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  1. Right! Dust off the biscuits and put a fresh coffee on please Harley Q. This owl needs his afternoon snack
  2. You can have the cake, Kale, but Harley doesn't let me near her whiskey after the last... incident. My poor tea bushes will never be the same Maybe Moments will sneak me some of hers?
  3. Wanted to marry an orc when they were younger but opted for a goblin as they are far more amenable to the kind of things that Melty wants them to wear
  4. Nope, I may have accidentally bitten one of Moment's fingers in my cake excitement so they are probably receiving some medical attention Don't worry Harley, I saved you some cake *points to some crumbs on the floor* You're welcome, Harley
  5. *drools* Oh mama *opens beak* You know what to do, Moments. Drop it all in my beak, please!
  6. *bows* At your service Thank goodness you are here, Moments. Some cad tried to steal my cake! Well, not that it was mine but any cake within 1 mile of my tea bushes it technically mine. I think I am about to experience another moment in time...
  7. I... see... *backs slowly away* Perhaps I could distract... erm... tempt you with the cake I have hidden in my beak. Just put your fingers in and take it out. Go on, Neko. Put your fingers in my beak...
  8. *rustling in the bushes* Did someone say cake?! How long have I been asleep? Why didn't anyone wake me? Harley, can I have my cake now please?
  9. Why read it, don't you trust me?
  10. +50 XP for jemmie My crystal ball is saying that jemmie is 100% definitely going to post next or my money back
  11. Not this time but don't let your guard down Perhaps we will be treated to another moment in time?
  12. Well, people do often say that time spent with an owl is a magical moment. Wouldn't you agree Harley Q?
  13. Yes! Another roll! I am good thanks, just a relaxing morning with my coffee and trying not to eat too many biscuits *crunch* Please take one before I eat them all, Harley
  14. into very unusual
  15. Oh dear no. Hmmm... no-one has guessed right for ages. I am going to change all that and say .. Harley Quinn FTW!