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  1. I know it's been a year since this was asked, but I'm gonna answer anyways in case someone has a similar question: It takes place roughly around the same time as HR as there are characters from all games up to lost song appearing but none from HR + there are mentions of stuff that will happen in Fatal Bullet. Oh, but I've heard that AW vs SAO is considered non-canon to the games story by some people as the events aren't referenced in later games. But I haven't played FB and Alicization yet, so I can't confirm. I would recommend playing LS -> HR -> AW vs SAO -> FB, but there wouldn't be any issues by switching HR with AW vs SAO in the order.
  2. I'm not asking to set up a specific gaming session, I'm asking if there is an active discord server dedicated to crown hunting like for pre-Iceborn and if not if people are even interested in hunting crowns together like that. I changed the title of the thread to make that more clear.
  3. I remember being in a discord server dedicated to hunting crowns for the original game. There were always around 10 people in the same lobby resetting quests and if someone measured something promising, he would tell others on the server so people could hop on, do measuring too and kill it quickly if it's worth trying. Got quite a few elder crowns through this and managed to find and share some crowns too. Is there a server like that for Iceborne? If not, is anyone here interested in crown hunting together like that? It's just way more efficient if multiple people are resetting quests than just one and way more fun killing them together than just solo hunt the same monster again and again.
  4. Just noticed this, was very confused, but much appreciated! After doing the hoarfrost crowns and finishing up the very few crowns I missed from previous crown events, I will only be left with needing crowns from blackveil, brute, velkhana and lunastra.
  5. In case someone is still missing crowns from previous event quests: After the hoarfrost crown event week, they will put the desert one and the coral one together again (starting at 3rd april). Also, expect to get new infos about the upcoming updated spring festival in the dev diary that will stream tomorrow, as they will most likely put all previous crown quests in that event as usual.
  6. I didn't have any issues with glitched trophies either. There were a few patches that made the kinda only diffculty-related trophy easier, so all that's left is grinding. If you can get into the game and like team action PVP games, you can get everything by basically just simple playing a lot and trying out every class, unlocking all skills and doing all pve missions - Stuff you just do while having fun. But if you don't enjoy the gameplay itself, it will easily turn into a slug because 1000 games will take a while and you can't just afk them.
  7. Still pretty decent activity on PS4 servers. There are certain times where it can take a while to get into something, but if you are just playing on european afternoon/evening and weekends you should always be able to find matches pretty quickly.
  8. All DLC there currently is, is just to be able to unlock the skills of newly added free characters to your custom character. No trophies for that. Also, it doesn't really help with the trophies. Some skills are nice to have for certain pvp modes, but you can easily just buy the standart edition and it will automatically download the latest version, which includes all new characters and game modes/items they added in the meantime. They did a great job on balancing, so using only the skills of the main game chars on your custom ninja won't put you at a major disadvantage.
  9. Are there any crown hunting rooms going on or is there currently a dedicated discord server for iceborne crown hunting? If not, anyone interested in sniping crowns together? Would be way more efficient to have multiple people spamming investigations at the same time and then hunting possible crown monsters together. Currently I'm sniping for: -Lunastra Mini -Velkhana Big -Veil-Vaal Mini Big -Namielle Mini -Ruin-Nergi Big -Brute-Tigrex Mini Big -Goldian Big -Silverlos Mini
  10. The gold crown event quest for elders features Banbaro (surprise!), ura, brachy, azure rath and seething bazel. Also, thankfully there will be an event quest for hoarfrost! There will just be a break with gold crown event quests next week (probably because of the new title update with raging brachy and furious rajang). Here's the preview pic for it: It shows shrieking legiana, stygian zino and something that's hard to make out again (I think it's barioth).
  11. The preview for the week after the recess crown event quest will end is up now and it seems like there's no new gold crown event quest there. So, this may be it.
  12. Gold crown event quest for coral features regular pao, regular legiana, coral pukei, dragon odo and zinogre, so nothing surprising here. And we have a preview pic for Recess: Brachy, Seething Bazel and a Rathalos - May this be a silver one or is it just an azure one?
  13. The preview pic for Vale shows Acidic Glavenus, Tigrex and something I can't make out EDIT: Just checked out the wildspire crown quest that's out now, turns out they actually added nightshade pao to it although he was not on the preview pic. So the complete lineup for waste is fish, nighshade, glavenus, black diablo and the jho that needs a snickers.
  14. Haha, so true, kinda the same happened to me! Continued doing the quest today: Whole afternoon - nothing again. Then in the evening finally got smol Rajang, then another one with nothing, then both missing large crowns in the same quest: That's RNG for ya xP
  15. I'm having some real bad luck with that quest, grinding since 3 days and I killed Narga, Garuga, Rajang about 25 times now (a bit less Rajang as I returned to camp when it obiviously wasn't either big or smol), but only got the Narga crowns so far. It's so unnecessary that they put regular anja and regular rathalos in there, killing them each time just to get a chance for Garuga and Rajang is a real waste of time... At this point I'm thinking about if it's even worth continuing to do that quest and if it would be better to just grind regular garuga and rajang investigations instead as I can just check size, abadon and repeat in a matter of 1-2 minutes. (yes, I know Rajang is technically not required, but I still wanted to complete it if they throw him in a crown event quest like that)