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  1. Yoko Taro trolling trophy under community. A true genius and showing exactly what trophies are worth.
  2. Ok i got the plat in bloodborne.... , but fuck this. I'm not going to be playing this 3+ times in a row.
  3. All it comes down to is the souls games getting easier. With each game its player's got better and better at the style. Plus the trophy list's are alot easier demon's souls is by far the hardest to platinum in comparison dark souls 1, 2 and Bloodborne as easy. With each game the plat became easier.
  4. There will be mods that do that in a few months on console.
  5. Unlikely last one was wii u exclusive.
  6. Get arrested trophy sounds kinda stupid and boring why reward you for failing?
  7. 100% maybe not but the platinum is much easier in Uncharted 2. I dont play MP so ill never get a platinum for last of us im not gonna force my self to play something i dont like.