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  1. I remember that Adventure Time game being announced, I really hope they don't mess it up, could potentially be a lot of fun.
  2. I think this looks like it could be fun. I'm glad there are more cartoon network games coming out, I haven't seen any Steven Universe, but the game looks great and I'll be buying it when it's on sale. I'd like to see a Regular Show game or an Adventure Time RPG.
  3. How is this the fault of anyone on the forum? It's entirely on activision for not having the decency to announce the removal beforehand. Most of the people on this site will have considerable backlogs, just because they didn't buy the game yet, doesn't mean they didn't want to play it.
  4. Looks like he was right again, interesting.
  5. There's someone on reddit who has got it right 5 months in a row. He posted a comment saying it would be Darksiders 2 and Kung fu panda for PS4, but has since deleted his comment. I hope he's wrong about kung fu panda.
  6. This method worked great for me, I got about 35 levels in 10 minutes. You can also ignore the DLC in the video, you can use the restoration loop to make yourself an item which gives you massive magicka and it'll have the same effect. Fast travelling from Riften to Solitude will max out your alteration every time.
  7. You can earn all trophies with one controller in under 30 minutes, no other peripherals are required.