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  1. I heard about this awful news when I woke up this morning. It truly saddens me to think that KyoAni, a studio who have brought joy to countless numbers of people including myself, could be on the receiving end of such a despicable act. The arsonist is an evil scumbag, no matter how hard he tries to justify it to himself. Taking innocent lives is never the answer. The victims of this attack and their families are in my thoughts. KyoAni have made many of my all-time favourite anime and they are undoubtedly one of the greatest studios in the industry. Such a tragedy...
  2. I'm glad someone said it. Feels like any good new suggestions just get ignored and the promised updates/improvements to the site take forever to actually surface. The PSN name changes are the most recent example of course. I guess most people consider that over and done with now, but for the people who have written guides for the site, they still don't link over to the new profile. I get that it's not high priority since it only affects a small minority of users, but we also happen to be some of the biggest contributors to the site, and it would be nice to at least get some kind of confirmation that this is still being looked into.
  3. I'm sure it's just a coincidence...
  4. Man, I played these Super Monkey Ball games a ton when I was a kid. I really enjoyed them at the time, but I don't know if I have the patience for them anymore, especially when I think about going for the trophies... ūüėÖ
  5. It's kind of a bummer that this got delayed as it's one of the rare examples of a game I intend to play at launch (I've been waiting years for its western release). But hey, it's only a month, and so long as we get a better product at the end of it, I'm happy.
  6. Is that so? The examples that come to mind make it seem like the localisation was flawed at its core. Either way, NISA saw fit to re-do the entire thing instead of just tweaking the odd name/line, and that sounds pretty bad to me. I doubt they would have made such an expensive decision if they thought most of it was salvageable. Comparing the scenes from the original to post-patch, it looks like a big improvement. P.S. I haven't forgotten about the Ys event. I've just been getting sidetracked with other things and I figured it's best to only sign up once I'm fully committed.
  7. I've eagerly been anticipating the arrival of this game in the mail. Not only because it's a great game that I wanted to platinum again, but it just so happens to be my 100th physical Vita game! Here's the picture of my whole collection if anyone's interested.
  8. I acquired my 100th physical Vita game today. It's a big milestone for me! Here's a picture I took of my collection:

    (Apologies in advance for the long status)



    As you can probably see, the vast majority of my collection consists of VN's, JRPG's, and rhythm games. That's what makes it such an amazing handheld! There are plenty of games for the system, you've just got to be cultured enough to enjoy them. :awesome: Given Sony's shift recently in favour of censorship and more of a focus on big AAA western games, I see the Vita as the last bastion of everything I love/loved about PlayStation. I don't see them making something like the Vita ever again... :(


    Funnily enough, the Vita actually started out as a digital-only machine for me. I naively thought a 64GB memory card was going to be enough space for me back then, haha. :P I'm so glad I decided to start collecting physical copies for it, especially given how much great stuff is out there if you're willing to import. I've only played a fraction of all the Vita games I've acquired over the years, so I'll undoubtedly be playing the system well into the 2020's (maybe even 2030's :awesome:).


    I made a dumb meme to celebrate the occasion. :P




    @Satoshi Ookami¬†would be proud.¬†ūüėĘ

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    2. ShonenCat


      Your precious Vita-san must be one happy girl ^w^


    3. Honor_Hand


      Congrats on reaching your 100th Vita game, Undead Wolf sir. Admittedly, they all look pretty impressive together. I know how proud you must feel about them. My Vita collection is pretty pathetic actually but I can share that fuzzy feeling at looking at a full shelf of games with my library of PS3 games. 


      Thanks for sharing and keep on collecting them. :D


      Annnnd, I'll be giving you rep points later on because I'm at my limit now, somehow. :awesome:


    4. Sora9427


      BUT BUT! It's impossible! I read people saying Vita has no agme this is clearly a dream you're having and sahring collectivily with us :awesome: 


      Joke Aside, GODDAM I wish i have some of this game Retail O.o 

  9. #270 - Yakuza Kiwami KIWAMI Obtained all trophies. This remake was undoubtedly made on a tight budget. It's basically just a reskin of Yakuza 0 with some features stripped out and I believe they even took some of the cutscene animations right from Yakuza 1 on the PS2, so I can look a little janky at times. Of course there are some improvements from the original as you would expect like the third person camera, much more refined combat system, better graphics, etc, but there were some unnecessary changes too. The Majima Everywhere System sounds cool on paper, but they sacrifice the narrative to get it in the game. It just feels out of place. I love the Yakuza series, and of course I had a lot of fun with this one, but it definitely could have been better. I'll be playing the remaster of Yakuza 1 next on PS3 so I'll have a better idea about what exactly this game did right and wrong.
  10. Colin's opinion on Rat Crap Games :awesome:



    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Haha, yeah, I've heard Colin mention that awful company a few times on the Sacred Symbols podcast and I get a laugh out of it every time he does. :lol: He's right on the money. I just wish more people in the trophy hunting community took a stand against this company and others like them before things get even worse...

    2. ruffedgz


      Im not sure if this is the game companies fault as they are making a game that has all the rules Sony provided to make the game 'platinum obtainable'. The company that is providing the trophies and console to obtain them is allowing it through and Sony could be tougher for it. If the market allows it and people are taking it, doesnt make it wrong but I do hear what you are saying about 'hunters taking a stand' but its a game and so is trophy hunting and there are not official rules for a hunter to go by. This is all just cosplay for us but Im enjoying it all and just like completing a game (easy or hard).


      Just my 2 cents.

    3. BlindMango


      It's a weekly occurrence Colin mentions these games now on his podcast, even down to saying "It looks like an interesting game, but if it's one of those games with the worthless platinums, I refuse to buy it" lol. He seems to be getting as fatigued of the format as a lot of us

  11. He literally said in the post you quoted that Sony DO NOT have a monopoly, but a dominant position. A true statement. They have a large influence on the games industry.
  12. I know the vast majority of these songs are already in Future Tone, and we're getting the 10 new songs in a DLC pack for that game, but I still would have liked to play this one on PS4. If I ever get a Switch, this will definitely be one of the first games I get for the system. I actually quite like the art style tbh. Hopefully this means more trophies for Future Tone.
  13. #269 - Persona 4: Dancing All Night Dancing All Night Obtained all trophies I played this on Vita years ago and loved it. I bought the dancing collection on PS4 recently so I can platinum them all again. This is probably still my favourite Persona dancing game as it comes with the most content out of the three and the songs are pretty great too. I had a lot of fun coming back to this one. I got the plat in one session.
  14. No shit we talk about Sony's censorship policy over Chinese censorship. This is a western PlayStation forum in case you forgot... As bad as censorship is in China, it doesn't affect us here in the west, and there's nothing we can do about it either. Newsflash: The Chinese government does a lot of bad shit. That doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about issues just because they're less severe than the stuff they do.
  15. I got the physical version of Hollow Knight today.