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  1. Interesting video by Censored Gaming concerning the recent console releases from Gamuzumi. The main points: Sakura Succubus 1 & 2 on PS4/PS5 are the exact same as the Steam versions Sable's Grimoire is only censored on PlayStation consoles, the Switch and Xbox versions are the same as the one available on Steam Sony refused to allow Beach Bounce Remastered on PS4/PS5 Gamuzumi have tried to release all their console releases on Xbox too, but Microsoft have refused to allow any of them except Sable's Grimoire So from the sounds of it, Microsoft are even more strict than Sony when it comes to ecchi/lewd content. So as bad as things are on PlayStation right now when it comes to censorship, I guess it could always get worse... At least we have Nintendo who have been surprisingly good when it comes to giving developers the freedom to create what they want. No hardcore sex scenes of course, but pretty much everything else goes.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I've added this article as a source for now, but hopefully when the game launches, we'll have some direct comparisons between the two versions I can link to.
  3. Source: Gematsu This was certainly unexpected. I came really close to buying this game on Switch too. The only other Rune Factory game that came to PlayStation is Rune Factory: Oceans back in 2011, so it's been a while! Pretty wild that they're releasing the game on Xbox too.
  4. Got the plat in Yakuza 7 last night! 😁 I left my thoughts on the game here if anyone's interested: With this, I've completed every Yakuza game including spin-offs, so I believe I now qualify for Majima's Finest (assuming there's not some super special rank for going above and beyond lol). Well, I'll have that title until Lost Judgment comes out in September at least. 😄
  5. #361 - Yakuza: Like A Dragon The New Dragon Obtained all trophies. As I'm sure most fans of the series were, I was initially sceptical after hearing this entry in the series would be making the switch to turn-based combat. I kept an open mind about it though since I love JRPG's, and having experienced everything the game has to offer now, I find myself really impressed it. This isn't just a good JRPG, but one of the best JRPG's I've played on PS4. Like for real, I found the combat really engaging, and its turn-based nature only served to accentuate the quirkiness/humour of this series. Some really funny special moves and Pound Mate (basically summons) cutscenes you can activate during battle that just wouldn't be possible with the real-time action combat of the previous games. Having to think more about the actions I was taking in battle was nice too. Some other things that really impressed me were the story and characters. Ichiban had some big shoes to fill now that Kiryu's story is done, and I'm pleased to say he's an excellent new main character. I connected with him pretty much immediately, so much so that I was getting emotional during a scene in the opening few hours that involved him. Also, that ending... No spoilers, but it kinda messed me up lol. 😅 It's not just Ichiban who you connect with though as there's a whole party you play as now. Some really great scenes with them too. One thing I was a bit let down with was the platinum hunt itself. In general, I prefer the games in the series that task you with getting 100% in-game completion as it usually involves doing a wide variety of tasks that keep things interesting. There is no 100% trophy in this game. In fact, if you just focus on getting the platinum, it feels like you're only just scratching the surface of the side content. Despite that though, it's still a lengthy platinum for one reason... the True Final Millennium Tower. This was originally DLC in the Japanese version of the game, but now it's incorporated into the base game trophy list. This dungeon is quite the challenge, and it's pretty much a requirement to reach max character level and also max at least a couple of everyone's job levels. I don't mind grinding in games too much, but in this particular instance, it didn't feel like the game was really designed for 99 job level cap introduced in the DLC (it was 30 in the base game). It takes *forever* to grind out levels and it's pretty tedious too since you're just going back and forth in the same area over and over again. So yeah, i would have much preferred getting good at a variety of minigames like other Yakuza titles than spending tens of hours grinding EXP, but oh well. Hopefully they balance things a bit better in Yakuza 8. But anyway, I loved this game overall and I'm really excited to see how things improve in later entries since they're committed to this style now. That's the whole series completed now (including spin-offs), at least until Lost Judgment comes out. Can't wait for that! 😁
  6. This is one of the few PC games I actually went out of my way to play in recent years. It's an awesome experience, more so if you go in blind (seriously, do this if you can). I'm pretty excited that I get to play this on console now, especially with that additional content. I love the look of that premium edition. I'll definitely be getting that.
  7. Yeah, I thought that was odd too. Sony are more lenient with some developers than they are with others. It's very inconsistent. What is clear though is that the censorship policy was made to target anime style games, and unfortunately, I don't see the situation with PlayStation improving while their headquarters are located in woke capital of the world, California. The head honchos over there probably see these games as "sexist" or some such nonsense and aren't interested in giving grown ass adults the option to play these games uncut.
  8. So I added the Sakura Succubus 1 & 2 to the list along with Maitetsu: Pure Station. I was debating whether or not I should add them on there considering how they appear to be the same as the versions sold on Steam, but since official 18+ patches for these games are available to download on PC that add h-scenes and what not, it makes sense to have them on there. I'm still surprised with what they were able to get away with in the console releases of Sakura Succubus though considering the CG's that have been censored in other games thanks to Sony.
  9. I don't like this trend of devs/publishers giving games super easy trophy lists either. I find it a bit of a turn-off when it's so obviously been made like that to bait the trophy whore crowd. I wish they had a bit more confidence in their product and made a respectable trophy list that encouraged players to experience the game to its fullest because it's a lot more enjoyable/rewarding trophy hunting experience that way, but I get why they would make it so easy from a business perspective. With that being said though, these Pretty Girls games look right up my alley, and I don't want to avoid playing them just because they have easy platinums. I like to consider my profile an accurate representation of the games I'm into, and I think that's more important than how respectable it's perceived to be by others. I mean I've been playing visual novels for years that many people who use this site don't care for and just skip through for the easy plat, but I don't let that discourage me because I genuinely enjoy reading them. I bought a few of these Pretty Girls games on sale recently. Like I've done with other games I wanted to play that had an EZPZ list, I'll just go through it once and call it day. Maybe I'll even play past the plat depending on the in-game rewards you get (cute anime girl art is a good motivator). 😋 I'm not gonna bother region stacking the game because I'm not interested in padding my trophy stats like that.
  10. I can't stand Tiny Tina, so it's a hard pass from me.
  11. Here's the Japanese trailer for anyone who hates the English dub for this game as much as I do. Honestly, I'm not a fan of these new party members they showed off at all as far as their design/appearance goes. Really disappointing considering how great they typically are in Tales games. I'm starting to get doubts about this game again...
  12. I wasn't really excited for this previously since all we had to go off was that teaser trailer, but this new trailer with gameplay and in-engine stuff looks amazing! Definitely looking forward to it now.
  13. I love Death Stranding, so I'm definitely interested in this director's cut. Hopefully it adds a good chunk of new content. Also, I thought the obvious nod to MGS with that trailer was brilliant. 😄
  14. Actually, Colin specifically mentioned on his podcast that he bought a Vita dev kit from Sony. So no, they're not free. He also makes it pretty clear that as someone who was developing a Vita game, he wasn't informed about the store closure ahead of time. The slew of Vita game cancelations after the store closure announcement suggests that the developers of those games weren't informed either. I find it strange how eager you are to defend Sony here when it's pretty clear they fucked up.
  15. That's disappointing. I've been following this publisher since the console release of Legends of Talia: Arcadia, and I'm confident they pushed things as far as Sony would have allowed. It's nice that they were so upfront about it, even going so far as to put the censorship notice on the store page. I noticed this game is getting a Xbox One and Xbox S|X release as well, and I'm assuming those can be considered uncensored alternatives as well since they only mentioned the PS4 and PS5 versions when it came to the removed/censored images. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I was willing to accept that maybe the devs didn't intentionally tone down I-No's new outfit and were just going for a different look for this new game, but their statement here proves that it was a conscious decision on their part to make her less sexualized. The intent matters. So yeah, I've added the game to the list now. Here's the source I'm using for anyone interested: https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2021/06/10/guilty-gear-strive-s-i-no-wasnt-covered-up-due-to-censorship/