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  1. Indeed it has - two years by my reckoning (although that may be longer in human years). I am doing good thank you, my two year old twins are keeping me constantly busy and taking up all my PlayStation time! How are you, Iris?
  2. Not surprisingly, you didn't guess me! Maybe the lovely Iris?
  3. I bet there is something really cool in the sky behind me but I am too moody to acknowledge it
  4. Would everyone panic if it did?
  5. Don't you think he will surprise us all, lose his fake smoke machine and do something worthwhile with his life?
  6. Hmm... they appear to be quite dead already and have nothing to lose. I'll pass. This time
  7. Doesn't everyone have one good movie in them?
  8. to desperate owls.
  9. Dandy! What are you guys up to today? I guess you are working Cada... What about you Wulfy?
  10. Banned for
  11. Nooliya It's OK Cada, just remember him from Die Hard and you will always remember him at his best Quiet on here this aft. Maybe... the leader of the (Wulf)pack?
  12. "Now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho." 10/10
  13. I would expect nothing less from the Dood. He is a professional and loves his work. Sometimes a little too much... but that couldn't be proven in court Hope we aren't putting you off your potential acting gig, Ruli
  14. Have fun, Cada! Wdjat, old dood, can I interest you in a cup of my specialty tea?
  15. Help yourself, Wulfy. We have more little piggies in the lair for tomorrow's bacon *passes bacon to Wulfy* Do you know who Mr. Rickman was now, Cada?