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  1. I hope I don't have any cheaters as friends but only they really know and if I find out deleted. Easy simple done
  2. I've enjoyed it so far my kids as well.
  3. 644 trophies short of a thousand almost half way lol
  4. With or without platinums I won't have multiple accounts I have a hard time with one account
  5. 25 played games 4complete 714 unearned trophies. Wow I need to do something about that..
  6. Monopoly streets
  7. 5to7 hours a week depends on the weather.
  8. Top chef (season4)
  9. Fallout mostly. Like sims3 once and a while
  10. Red dead redemption was my first game almost a year ago now.. where has the time gone..
  11. 699 unearned trophies
  12. Puts kids to bed then wife check psn profile begin gameing rinse and repeat daily
  13. Spartacus the first of many conquered is my last trophy
  14. Fallout3 I'm finishing it up have the platinum just want 100% Spartacus is my side project fallout New Vegas will mostly be my next game on a fallout kick lately..