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  1. Oh yeah, that's understandable. I downloaded the game on my phone a couple of months back thinking I'd play on that version to use up resin without having to turn on the console and TV, but then it occurred to me that I would have to keep that version of the game up to date as well which is kind of a pain with my internet speed. 😛 That and touch screen controls are so foreign to me that I was playing much worse. PC would probably be the better option, although mine is getting on in years now, so it'll probably run like ass to how it does on PS5. 😅 Nice work with the achievements. I'm surprised you haven't booted the game up on PS4/PS5 yet, if only to pop the trophies. You've earned them after all. Ah, that's too bad about the character banners, but at least you got some insane luck on the standard banner. 😁 And yeah, it always sucks when you lose a 50/50. That happened to me when I was trying to get Raiden. I've been pretty lucky with the other ones though. Honestly, I'm not familiar with what the Melt Ganyu build even is. I guess I've been using her wrong this whole time. 😛 I'll try and find a video that explains it later. This is also the first time I'm hearing about resonance. As you can see, I'm still a noob when it comes to this game. 😅 Looking it up, I guess it means you get some bonuses by having 2 of the same element in your party. My main party has 2 pyro's, so I guess I've been getting a 25% boost to attack damage without me realizing. 😛 But alright, I'll make sure I work on getting Ayaka up to snuff. I know at least one other person has mentioned whaling in here, so you're not alone. 😛 I mentioned it before, but I spent quite a bit trying to get Hu Tao. I've mostly held back since then, although I was quite tempted to spend money getting Raiden. Still bummed I didn't get her, especially since I'm sure it'll take a while for another rerun to come around. 😔 Yeah, I was expecting a longer delay tbh. It's nice that 2.7 is dropping so soon, although I wouldn't have minded getting those free primogems as compensation for a couple more weeks. 😄 The story does look pretty intriguing, and yeah, I'm surprised how much I ended up liking The Chasm. It was way more interesting to explore than it sounds on paper. Yelan moved so gracefully in the 2.7 trailer. 👀 I love her design, I'm just not sure I need another good bow character when I already have Ganyu. 🤔 I've skipped all of the male character banners so far. 😛 I guess Kazuha is supposed to be a really good support character, so maybe I should try and get him at least. If it's a choice between him and Yoimiya though, I'm going for her. Next to Raiden, she's probably the character I want the most.
  2. Yeah, that's odd. I had a look on the store though and it's using the censored version of the artwork. Same thing with the game icon, so I think it's fine to stay on the list.
  3. Maybe, but I don't see the point in separating them yet. Any eroge that has a toned down console release can be included on the list, yeah. It doesn't matter if the console release is the only way to play it in English or if it never left Japan so long as the proof that it's censored is easy for me and other English speakers to understand (like a comparison of CG's). Remakes can be included, yeah. I already have Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen on there as an example. And it doesn't matter if the remake has more content. If they're similar enough to the point where a direct comparison can be made, then I'll put it on the list.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I've added it to the 'Out of Game Censorship' list. If it turns out there's in-game censorship, I'll add it to the main list as well.
  5. If you still like his content, then good for you, but his viewership has clearly dropped off a cliff compared to how it was like 5+ years ago. Even I used to watch him back in the day, but he became increasingly insufferable over time, and this was even before his more recent "transformation". Seems like all he does now is bitch about capitalism and other far left talking points. It wasn't always like that.
  6. I love Death Stranding; one of the highlights of last gen in my opinion. Even so, I'm surprised that they would revisit this series instead of making something new. If Kojima has more stories to tell in this world though, then I'm all for it.
  7. It was hyperbole, obviously. A lot of his older Jimquisition episodes racked up a ton of views, with some even surpassing a million. Now he can barely even manage to break 200k anymore. My point was that this dude stopped being relevant a while ago.
  8. More information and the trailer for version 2.7: Funny, because I've been doing pretty much the opposite, focusing way more on bosses and the domains to level up skills than I have getting artifacts. I only have like 2 artifacts I'm truly happy with though, so I definitely need to work at that. I've been trying to get a good set for Hu Tao for about the past week, but no luck so far. I can see why people say artifact farming is such a pain in the ass. 😛 Cool that you got lucky with Yelan's set though. I hope you manage to get her! 😁
  9. In the PlayStation Blog post, they only confirmed the rewind and save state feature for PS1 and PSP games. I believe the only PS2 games they've announced coming to the service so far are the ones that released on PS4 which explains why they wouldn't have these new features. The PS2 classics on PS4 already have trophies, and the subject of this thread confirms trophies for PS1 and I would assume PSP as well lol.
  10. One thing I hadn't considered until now is that since PS1 and PSP games are also getting save states and the ability to rewind, that could potentially make any kind of skill-based trophy extremely trivial. I doubt they'd have it where using those features would disable trophies.
  11. That good, huh? I have her, but I haven't used her much in combat yet since I still need to ascend her to the max. That and I mainly use Ganyu atm, and I'm not sure how good it would be to have another ice character in the team. If she's as good at soloing as you say she is though, it sounds like that doesn't even matter all that much. 😛 Haha, yeah, I was surprised nobody else made a thread like this before me. 😄 I look forward to reading what you have to say! 😁
  12. Very welcome news. Hopefully this will be a thing for the entire library of classic games on the service, although that's probably just wishful thinking given how many there are supposed to be. Maybe they'll start off with a small selection of trophy supported games and add more later to incentivise people to stay subscribed. Who knows? At least we know that trophy support for these classics is a thing now, and that's a good enough reason for me to subscribe to the higher tier. How long I stay their entirely depends on the quality of the selection and the percentage of those that have trophies.
  13. Maintenance for the 2.7 update starts on the 31st of May and will last for about 5 hours. The duration of version 2.7 is expected to last 6 weeks, with version 2.8 scheduled to launch on the 13th of May. Also worth noting that the maintenance for the Serenitea Pot will finally come to an end when 2.7 releases. 😛 Source: https://genshin.hoyoverse.com/en/news/detail/21052
  14. I was going to ask who that is, but now I see that it's some sort of in-joke for the 5 people who still watch Jim Sterling.
  15. Congrats! 😁 Keqing was my go-to in the early game. Good to know she's viable in the Abyssal Moon Spire as well, even if she doesn't fare too well against the pyro heralds. 😛