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  1. Thanks, but I see Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time is on Stage 5 now instead when it should be Stage 3. To clear up any confusion, this is the correct order: First Departure > Second Evolution > Till The End Of Time > The Last Hope > Integrity and Faithlessness I appreciate that you don't want to derail the thread further, but after last time, I don't see a PM getting us anywhere. I don't expect a response to this part, but I just want to put it out there. I get what you're saying about FFVII Remake being so different from the original that its considered its own game, but you have to understand that the exact same argument could apply to Kiwami 2 and Yakuza 2. I certainly wouldn't consider the former to be a replacement for the original because they differ in a lot of ways, not just in graphical fidelity. Now the lines between a remaster, remake, and reimagining can be incredibly blurred at times, so it's understandable that you might come to a different conclusion than me or someone else about what is deserving of its own stage, but what gets me is this attitude that Dreggit showed above of refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of anyone's opinion except their own even when they don't have all the information. If you don't consider yourself to be an "expert" at a game/series, then you should be more accepting of opinions from people who do have more experience with it than you. Watching a couple of YouTube videos doesn't compare to actually playing the games yourself.
  2. It would be one thing if you had intimate knowledge of the games/series, but as Beyond admitted above, you don't, and came to your conclusion by watching a couple of videos on YouTube. In situations like this, I don't think it's unreasonable to defer to people who know more than you about the subject in question. Between this and what happened when I suggested that reversing Blind Mango's decision and reverting game names back to their original language maybe wasn't the best idea, you seem incapable of accepting feedback. Just because you made a decision doesn't mean you have to rigidly stick to it no matter what. If you're honestly suggesting the Game Information Team know better than the rest of the community all of the time, I think you're on a bit of a power trip my dude. As I said, I think it's fine having a combined stage with Yakuza 1/2 and Kiwami 1/2, but you should at least be consistent about it with other series. I think the example I brought up with Final Fantasy VII Remake is perfectly valid. Why should that get its own stage separate from the original FFVII when Yakuza 1/2 and Kiwami 1/2 are made to share one?
  3. It seems odd that Star Ocean: First Departure R is Stage 5 considering it's a remake of the first game in the series. It should be Stage 1. https://psnprofiles.com/series/124-star-ocean Spoken like someone who never played the originals. 😛 The remakes may hit most of the same story beats, but there are some deviations, and as a whole they're vastly different games from the originals. But even so, I think it's fine having a combined stage of Yakuza 1/2 and Kiwami 1/2. I do think it's a bit of double standard to let Final Fantasy VII Remake have its own stage separate from the original though.
  4. It's funny this announcement happened not even a week after I watched Aliens for the first time. 😛 After enjoying the hell out of Alien: Isolation, I'm glad to see more games set in this franchise. It looks right up my alley too with it's co-op Left 4 Dead style gameplay. Really looking forward to this.
  5. Since the PSN hasn't been working properly for the last few days, I haven't been able to play Divinity: Original Sin online which is pretty lame. On the plus side though, it has given me the opportunity to focus more on Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time, and I managed to beat the game today. There's nothing quite like finishing the story of a JRPG you're really invested in. I felt compelled to make this status just to mention how beautiful that ending was. I'll admit that when this credits song started playing, I did get a bit emotional. 😜

    Onwards to the post-game then. I'm looking forward to making my party pretty much invincible. 😄 This is only my second Star Ocean game, but it's quickly becoming one of my favourite JRPG series. I really hope we see a proper Star Ocean 6 at some point on console.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      What a powerful soundtrack. If there's something I like about games, that's got to be the music. Great music often makes a game completely worth it for me even if the other aspects about it aren't that great.


      Anyways, I'm kind of doubtful we'll ever see another Star Ocean entry at this point. The industry nowadays mostly favors the production of big names franchises that are guaranteed sellers. In the case of Square Enix, that'd be Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest as far as I know. And considering the last Star Ocean didn't do as well critically, I'm kind of doubtful about the series' future at this point.


      Speaking of that last game in the franchise, are you planning to tackle Star Ocean V: Integrity and Faithlessness at some point, @Undead Wolf? It was the last game on the franchise to come out on both PS4 and PS3. The critical response to it was notoriously lukewarm compared to all the other entries in the franchise but I'd really love to hear your thoughts about it if you ever jump into it. :)


    3. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      @Honor_Hand I love a good video game soundtrack as well. It can really enhance the experience and I definitely agree that it can make an otherwise mediocre game much more enjoyable. Typically it's the games with good music that stick with me years after I initially played it. I like going back and listening to some old favourites from time to time.

      And yeah, I fear you're right about there being a new Star Ocean entry, especially given what Square has said about a possible Star Ocean 6 in interviews. Still, there have been remasters/ports of older Star Ocean games in recent years, so at least it's not a completely dead series. There's still hope. 

      Yup, I'll be tackling Integrity and Faithlessness some time after I'm done with Till The End Of Time. I know it's considered to be a rather weak entry in the series, but I have a feeling I'll enjoy it regardless. Ideally I'd like to platinum all of the Star Ocean games, but that might be tricky when Second Evolution's remaster didn't get a western release. Might attempt it regardless though, we'll see. 😛

    4. Honor_Hand


      @Undead Wolf Very true. It works the same for me as well. Great music can elevate an otherwise bad game to new heights. And I also have old favorites that still go back to after all these years because they've stuck with me due to how fitting, emotional, or exciting they were at the time. They're a good way to evoke memories too.


      Good point. They've been pushing a lot with the remasters at least, which is great, because it gives us chance to experience these games in modern platforms and it also makes them easily available for everyone. Frankly, I really hope they decide to give the series a new entry. It might not be a system-seller, billion-dollar franchise, but I think exploring all these different venues is always exciting, rather than seeing rehash after rehash of the very same franchises. Anyways, only time will tell if they decide to come with a new entry.


      Awesome! Best of luck on both of them. Hopefully, you can shed some good light on the fifth entry. I'm still looking for a worthwhile opinion that can make me more interested in it. As always, I'll be looking forward to your thoughts when you get to play those games. :)

  6. The Yuffie reveal was a nice surprise. Yet another cutie in the remake. 😋 It was inevitable this game would get a PS5 version at some point, although I can't say I really noticed much difference in the side-by-side comparisons they did. The improved loading times were pretty sweet though.
  7. But guys, Jim Ryan keeps reiterating that Japan is important to PlayStation, so surely this must be some kind of mistake. 🙄 Who needs unique exclusives like Gravity Rush when we can get another western-developed third person open world action game instead? 🙃
  8. I suppose it's about time to write another one of these. I've been pretty busy with work these past few months, so I don't have as much free time for gaming as I would like, but that didn't stop me from starting 3 RPG's. Even though all of these games are technically from the same genre, each one provides a very different experience (as I'll go into below), so I'm not in any danger of feeling burnt out.


    Star Ocean: Till the End of Time - I've been neglecting this one the most, simply because it requires my full attention and it can be hard to find the time to dedicate just to playing it. But anyway, I recently made it to the big twist towards the end of the game. Obviously, I won't be spoiling anything here, but let's just say it changed my whole perspective on the series. It was certainly unexpected! I've really been enjoying the game overall, especially when it comes to the story and characters. I was surprised by just how much of the game took place on one planet which is very different from the planet-hopping experience of SO4. Also, having played SO4 first, the battle system in this one took some adjusting to. I'm having a hard time with some of the fights, but I feel like a big reason for that is because I haven't really messed with the item creation system in this one. I know you can make really powerful equipment much like you could in SO4, but I think it's a more confusing mechanic than the one in that game. I'll have to dedicate some time to figuring it out soon enough. I'm just glad the platinum for this game isn't some 600 hour colossus.


    Dragon Age: Inquisition - Out of the 3 games I'm currently playing, this is by far the worst one, but that's why I'm exclusively playing it as I'm watching VTuber streams and listening to podcasts. It serves its purpose of being something I can mindlessly work on in the background. Now I don't think it's a *terrible* game, but it is a painfully mediocre game with a ridiculous amount of padding. Everything from getting enough Power to do the main missions, the side quests, the collectibles, and everything in-between just feels like a massive chore. Now I didn't much care for Dragon Age II either, but that one was a mercifully condensed experience at least. Funny how Dragon Age: Origins is the only game in this series worth a damn. But yeah, my opinion of this game hasn't really changed since the last time I played it all those years ago. The party members are still some of the worst I've ever seen in an RPG and the "humour" (if you can even call it that) feels really out of place. Thankfully, this time around, I'm taking advantage of the exploits in the unpatched version of the game, so that has saved me a lot of headache when going for the plat.


    Divinity: Original Sin - This is a game I've had on my radar for ages, mainly because of its co-op, but the fact that only the host can earn trophies put me and my buddy @Redgrave off a bit. That effectively doubles the plat time after all. Well, we finally decided to boot it up on a whim one day, and I'm super glad we did. I've missed these kinds of classic-style western RPG's. It's really hardcore and I love that! Lots of modern WRPG's are far too simplified in order to appeal to a bigger audience, but Divinity isn't concerned with that. I find all of the stats and the micromanaging you have to do very appealing. We're playing on the hardest difficulty that limits your saves to just one which can get erased if the party gets wiped, so it feels very rewarding to get through some of the tougher battles. And speaking of the battles, I love how they feel like a sort of puzzle where you work your way through all of the options at your disposal and decide on the best possible route to take. You also have to consider the environment you're fighting in and how your various spells/abilities will affect it. The surrounding area can be look completely different at the end of a battle to how it did at the start and that's awesome. I'm having a ton of fun with this game, and I've heard Divinity: Original Sin 2 is even better, so I can't wait to play that as well.

    Something else I wanted to talk about is Persona 5 Strikers. That game came out yesterday and I honestly can't bring myself to care about it. Like I'm sure it's a good game, but there are other factors that kind of killed my interest in it, with the biggest one being how shit Atlus West have been as of late. Their localisation team have no qualms about butchering the original script and changing the intention of a scene to inject their leftist politics into it. First with Catherine: Full Body, but now more recently with Persona 5 Royal and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. I'm just sick of it at this point and I don't want to support them with my money. If I do get Persona 5 Strikers, it will be a second hand copy much later down the line. Another reason why I'm putt off playing P5S is because Persona fanboys are the absolute worst and I don't want to associate myself with them. 😛

    Okay, that’s all the time I’ve got. I got to get back to playing Animal Crossing New Leaf on my Nintendo 3DS.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Playing 3 RPGs while in the midst of a busy work week? How are you able to pull off this incredible feat, I must know. xD


      Joking aside, I really haven't played any of those games but I've heard about them. Especially the Divinity series. It's hard to find a western made RPG these days that it's worth a damn, but that series in particular, I've heard some darn good comments about it. Pretty much the same stuff you mentioned, the hardcore difficulty with no hand-holding whatsoever, and the deep micromanagement that it's required to pull off a playthrough. Looks like a really great time all around.


      Dragon Age... Oh boy, Dragon Age. Everyone says almost the same thing, that only the first game in the series is the only one that's worth experiencing. I actually have all 3 of them sitting on my shelf and just knowing that each successive entry is worse than the last one kinda puts me off playing them. I saw my girl playing the second one a long time ago and found it... I don't know, maybe a bit too boring for my taste? And you say the third one is even more mediocre? I kinda had the impression that Bioware had done better in that last entry. Guess that's not really the case. 😅


      And Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. If you were able to tackle and conquer the behemoth that is The Last Hope, then that one should prove no troubles for you, Undead Wolf. :D  Now, that thing about the plot twists being mind-blowing caught my attention. The story on SO4 was very standard and predictable by comparison. :hmm:


    3. Redgrave


      I can't speak for Star Ocean but at least in Dragon Age: Inquisition you can be an overpowered mess to make that game go a bit better 😛 I feel like I should go back and get the last DLC trophies for that but that one where you have to make sure you don't go beyond level 5 before reaching Skyhold sounds dumb, along with the others that just sound like annoying challenges the game wants you to do. I don't remember too much about the characters other than I liked Blackwall, Varric, and Cassandra at least but I'm sure most of them didn't age too well if at all. Maybe I was just more tolerant of them back then. 😛 Being a Knight-Enchanter was pretty fun too from what I remember. At least the locations and gameplay is a step-up from DA2 but yeah both games are a far cry from how good Origins was imo. I only wish the quests in all these areas weren't MMO-tier fetch quests with not much variety since I really did like the look of a lot of the areas.


      And yeah Divinity's pretty fun even if we've lost the plot forever ago 😅 I think the funniest thing about it is that with the invisibility spell and telekinesis you can go invisible and steal items in broad daylight and then sell them to people for extra cash. Most other games will reprimand you for doing that no matter how creative you get but I like that Divinity lets you get away with it. Plus it's funny to think that our characters started out on a noble journey trying to solve a murder only to start stealing to scrounge up some extra cash for Skillbooks and Resurrect scrolls. 😂


      As for P5S yeah I think I might pass on it unless maybe I can get it used since yeah Atlus West's localization has been acting up too much. It feels like a lot of localizations have lowered their standards and it feels like they are on the same level as meme videos where characters in the subtitles are saying something completely different than what the actual audio is saying and for what should be a professional studio it's really dumb that they allow it to be like that.

    4. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      @ShonenCat Agreed. It's a mistake to let the western side of these Japanese companies do whatever they like, especially when it comes to changing the original intention of a scene during the translation process as I mentioned. Atlus West probably fill their heads with nonsense about it needing to be done due to "cultural sensitivity issues" or some such nonsense, when in reality, the only people who actually get upset about that stuff are woke Twitter activists and REEEsetEra users. I'd like to think the actual fans care much more about experiencing the game as intended by its creators. But yeah, fingers crossed that SMTV manages to escape this kind of nonsense. I'd definitely like to play that one. 

      @Alderriz Funny that you mention Nel because the thought did occur to me that she was taking all this new information remarkably well. You'd think she would have some existential crisis after having her whole life tuned upside down like that, but nope, she just rolls with it. 😄

      @Honor_Hand I wish I had some super secret technique to tell you, but it usually just comes down to picking one of the 3 games to play for a few hours that evening, slowly chipping away at them. At this rate, I'll be playing these games for a looong time to come... 😅

      Yeah, I find myself unimpressed by a lot of modern WRPG's too, but that's the great thing about Divinity. It's nothing like them! If you have any appreciation for the classics, you'll love Divinity. I really can't recommend it enough, especially if you can find someone to play it with. It's a great co-op experience.

      It's true. Dragon Age: Origins came out at a time when Bioware were still at the top of their game in terms of creating RPG's, but by the time DA2 came out, they were well and truly under the thumb of EA creating action-focused games (drunk off the success of Mass Effect 2). In response to the backlash about the linearity and lack of areas in DA2, they decided to make the maps in Inquisition a lot bigger. There's just the small issue of having nothing to do in these maps except repetitive MMO-tier side quests like @Redgrave mentioned. But yeah, I would hesitate to call Inquisition a better game than DA2, it just goes on for much longer, which as I've explained, isn't exactly a good thing for a mediocre game. 😬

      There were a few plot twists in SO4, but nothing comes close to how mind-blowing the big twist in SO3 is. In fact, only a few other games with something as crazy as that come to mind. It's wild. 😅

      @Redgrave Yeah, I don't really know what's going on in the story anymore, but that just speaks to how fun the gameplay is. Good thing too since we'll have to do it all over again when it's your time to get the plat. 😅 And hey, we gotta do what we gotta do. I'm sure the citizens of Rivellon won't mind having a few of their possessions stolen if it means the world gets saved. 😝

  9. I've put it under the 'Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4' entry instead, since according to a tweet from Censored Gaming, there were scenes in that game which had the violence toned down compared to the manga/anime. Seems likely that game was the one most affected.
  10. That's certainly a strange one. I guess this can be considered an example of the "Sony Check" which has existed long before the more recent ramp up in their censorship policy. Censored Gaming made a video about that if anyone's interested. I'm not familiar with these Naruto Ultimate games, but it looks like a remastered trilogy of sorts came to PS4 in 2017 called 'Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy', so I'll link the article under that entry unless anyone has a better idea.
  11. Well, Capcom Arcade Stadium is only available on Switch right now, so I assume that's why. The article doesn't mention it, but after looking into it myself, it seems like a PS4 version is planned, so I've added it to the 'Upcoming Releases' section.
  12. The western box art for Neptunia ReVerse got revealed and it's noticeably toned down compared to its Japanese counterpart. Now obviously I'm not putting that on the list since it's not an in-game change, and as pointed out in the image, it comes with the Japanese art on the reversible cover. Still, I thought it was worth bringing attention to. Since the game is a PS5 exclusive, I'm expecting it to be pretty tame compared to the earlier Neptunia games either way. That's what I figured. I guess I'll keep in the 'Upcoming Releases' section for now and hopefully we get some official confirmation at some point.
  13. Oh, Ame... She just couldn't resist, huh? 😆 I'm not sure what you mean? Only moderators can delete comments. If you feel like they missed one last time they swept through this thread, you're welcome to report it yourself.
  14. I've added some Destiny 2 stuff to the list. Also, does anybody know what happened to the PS4 version of Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the Blue? Obviously, we had that statement from PQube a while back confirming that various scenes in the PS4 version would be heavily modified or outright removed, but I haven't heard anything since. The Switch version has been out for like 6 months at this point, but as far as I can tell, the PS4 version never released. Is it safe to assume that it has been quietly cancelled?
  15. I appreciate that, buddy. 👍 I think the title worked well enough initially, but at this point, all it really served to do is give antis an open invitation to post their negativity. Nothing better to do I guess... 🙄 Plus, the new title is a lot more representative of what us regular posters have been using it for these past months. Oh, nice find! Maybe the dream of a Hololive RPG isn't so far-fetched after all then. 😁 As for the anime, yeah, it would be kind of nuts to have that level of quality for a full-length episode, but maybe they can use that super chat/membership money to hire Ufotable to make it for them. 😆 I imagine they're going to wait until there's enough material in the manga before the anime adaptation gets made, but still, it's exciting to think about what they'll do with it. Unrelated to Hololive, but Amatsuka Uto just returned after about a month and a half break with a new song cover. 👌 She's an angel (literally) and one of the few independent VTubers I enjoy. She also shares the same Mama as Amelia Watson, so it goes without saying that she's super cute. ❤️