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  1. Patch 1.10 came out a few days ago and it seems to have made the world loading issues MUCH better, and they've fixed the frame rate drops/hitching that was really bad in the lost river. One thing I've noticed now is that the game freezes for a second when closing your PDA, on my end game save anyway, which is annoying. Haven't noticed any considerable frame rate drops yet. Also, I'm doing a trophy guide for this game, hoping to have it finished by the end of next week.
  2. The article also says we're getting Ratchet & Clank and Bloodborne free in March 2019, but they were free last March. The article is just bad, they're not going to revoke licenses, so you'll be able to download anything on your download list whenever you want.
  3. I obviously wouldn't have started it if there was any sign of the online not working properly, but there was nothing. The challenges stopped working a while back and returned after a while, hopefully they come back and I can get them done.
  4. Because the others require a boosting partner. I got those trophies the day I got the game, I couldn't find a boosting partner that day.
  5. Looks like I got the daily challenge trophy the day before they turned them off, everything looked normal when I did it, so playing on an alt would have done nothing.
  6. Haven't the daily/weekly challenges stopped working before? I really hope this is temporary.
  7. God damn it, just started this last month and didn't get the weekly challenge done.
  8. @olivetheturtle Out of interest, how long are you spending in any given area? I found both of my moose in the area above Brandywine Drop, in the wooded area next to the house with the stranger mission, but they weren't there when I arrived. I spent a few minutes there before a moose spawned, I know I didn't miss them on my way in. Maybe try hanging around an area for a bit longer if you're still having trouble.
  9. I got all of the bulls and roosters at the farm just north of Saint Denis. Either reload the area until the one you need spawns or go and do something else and check back later.
  10. Siberian Husky is at Manzanita Post near Beecher's Hope. I'm pretty sure I saw a Catahoula Cur in Rhodes when I went there to study the donkey, might have been another breed, but it's worth checking. On the topic of dogs, the last animal I needed to study was the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, I couldn't find the fisherman that has this dog with him in the videos I could find, but there was one sitting down at Flatneck Station.
  11. There was 2! haha, thanks man, I appreciate the help.
  12. I've been searching the swamps for about 3 hours now, no luck so far with either. Plenty of the other two Egrets and thousands of adult Alligators, just nothing that I need Edit: Horse got turned into a paste by a train while I was looking for a pigeon and I had to reload a save from an hour ago. There was a snowy egret right next to me. Just need the small alligator now I think. Does anyone know if they're just in the spawn pool for regular alligators, so I just need to refresh the spawns until one appears? Ok, turns out the small alligators aren't called American Alligator (Small) when you're looking through your binoculars. I found one by the train track out of Saint Denis where you catch the legendary lake sturgeon
  13. Mule and Donkey are separate. I'm just going to wait until I've got the other animals I need and go ranch to ranch hoping one spawns. I hope I haven't missed the trophy because of something so stupid. I'm also having trouble finding a small alligator, I only have that and the snowy egret left to skin.
  14. I've already done it unfortunately.