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  1. I want to support the developers by getting the game at launch, but I'd rather just get a physical copy. LRG announced they were doing one of those a while back but have been quiet for a while. What to do...
  2. I really do hope they bring it over. I'm not familiar with Fist of the North Star, but since it seems similar to a Yakuza game, of course I'm interested.
  3. Revengeance has a God-tier soundtrack.
  4. This arrived today. Really happy with it.
  5. Awesome, I wasn't expecting another new monster so soon. The new quest type sounds interesting too.
  6. I fought the meme maestro himself, Monsoon last night.




    This guy is going to be insane to fight without getting hit on Revengeance difficulty. Not looking forward to that... :blink: His boss theme is oh so good, though, and the cutscene leading up to the fight where Raiden enters Ripper Mode was so badass! :D How is it we didn't get another Metal Gear spin-off like this but got Metal Gear Survive instead? It's such a shame.

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    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      That it does. I could listen to the OST for hours, and that's a good thing considering I'll most likely have to replay these bosses a ton until I finally nail them. I appreciate your confidence in me, but I think it'll take me more than a few tries. :lol: And yeah, that's true. At least I can kind of just pretend Survive doesn't exist. That would be harder to do if it was a sequel to Rising, or a main series entry.

    3. Hemiak


      Just make sure you back up your saves. You have three slots so as you go save in different ones, and when you reach a boss with S ranks save in all three. A few of them have dumb checkpoints in the fights that can mess you up if you aren't prepared. 


      I had to replay all of chapter 3 and 4 because I'm a moron. :facepalm:

    4. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Thanks for the advice! I'll be sure to do that when the time comes. I'd hate to have to re-do anything.

  7. My Yakuza 6: The Song of Life  - After Hours Premium Edition dispatched today. If nothing else, I'm totally gonna use those coasters. :P You guys should check out these three live-action trailers they released for the game if you haven't done so already.



    It features characters that appeared in substories from some of the previous games as they discuss their experiences with the "Dragon of Dojima". It's pretty cool.

    1. ManaFear


      Stuff like this is amplifying my excitement for the game, it's so awesome! I hope you find the After Hours edition to be useful too, I'm considering ordering it myself too.

    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Yeah, it makes me happy to see PlayStation advertise the series like this considering how back in the PS3 days it was largely ignored. I guess they finally realised how much of a boon this series is to their exclusive lineup. Even if I only use half of the stuff in there, it's still more practical than most of the collector's editions I own. :lol:

  8. I've got to say, I've really been into CLS Knockback recently. It's hosted by Colin Moriarty (from Podcast Beyond and PS I Love You) and his brother and they talk about all kinds of things they loved from their past. I particularly enjoyed episode 6 where they discussed anime and how it used to be "underground" in the west during the 80's. It was pretty fascinating. They've also done episodes such as ranking the Nintendo consoles, discussing retro video game collecting, and underrated NES games. It's great stuff - I'd recommend it.
  9. I usually played offline in Demon's Souls because of the whole world tendency thing so I could manipulate it however I wanted. I was a latecomer to that game, though, so even when I was playing online, it was rare that I'd ever interact with another player. In every other Soulsborne game, though, I always play online. It's such a unique experience, from the messages left in the world that can be helpful or an attempt at tricking you, to the invasions. Oh man, the invasions in Dark Souls were something else. Whenever I saw that message pop up that I had been invaded, my heart rate increased tenfold. It's such a terrifying feeling knowing that there's a human player in your world hunting you down. I absolutely adore it, though, and there's an immense feeling of satisfaction if you actually manage to beat them - sometimes even more than the bosses themselves. It's all the better when the other player adheres to "PvP etiquette" or whatever you want to call it where you both bow to each other before and after the fight, you don't bring in any co-op partners to help (so it's 1v1), and neither of you heal. If I die to someone who does all that so it's a fair and respectful fight, then I'm not even mad. I just hope that the influx of new people who will be playing thanks to the PS4 version of Dark Souls doesn't mean this etiquette is lost. As for the co-op, I always fight the bosses in my world solo because that's where much of the fun of this series comes from for me - overcoming a challenge. After beating a boss in that area, though, I'll usually spend a few hours helping others defeat the boss because it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. So yes, online is definitely the way to go with these games. It's a core part of the experience and you're really missing out if you play offline.
  10. The difference is that the other two actually have some worth as video games and aren't just there to increase people's platinum count. Kids games are enjoyable for, you guessed it, kids, and there are some amazing visual novels out there with great stories for the people who actually read them. Sure, you get grown-ass adults playing these kids games and people who skip visual novels for quick and easy trophies, but this doesn't apply to everyone who plays them. As for the shitty games that only take an hour to play, literally nobody is playing them except for the sole reason of getting trophies. That's the difference. Ridiculous, huh? Quality control only pulled the gaming industry out of the crash of 1983. You know, no big deal or anything... Nobody's asking Sony to go over every game with a fine tooth comb, but there should be some sort of standard. There are objectively bad games out there like your Life of Black Tiger's. Games that nobody in their right mind would actually enjoy playing. While I wouldn't play something like Mr Massagy, it functions as a game and I could see why some people might like it. There is a difference between something that doesn't suit my tastes and something that wouldn't suit anyone's tastes.
  11. I haven't been trophy hunting for as long as some of you guys (I played 360 for most of the last generation), but I've definitely seen trophy hunting change for the worse since I've been apart of the community. The biggest issue for me is Sony's lack of quality control, resulting in all of these "quick & easy platinum" games flooding the store. Most of these games have no business even being allowed onto the store due to their abyssal quality, let alone allowed to have a platinum trophy. It devalues the system as a whole for reasons previously mentioned. Years ago I would have seen someone with 50 plats and thought "wow, that's a lot!", but these days you could start a new account and get that amount in like a month easily putting in next to no effort. Quite honestly, it's somewhat embarrassing being apart of the trophy hunting community sometimes when you see these absolute trash games like Little Adventure on the Prairie, 1000 Top Rated, etc, on the 'Popular Games This Week' tab on the main page as people are salivating at the mouth just thinking about an easy plat. Is this what it means to be a trophy hunter these days? Before My Name is Mayo came to Europe, I remember people kept posting in that thread asking for updates on when it was coming to that region. Like guys... there are FAR better games to dedicate your attention to. They may be cheap, but it adds up. After getting a few games of that ilk, you could have bought a genuinely great indie game on sale, but nope, you support these con artists instead who are taking advantage of you instead. I did find that Wolfenstein II petition to be quite strange. I feel like you have to be pretty entitled to demand that every game you're interested in has a straightforward and easy trophy list. I mean games like that are fine, but so are games with some challenge. If trophy hunting was that easy all the time, then what would even be the point? It would be boring. It's not like these things keep me up at night, though, as ultimately, I only really care about what I do with my own profile. Being a member of this site means we're part of a community, though, so I don't see the issue with discussing changes in the community and trophy hunting as a whole if we perceive them to be negative. I hope that makes sense.
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    2. Leon Hasegawa

      Leon Hasegawa

      Queen Taiga Saejima 😬. Real girl talks with her fists then....

    3. Redgrave


      Even though Futaba looks like she's going to harass me for money I owe her, she's still cute (and best girl *cough*).


      I also thought Morgana in the crown costume was dabbing for a second.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami




  12. I'd like to see an "RNG" trophy tag implemented as well. Just so I'm clear, when I said having a "RNG" tag wouldn't give me much to go off, I was referring to having the tag at the top of the guide next to difficulty/estimated time. Associating them with specific trophies would be really helpful.
  13. I see what you're saying, and it could work, but there's also a good chance it could confuse readers, especially if there are two time estimates (one for grind and one for overall plat time). Personally, I feel like it's better to describe what kind of grind it is in the guide's roadmap since it would allow you to go into more detail. Having a tag like "RNG" doesn't give me a whole lot to go off and a "Time Consuming" tag for a grind seems quite redundant to me.
  14. What exactly is a "grind difficulty" and how is it different from the estimated time to platinum? I think that's already a pretty good indicator of how grindy a plat is, no?