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  1. #431 - Sniper Elite V2 Platinum Remastered Win all other trophies to take your place as the world's greatest sniper I remember playing the demo of this game back on Xbox 360 around the time it came out and I enjoyed it. For whatever reason though, I didn't get the full game on launch. I'm 10 years late to the party, but I'm glad that I finally got around to it. While this game isn't anything amazing, it's still a lot of fun. One of the big features of this series are the bullet cams. I thought this would get old eventually, but it turns out that watching a bullet fly into someone's skull and smash it to pieces is actually pretty damn satisfying. 😄 It really made those impressive shots look even cooler. The story isn't anything to write home about and the main character is pretty generic, but I found the game to be quite charming regardless. The platinum is about what you'd expect from a typical PS3-era trophy list. There are collectibles to find, you need to beat it on the highest difficulty, and then there are the various misc trophies on top. For the highest difficulty, Sniper Elite, you take more damage (obviously), but they also make it so your bullets are affected by gravity and you don't have any assist that lets you know where the bullet is going to land, so you kind of just have to get a feel for it. It can be pretty tough lining up a shot at long distances. There's actually a glitch you can do so you basically only have to do the last checkpoint of each level on the highest difficulty and it will still count. Like the filthy cheat I am, I took advantage of this, so I got through it pretty quick. There's one mission though that ends with you on a rooftop with a ton of Russian snipers all around, and that took me a while to do. They kill you so fast and making a run for it when they're still alive is suicide. The toughest trophy for me though was 'Secret Service' from one of the challenge DLC missions that they incorporated into the main list for this remaster. You basically have to go around this village and kill the 13 enemies that patrol it without being spotted. That doesn't sound like a lot, but the stealth mechanic is a bit wonky in this game, so it was very easy to get spotted. You can't really predict where the enemies are going to be, so following a trophy guide for that is only going to get you so far. You have to think on the fly a lot. I'm not gonna pretend like this was a super hard challenge or anything, but it did make me a bit frustrated. I think it took me like an hour or so to get it done. I'd also like to thank @Redgrave for helping me with the multiplayer trophies. It's too bad playing the co-op campaign won't unlock the difficulty trophies! I would have probably enjoyed myself even more if that was the case. But yeah, I had fun with this. I think I'd like to check out the other games in the series.
  2. AHHHH she's perfect!! 😍 This is how it compares to her old model (minus the "Cutie" hairpin). 😛 It looks so much better imo. I'm really happy for her.
  3. Gura's still MIA after that blue hedgehog game destroyed her PC. At least there were a few weeks where she was streaming somewhat regularly, but now it looks like we're back to getting ghosted. 😞 IRyS has returned from her break, but not much to talk about with her because she's holding off on doing any more regular streams until her new model reveal later tonight. I'm looking forward to that. It's at 1am for me, and I usually go to bed way later than that, so I'll be able to watch it live. So yeah, on the Hololive side of things, I've mostly just been watching Mumei and Fauna this past week. They did a couple of collabs together which is always nice since they're my 2 favourite HoloEN's and they have great chemistry together as well. 😙 The first one was a Getting Over It endurance stream where Fauna was coaching Mumei on how to tackle each section since she's quite the pro at it with all the speedruns she's done. 😁 But I think Mumei surprised everyone because she not only beat the game, but she did it twice! They talked about all kinds of topics while Mumei was preparing herself for the next challenge. It was basically a part gaming stream part podcast. Lots of fun. As for the other collab, it Fauna did Minecraft with open VC which Mumei and Moona ended up joining. There were lots of funny moments from that like when Mumei saw some villagers going at it and got traumatised. 😝 In another part, Moona divebombed Mumei, jumpscaring her, and then Moona was just like "what?". 😆 I also just enjoyed how silly Mumei was being in general. But speaking of silliness, Mumei did a thanksgiving karaoke stream as a turkey. She had the turkey beak and the "snood" (I googled it and that's apparently what it's called lol) on her model. The first 5 mins of the stream was just her making turkey noises and she injected some "gobble gobble's" into some of the songs as well. This is why she's my oshi. 😝 But yeah, she sang for hours. I didn't catch it all since it was very late for me, but I did watch most of it, and there were a lot of banger song choices. Stuff like Country Roads, as is a staple in any good karaoke stream. The GIGACHAD song 😛 (aka Can You Feel My Heart?). QUEEN, Thanks For The Memories, etc. She even sang God Save The King. Brings a tear to me eye. 👏😢 I'm also partial to some Michael Jackson myself. We're well into the new Pokemon arc now. I've been watching both Mumei and Fauna play that game and it's been really enjoyable, although I could see it being a bit much if you tried keeping up with all the members playthroughs. The lack of voice acting in the game just gave the girls an opportunity to do it themselves, and they didn't disappoint on that front. The voice Mumei gave to the director of the academy was hilarious. She made him sound older and older throughout the stream to the point where he was practically a fossil making incoherent old man noises towards the end. 😆 There have been some great moments from Fauna's playthrough as well. In the video below, you can see how she reacts to her cute "green beans" being transformed into some furry-looking degenerate. She was not pleased. 😝 Fauna also continued her playthrough of BioShock and got to the big twist. Thankfully, it wasn't spoiled for her by chat. They've been pretty bad about that and don't seem to realise that saying stuff like "Get ready clippers 🤓" is just gonna tip her off that something's gonna happen. She got plenty of "Would you kindly" superchats and comments, but that one's a bit harder to figure out unless you already know. She's playing it every Sunday, so I imagine she'll finish it next stream. She's already expressed interest in playing BioShock 2 which will be cool. I'm glad she's enjoying herself because that first game especially is one of my all-time favourites. Not too much to say about Pippa this week. She did a couple of streams where she looked at bad tattoos, and it really boggles the mind why anyone thought that would be a good idea to put that on their body. 😛 She also did a stream where she took phrases in other languages from chat, tried to guess what it meant in English, and then looked what the actual translation was. I think the funniest part for me was when she brought up a GIF for abortion in sign language. Like holy shit. 😄 In other news, a small VTuber company by the name of Idol Corp recently debuted their first EN members. I can't say too much about them because I've only checked out one member so far, Yuko Yurei. I guess she's like a ghost girl, or at least has a ghost theme to her. I should probably check out her debut stream to know for sure, but so far I've only watched her play some Black Ops Zombies. That game brings back memories. But yeah, she's cute, and I love her design. Hard to say if I'll be watching her regularly at this point, but I'm keen to see more. And finally, I just wanted to mention that I've been a bit obsessed with watching fallenshadow clips recently. Why only clips and not streams? Well, she streams on Twitch and at a much earlier time than I'm used to which is a bit of a hurdle for me. If anyone can convince me to start watching streams on Twitch though, it would be her. I really love her sense of humour, she has a lot of based takes, and is an adorable loli to boot. 😙 She also has the objectively correct stance on m*le VTubers. 😌
  4. Personally, I like that the episodes are usually around the 4 hour mark these days. Occasionally, I'll watch the whole episode in one go if I'm doing a big grind in a game or something since podcasts are great for stuff like that, but more often than not I end up spacing it out throughout the week. So I'll put it on for around 30 mins or so each day while I'm eating or whatever else and I end up finishing the episode like a day or two before the next episode drops which is perfect for me. I also adjust the playback speed on the YouTube video to speed it up a little bit. I usually go for 1.1x speed, so it doesn't shave that much time off, but I believe @Redgrave watches the podcast at 1.25x (or was it 1.5x?) speed since the length is more of a concern for him. Maybe you could give that a try.
  5. Here's the overview for the upcoming 3.3 update: And here are the codes from the livestream. They don't last long, so be sure to redeem them while you can. 8ARAU6FNBNPV (60 Primogems and 10 Mystic Enhancement Ores) NS8BD6EPS77Z (60 Primogems and 5 Hero's Wit) ET9SUPENB765 (60 Primogems and 50,000 Mora)
  6. I got my copy of Evil West (a day late but whatever). I only found out about this game recently, but I decided it was worthy of a pre-order after seeing how it captures that style of PS3/Xbox 360 third person shooter that I miss dearly. I'll be starting this one soon.
  7. It should never have gotten to this point in the first place. Just seems bizarre to me that Sony let shovelware flood onto their storefront, reducing the visibility of proper games that had time & effort poured into them and irreparably damaging the trophy metagame for what amounts to mere pennies for them in terms of profit. Better late than never I suppose... I wonder if this means they'll be removing all the shovelware currently on the store or just stop them from getting released going forward? I would assume the latter. It'll be nice to have a usable 'New Games' section on the store again which hopefully means the good indie games will start selling better on the platform than they have these past few years. And hell, maybe this is the start of us retaking this hobby back from the trophy spammers too. That would be nice.
  8. #430 - Bakumatsu Rock: Ultra Soul ULTRA SOUL 全てのトロフィーを獲得した。 Some information on this game first since I'm sure almost none of you have even heard of it. Bakumatsu Rock: Ultra Soul is a rhythm game released for Vita and the PSP based off an anime/manga series. It only released in Japan, but the language barrier isn't a big deal given the kind of game it is. While it does have a visual novel segment, the main draw is the 'Live' mode where you can play the game's songs in whatever order you want on 4 different difficulties. I've got to say, the songs in this game are awesome. I've played a bunch of rhythm games over the years, and there are plenty of songs from them I've enjoyed greatly, but I've always been more of a rock fan, so this game really appeals to me. Here's a YouTube playlist of the songs if you're curious. I would struggle to name a favourite one because they're all so good. But as for the trophy hunting experience, I think it's fair to say this is the most deceptively difficult plat I've ever gotten. I say that because the PSNP plat rarity sits at about 20%, so you'd think it would be pretty easy, right? It's far from being a walk in the park in my experience. The high plat percentage comes from this being a Japan-only game. I would assume Japanese players who are registered on this site are more skilled at video games than the average user. Then there are the importers like myself who would only go through the effort of doing so if they were already well-acquainted with the genre. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm probably on the lower end of that group when it comes to skill in rhythm games. I would say I'm probably average skill level for the genre, but I do have the plats in games like Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X, IA/VT Colorful, Musynx, and others, so I do have a fair bit of experience. Even so, I did struggle quite a bit with this game. You have to get an A rank on every song on all difficulties. Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties were no challenge, but it was the final difficulty "超魂" ( or "Super Soul" according to Google Translate) that really put my skills to the test. It's extremely overwhelming when you first start a song on that difficulty because there's so many button combinations in such a short time frame that I would fumble through and it left me thinking "How the hell am I going to do this?". After enough replays though, you do start to get the hang of it and it kind of "clicks" in your brain as the muscle memory takes over. I went through this process on almost all of the 27(?) songs as there were very few of them I got the hang of quickly on that difficulty. It was pretty exhausting and is the reason I took an almost 2 year gap from playing this game. There were like 2 or 3 songs in particular that gave me an especially hard time and I spent hours upon hours retrying them which was a bit demoralizing. Still, I didn't give up, even with that long break, and I'm very happy to have finally gotten the platinum in this. I've never worked this hard for an uncommon platinum before, that's for sure. 😅
  9. Glad to hear it. I've removed that from the game's entry on the list so it's just the stuff about the dodgy localization now.
  10. It looks like Samurai Maiden was censored by replacing the panty shots with a black void. Whether it was just for the trailer or not remains to be seen, but past trailers had no problem showing it, so I have my doubts. The top image is from the announcement trailer and the bottom image is from the new trailer for Komimi. Sources: Sankaku Complex | Tweet This is in addition to the weird English translation stuff going on with this game where they avoid referring to the main heroine as a highschool girl, instead opting to use words such as "Gen Z girl" and "average young woman".
  11. I got The Devil in Me and the Limited Run release of Anno: Mutationem. I'll be jumping into the former as soon as my friend gets his copy. 😁
  12. The "free content" you speak of is a new JPEG to click X on. Am I supposed to be impressed that it's not being charged for?
  13. Regarding the Mumei, Ame, and Selen collab: But I did want to talk about Pippa's last stream because the outcome was great. It was another one where she used NovelAI, but this one stood out from the others because the theme was around creating a VTuber company. With chat's input, she made 5 designs along with their name, personality, catchphrase, the kind of streams they would do, etc. These were the results: She did a poll during the stream and Rika Paprika proved to be the fan favourite. I can see why. 😄 But what made the situation extra funny is that Pippa gave people free reign to do whatever they wanted with the designs and company she created (FlaVR), and someone ended up making Twitter accounts for all the talents and the company itself. All in character too. 😁 FlaVR Minna Vanilla (and her temp account) Sena Bonbon Dr. Citrea Lolime Donna Vina D'merlot Rika Paprika And in addition to that, they also streamed on Lolime's channel last night. It's a very elaborate shitpost to say the least. 😝
  14. They're getting desperate now. I guess we can expect the DLC tab to become unusable soon. I don't want to give them ideas since they're almost certainly aware of both threads about this topic and all the discussion that goes on about their "games" here in general, but they could quite easily use this loophole to bypass the shovelware filter on new trophy lists by giving their new releases a free DLC trophy pack at launch. Then boom, their shovelware gets a ton of free advertising by having them appear on the front page again like nothing ever happened. This seems like an oversight on Sly's part, and I know it's asking a lot from him, but I hope he plugs this loophole as soon as possible. There's already a list of games marked as shovelware, so it should be as simple as applying that same filter to the 'New DLC' section on the homepage and the DLC tab on the games page. Just going to tag @BlindMango since I think you had something to do with getting Sly to implement the shovelware filter in the first place. Also, while I'm at it, I figured I'd mention that the DLC page does't actually mention PS5 in the header at the top, so it's in need of an update anyway. 😛 I also agree with one of the posts above that suggested the 'Easy Games' box should be removed from the games page. It's just another avenue for these so-called devs to promote their garbage shovelware. You can get the same result by ordering the game page by average completion anyway. It's just about making it more difficult for people to find.
  15. I mostly just watched Mumei and Pippa this past week since IRyS is still on break and Fauna took some time off because her cat Clover died. Thankfully, she seems to be doing better now and is planning on streaming later today. Gura's been a bit absent again, but she did play that Katamari Damacy REROLL game last night which I saw most of. It looks like a lot of the Hololive girls are jumping on that game because of some weird permissions stuff where they only have a limited amount of time to play it. I also have Gura's RE8 Shadows of Rose stream I still need to catch up on. I could't watch it live because I hadn't played it myself at the time and wanted to avoid spoilers. But speaking of Resident Evil, Mumei played RE7 a couple of times this week, and we got the thrilling conclusion to her playthrough last night. It was a bit anticlimactic though because she skipped the ending cutscenes in a panic because she didn't know if she was allowed to show it on stream. I'm pretty sure she got it mixed up with that new RE8 DLC, but oh well. 😝 Out of all the VTubers I've watched play RE7, her playthrough has been my favourite. Her reactions to the things that happen are just priceless. 😁 It also revealed her biggest fear. All the other terrors in that game didn't faze her one bit, it was the popping balloons that got her in the end. 😆 That and she managed to jumpscare herself at one point. 😛 Mumei also did the much anticipated sequel to her rant stream where she complained about about things from group projects to family members who critique her driving. I love the transitions she did. When she wasn't ranting, there would be calm music and relaxing imagery, but when she did start ranting, there would be some heavy metal music playing and the screen would be surrounded by fire. 😄 Her and Kronii continued their We Were Here Forever playthrough. There were some funny moments that came out of that, but I think my favourite bit was when Mumei went to an "Idol Meeting" and told Kronii to entertain chat while she was gone. She was being a bit of a goofy goober though and used it as an opportunity to move her model next to Kronii's and just silently watched her try to tell jokes. The expressions she made were too cute. 😊 Mumei also did the 2nd part to her little mini series where she draws the HoloEN members from memory. So without looking up any references. Well, that's what it was supposed to be anyway, but I guess she got bored of doing that and decided to draw Gura as a toothbrush. 😝 She drew Ina normally, but then she drew Calli as money. I guess that's her ADHD brain at work. 😝 As for Pippa, her streams are consistently entertaining. There were the "react" type streams like her looking at the worst-looking mansions up for sale, scary/cool rides and attractions at theme parks, and the exotic pets people have. She also played Sonic Frontiers and HATED it, which pissed off some Sonic fans, but it's not her fault their standards are so low. 😛 Like seriously, that game looks like total ass, and I know if I played it myself, I'd lose interest as quickly as she did. I think she ended up refunding the game since she got it on Steam. 😆 She also did an epic rant about the state of modern video games at the end of that stream which I wholeheartedly agreed with. Other gaming streams she did this week were Big Buck Hunter and FPS Phantom Forces which is some game in Roblox. That stream was amusing though because it was MLG themed and had all the sound effect you would expect from that type of content. 😁 She also talked about how she used to make MLG compilations back in the day which is just funny to think about. Oh, and this was like 10 days ago now, but since @Redgrave didn't mention it in his last post, Pippa also did a watchalong of The Amazing Mr. X with the movie playing on screen since it's in the public domain. So basically like what Gura did with Night of the Living Dead. It was really cool though and I got more invested in the movie than I expected to. She also started watching White Zombie, but there was some YouTube fuckery going on, so she ended up finishing that one on Twitch. It was really late for me at that point anyway, so I only watched the first movie. And here's Pippa proving that the Sonic universe is hot chick heaven by rating the girls. 😝