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  1. I'd say that the postgame cleanup tends to be my favourite part of the trophy hunt for most games. At this stage, usually the more "stressful" trophies such as any missable ones are out of the way, and I enjoy the feeling of a platinum being just over the horizon. It gives me the motivation I need to make that last push to the finish line, meaning I'll often play for much longer at this point. Nothing beats having an extra long gaming session only to be rewarded with a platinum at the end.
  2. I love your intro xD

    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Haha, thank you very much. :giggle:

  3. I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this game for almost a month now. I'm so happy it's finally here!
  4. Ayy, my copy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy finally arrived! Just in time for my week off work too. :D I've been eagerly anticipating this moment for almost a month now. It feels kind of unreal to own this collection on a PlayStation console... I never thought I'd see the day!



    1. Caju_94


      I still can't believe they really did this! Haha, I played all the available games for the DS and the 3DS, so won't probably purchase this one. Phoenix Wright on PS4? That is still weird to me xD 

  5. #246 - BioShock 2 Platinum Trophy Unlocked all trophies This is a game I played to death back on the Xbox 360 when it first came out. I want to say I did about 4 playthroughs and I got pretty into the multiplayer - it was a lot of fun! So... does this game hold up after all these years? I would certainly say so, yes. While it doesn't reach the masterpiece-tier that the original BioShock did, it's still an excellent game in its own right, and the various refinements to the formula make the gameplay here the best in the series. I absolutely love the fact that you play as an Alpha Big Daddy in this game - his design is so cool! This also allowed them to expand on the "escort" mechanic found towards the end of the original BioShock which changes things up. The story told here is also great, and I love the fact that your actions throughout the game shape what kind of person your "daughter" ends up being. One of the gameplay refinements I mentioned earlier is how you're now able to "dual wield" a weapon and plasmid in each hand at the same time. This makes the combat flow much better and I found myself using plasmids much more often. They also made hacking much less of a chore which was nice. I usually like saving the platinum until last when there are DLC trophies, but I managed to get the platinum in one playthrough, so here I am. I'll be tackling the DLC shortly. I've never played Minerva's Den before, so that'll be interesting. I hear it's very good.
  6. I've been avoiding pretty much all the information about the game too - I've only seen a couple of trailers. I know Sekiro is supposed to play a lot differently from the Soulsborne games so I'm excited to check it out. I'm definitely playing it on day one. It'll be nice to be a noob at a FromSoftware game again.
  7. They made the Comrades multiplayer a standalone DLC with it's own trophy list, and from what I understand, it's no longer accessible from FFXV itself, meaning the Comrades DLC trophies on FFXV's list are no longer obtainable through normal means. The reason I say "through normal means" is because there's a workaround you can do to install a specific patch and get them that way. You can read more about the method here:
  8. Could I be spending my time in more productive ways? Absolutely, but you could say the same about pretty much everything we do in our spare time. I find trophy hunting to be enjoyable and it encourages me to get the most out of each game I play. Plus, I get a great feeling of satisfaction at the end, so it's all worth it for me. Even when I'm grinding or doing something tedious in the pursuit of trophies, I'll just put something on in the background like a podcast or a YouTube video, so that way I never really feel like I'm wasting my time.
  9. I think summoning for the odd boss you were struggling with in the Soulsborne games is totally fine as that's what the feature was intended to be used for, but I always found it odd how there are people out there who buy these games and let other players do all the work for them. They don't even try to better themselves... what's the point? These games never had what I'd call difficult platinums though, even playing solo. You just have to be good enough to beat the bosses and everything else is just grinding for materials and collecting items. Maybe Sekiro's platinum will be rarer than the other Soulsborne games, but I don't think it'll be by much. The people who can't play these games solo and are only in it for the platinum will probably just avoid playing this one.
  10. A lot of things are "unnecessary" in video games. Does having all this blood and gore in the shooters you enjoy enhance the gameplay? No, of course not, but that doesn't mean it should be removed. Who are you to say what other people enjoy in these games? Instead of telling these people to "stick to other sources", I think it's a much better idea to keep these games free from censorship, and the people who are offended by such things can simply just not buy the game like they probably weren't going to do anyway.
  11. #245 - Catherine: Full Body フルボディで乾杯を 全てのトロフィーを取得した My third Catherine platinum, this time on the Vita. This is the enhanced version of Catherine that has yet to make its way to the west, but I wanted to import it, not only because September is a while away, but I've also made it a goal of mine to stack every version of Catherine available. One of my all-time favourite games. So what's different in this version of the game? Quite a few things actually. Most importantly, we get a third love interest (Rin) who became my favourite even before I started the game. Not only is she super cute, but her new route is very interesting too, especially towards the end. By going down her route, you also gain access to the new 10th stage (great music btw). Catherine and Katherine also get a new ending each, so there are 13 in total now! This game has a 'Standard' and 'Arrange' puzzle mode you can select from, meaning there are now 6 variations of each stage when you include the difficulty, and you have to get a gold prize on them all for a trophy. They make you work for this platinum! Full Body has a bunch of online modes you can compete in, but I didn't really mess around with them much. I know I'd probably get my ass handed to me by these Japanese players... The jukebox got a bunch of new songs added to it, including some tracks from Persona 5. One of my favourite things to listen to in the bar is Beneath the Mask - it fits so well! The most difficult part of this platinum for me was the final Babel stage, Axis Mundi. You might think that's obvious, but I remember there being no issues whatsoever when I got my 2nd PS3 stack of the game. The reason I struggled a bit this time around is because I was limited to Solo Mode, which if you're not aware, is quite a lot harder than Pair Mode (it has another 100 or so steps you need to climb). I couldn't do Pair Mode because I was playing on Vita, and that mode is only available via ad-hoc. I don't know anyone else with a Vita, let alone someone else who imported the game like me. So yeah, I struggled trying to beat that for a few days, but through sheer perseverance, I managed to do it. Solo Mode is a little more doable in this version of the game because you're given 3 of the items that allow you to jump 2 steps. Not being bugged like the North American version on PS3 helps too. Overall, I had a blast coming back to this game. It feels right at home on Vita. I look forward to the western release so I can do this all over again!
  12. I trust your opinion on games and since you've played both of them: Should I start with Hatsune Miku Diva F or F2nd?  I've never played any of the games in the series

    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      You do? Well thanks I guess. :lol: Out of those two options, definitely go with the first game (Diva F). It's less time-consuming to platinum than F2nd. Plus, it's more logical to start with the first game in the series.

    2. Alternatewarning


      We tend to have similar opinions on the same games, so why not!  Mmkay.  Sometimes later games have so much better mechanics that I wasn't sure.  Thanks

    3. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Haha, nice! :D In terms of mechanics, they're pretty much the same. It's just different songs really. Both are worth playing. :)

  13. I stayed up later than I should have last night/this morning just so I could get the Full Body platinum. That makes it Catherine plat #3. ^_^




    Now I just have to wait until September so I can do it all again when Full Body releases in the west. :lol: They really make you work for the platinum this time around because you have to get all of the gold prizes instead of just the ones on Hard difficulty. Both the Standard and Arrange modes have their own rankings too, so essentially, you have to play each stage at least 6 times, including the bonus 10th stage that's new to this version of the game (which has an awesome song btw). I'm definitely glad I decided to import the game because I had a lot of fun with it. They made an excellent game even better. :)


    In other news, I'm coming up to my 250th platinum milestone, but I still haven't decided what it's going to be yet. I was thinking maybe Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy since that should be arriving soon, but I'm not a big fan of the platinum name/image. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice comes out this month, so maybe I'll go with that, but I usually save FromSoftware games for my 100 plat milestones. Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood was another option I was thinking about because it has a great trophy name/image. I'm not sure though... I have another 5 platinums to go before I reach that milestone, so I still have some time to make a decision.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Good luck on the 250th platinum milestone :) 

    4. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Thank you everyone. :)

  14. This is the problem with using a famous person's likeness in a game. There's always the risk that something unsavoury about them comes to light that taints the game they were in and puts the developer/publisher in a difficult position. I know Japan is very harsh when it comes to drug usage, so it's understandable that Sega pulled the game from sale, even if personally, I think it's a bit of an overreaction. My assumption is that they're working on creating a new character model and voicing his lines with somebody else. I hope this doesn't affect the western release date.
  15. Well like I said, you should be able to create another clear save data anytime you want from Premium Adventure mode at Serena. I don't know what exactly carries over to NG+, but you can do cleanup in that mode, create the clear save data, and then proceed to NG+ using that clear save. That's how it works in all the other games at least.