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  1. Maybe I'll put the gun down and just try talking to the clickers instead
  2. I don't know anyone who would survive against such a vision of ferocity
  3. Shouldn't his parents take some responsibility?
  4. Would you blame the school or the parents for his general levels of stupidity?
  5. about your mother?
  6. I would - but I doubt she would stick around long enough once she saw my ferocious talons and terrifying beak swooping towards her
  7. Not this time, Bloodymess1666 Hmmm... I'm not sure a little owl like me could kidnap anyone, Corrin. I should have minions doing the kidnapping for me, though. Maybe you could help, Corrin?
  8. Hello. Glad you're still around. You're a good guy and great asset to these forums

    1. AndyLish79


      Thanks, I guess I am not on here much these days (not easy with work and kids!) but always nice to come back and see some friendly faces 🙂. Hope you are keeping well

    2. Caulifla


      take care ^^you and your familly

  9. You expect me to provide the tea AND the biscuits?! What kind of owl do you think I am? Besides, all the sweetness of this forum game comes from... HarleyQuinn007
  10. Did I hear my name get mentioned? Who dares awaken me from my slumber? Oh well, this year-old tea won't drink itself. Corrin, help yourself to a cup (you may need to scoop out some of the dead spiders first)
  11. Right! Dust off the biscuits and put a fresh coffee on please Harley Q. This owl needs his afternoon snack
  12. You can have the cake, Kale, but Harley doesn't let me near her whiskey after the last... incident. My poor tea bushes will never be the same Maybe Moments will sneak me some of hers?
  13. Wanted to marry an orc when they were younger but opted for a goblin as they are far more amenable to the kind of things that Melty wants them to wear
  14. Nope, I may have accidentally bitten one of Moment's fingers in my cake excitement so they are probably receiving some medical attention Don't worry Harley, I saved you some cake *points to some crumbs on the floor* You're welcome, Harley
  15. *drools* Oh mama *opens beak* You know what to do, Moments. Drop it all in my beak, please!