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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Me and @Redgrave are pretty much done with our guides now - just need a few last details. Should be able to submit it tonight.
  2. Unless I've just misunderstood what you're saying, you don't need to "perfect" every song to get the trophy, you just need to maintain your combo throughout the entire song. Both "Perfect" and "Good" notes are allowed. The trophy isn't as difficult as you're making it out to be.
  3. Ugh, Sony have been making all kinds of brain-dead decisions lately... What are they so scared of? The game and its contents aren't illegal so there's no good reason for them to step in like this and decide what is and isn't okay. They are pandering to people who don't even play video games. Grow a pair, Sony...
  4. When I heard the news about PSN name changes, this came to mind for some reason. Ahh, the memories... <3



    Thank you, Shuhei, for finally letting us change our names. :lol:

    1. Temmie


      I've been waiting a long time for those name changes :D 

    2. ShonenCat


      I heard name changes will cause some games to glitch out. Don't know how much of that is true or not.

    3. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      I don't think any of us really know to what extent name changes are going to affect non-compatible games yet. We're going to have to wait until the Beta testers gain access to it first. At least there's always the option to switch back to your old name in case something does go wrong.

  5. I'm not sure yet. If I do, it's not going to be completely different, but some variant of Undead Wolf. I like my name, but I'm not really a fan of all the underscores and the "N7" part. It depends on what is available really, but I remember when I created my PSN ID, a lot of my previous attempts at writing the name were already taken, so I had to settle for what I did. I hope Sony end up freeing up a ton of PSN ID's that have been long dormant. That would help a lot.
  6. Very interesting. So apart from the "most played games" on PS4, anything released prior to the 1st of April 2018 isn't compatible. I'm assuming this doesn't work at all on Vita and PS3. It's not perfect of course, but I guess this is the best solution they could come up with, and it's better than nothing. The thing that most confused me when reading that blog post is this: There should have just been an option to view a user's previous names by default. I don't understand why it's either displaying it or not and there's no way to reverse the decision. Now it's going to be incredibly hard to figure out who people are after a name change if they don't display their old ID... And speaking of, I wonder what exactly it means to "display your previous ID with your new ID". How will that look? It definitely seems wise to hold off changing your name until we know the full extent of what it will break in regards to older games and Vita/PS3.
  7. Last question concerning Symphonia :) I have one title left and that's "Gung Ho", any tips? The strategy I've gone in with is to bascially avoid all random encounters and only focus on boss battles. 

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    2. Venocide


      Thank you :) and yes, I will be making it 150, I said years ago I planned to make it plat no. 100, then Persona 5 came out so it was gonna be 125 instead, then Final Fantasy IX came out so it got moved to 150 lol 

    3. thepeaguy


      I remember getting this by chance, but it was a long time ago. Best of luck!

    4. Venocide


      Okay I made it to Rodyle, my total combined level is 123 so it looks like I'll get the title once I finish the fight :D Time to look through my backlog for easy platinums lol 

  8. This would be a big win for Microsoft. Obsidian are a great studio and they've made some fantastic games. It would benefit Xbox a lot to have some "exclusive" RPG's instead of just shooters and racing games. Of course, as a PlayStation gamer, it would be a shame if I couldn't play Obsidian's future titles on my platform of choice, but in a way I'm also kind of glad that Microsoft have taken the major criticism they've had this generation of not having enough exclusives on-board and are endeavouring to change that. With this news along with all their other recent studio acquisitions, Microsoft are set to go guns blazing next generation and give Sony a run for their money. At the very least they aren't going to be the pushover they were this generation. This is good for the industry as far as I'm concerned because it'll force PlayStation to do better as well.
  9. They should have had a physical version from the start, but better late than never I suppose. I'll be waiting for a price drop because £25 is pretty steep for what it is.
  10. And there we go, I got the platinum. It turns out I was one mission reward away from unlocking Rank 4 weapons in the Infirmary; I just went back to one of the previous missions and killed all of the Leaders. I didn't even need to unlock Rank 5 since I already had all of those weapons. Thanks for the help, guys. Hopefully this thread and my misfortune can help others in the future.
  11. #223 - Valkyria Chronicles 4 Valkyrian Chronicler Obtained all trophies. I'm actually getting a little emotional as I sit here trying to collect my thoughts on this game. It's hard to put into words just how much I loved it. The first VC game is one of my all-time favourites, and now that I've played VC4 to completion, I can honestly say that this game is even better! It follows Squad E during Operation Northern Cross, a daring operation that tasks them with going deep into enemy territory and reaching their capital city blitzkrieg-style. So cool! I really grew attached to the squad through all the good and bad times they went through to the point where I was legitimately tearing up on more than one occasion, especially towards the end. I love them all dearly. Some very cool antagonists too. It's also a long game - it took me over 30 hours mostly just focusing on the main missions and another 30 hours to finish up everything else. I definitely got my money's worth! I really do adore the tactical nature of the gameplay. There are so many ways to approach a mission and it's a blast trying to figure it out by yourself. It's also fun trying to rush through a mission as fast as humanly possible to get a good rank, even if it's only by the skin of your teeth. It isn't just a straight copy & paste of the old games too because it adds a new class: the Grenadier, along with the APC and a few new mechanics. The watercolour painting artstyle is as beautiful as it has ever been; it won't ever age visually like most other games will. There's a good chunk of this game that takes place in the snow which not only looks pretty, but it introduces interesting gameplay mechanics too. Also winter outfits! I would have gotten the platinum a lot sooner, but I was kind of forced to take a break from it right at the end due to some misinformation/lack of facts about how a certain something unlocked. That has been resolved now thankfully, so I get to share my thoughts on this amazing game. I'll never forget all of the adventures I had with Squad E... sayonara.
  12. The only way it would cost more is if backwards compatibility was done via hardware emulation (like how launch model PS3's basically had a PS2 built into them). That isn't going to happen. The PS5 is going to be more than powerful enough to accurately run PS1 & PS2 games via software emulation. I'm sure they would rather forgo PS3 emulation entirely if it's only possible by including extra hardware in the box. It didn't work out so well for them last time...
  13. I'm glad there's going to a way to use the original soundtrack because I'm not a fan of the new save room theme at all. It's super lame that you need the Deluxe Edition to do that, though...
  14. Ummm, Kenshiro? I think you might need to get your eyes tested... :P



    1. Shinobi


      you know what they say, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". ;)

  15. I'm not really bothered if people online know my real name, especially since it's so common. You're not going to find anything meaningful about me with that information and I don't think anybody even cares to. My appearance is where I draw the line as I'm very self-conscious. I don't even have a picture of myself from the last 10 years or something. As for accepting real name requests on PSN, I've done it in the past, even to people I'm not super close with. My profile picture is just the avatar I use on this site and others, so all you're getting is my real name, and again, that doesn't bother me. For the reasons @BlindMango stated though, I prefer referring to people as their usernames and associating them with an avatar rather than using their real names and faces. I'm not a fan of how PSN is trying its hardest to imitate social media.