo-album. Not really sure if you could say that if you just purposefully pump out a load of trophies to inflate your profile and not really think about what you're playing, or just have an unsatisfying grind for an ultra rare. But eh, everyone's different so what works for them. Personally, I'd say a perfect profile is something you can look back and get happy memories from it.
  8. Damnnn, sorry it's been awhile couldn't remember were the FBI part was haha. I just remember having a similar problem with some of the trophies not unlocking and having to do a chapter again until the end for it to unlock. Probably your best bet really is to do the whole chapter again in one sitting and hop it pops.
  9. Pretty sure, if I remember correctly, the trophies pop at the end of each chapter, rather than as soon as you do the requirements.
  10. Heading South on a White Bronco - Red Dead Redemption Completed the game back in 2010, attempted the trophy then but I messed it up and died. Not really bothered about trying again I thought, eh I can just try it some other time I've got other games to play. I went back to the game in 2014 to clean up the list and go for the multiplayer trophies, I tried it again but it didn't unlock for whatever reason, so I went through it again to make sure I did everything right and the game crashed on me. So I just left it seen as I was pretty burnt out with the game anyway because of all the multiplayer trophies. A year later I went back to get some of the multiplayer trophies I'd somehow missed. I'd now got every single trophy in this game, bar this Bronco one, so I thought, can't be too hard just to get this one single player trophy, especially after getting the nightmares that are Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace and Kingpin. First attempt I'd got the wrong bloody horse, second attempt the Marshals never turned up and third attempt - with everything done correctly - it just didn't unlock for whatever reason. Loaded up the game like last year or so for the sole purpose of getting this trophy, did everything perfect, but as I was galloping away from the Marshals the game froze. I'll go back to it again at some point, but I really can't be bothered for awhile now. It's not even a hard trophy either, it's well easy compared to some in this game. It's 'That One Bloody Trophy' indeed.
  11. That tone has enough gain to rip your face off!
  12. @shorty2905 Hey Shorty, just want to say thanks a bunch for the time and effort you put into these vids. Me and a mate have been going for 3 stars recently, both together and some solo, and we used quite a few tactics from your vids. It's great how down to earth your vids are, it helped a bunch in knowing how to get 3 stars and knowing that it was actually possible to do without spending real money on a load of one-use boosters. Got a few tips of my own, hopefully they can help someone - note that they're only for solo or two players, I have no idea what having 3 players is like.
  13. Cannot like this enough!! Such an awesome album. Currently listening to this beast:
  14. At the Gates!!
  15. First you get the games, then you get the trophies, then you get the women.
  16. A few days late... but new CYNICCCC!!
  17. Something "festive"... shame the youtube version doesn't have Eklundh's awesome solo though.
  18. The winter is starting draw in again, and ETOS always give me fond memories of winter and adventures in the snow.
  19. Seems like trophy notifications are...
  20. I'd say Siren Blood Curse, never seems like many people have heard of it. Suppose it doesn't help that it never got trophies either. Only seen it for sale once in a shop and that was the day I bought it.