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  1. Adding onto this, it looks worse on mobile thanks to the line break. Is it possible just to move the whole "Completed in X" line to the one below? I think that might look better.
  2. I actually really like the total number of trophies earned in a game underneath the percentage. My issue with the new layout is the placement of the console tags and how it's on the same line as "Completed in X". Makes it look a bit messy in my opinion.
  3. #209 - Monster Hunter: World Conqueror of the New World Unlock all trophies for Monster Hunter: World. It's been a long time in the making (roughly 300 hours of playtime), but I finally got this platinum! It's funny, I wasn't particularly looking forward to this game when it was announced due to my experiences with the monster hunting genre before (primarily God Eater). I only became interested in the game when I heard a bunch of people on this site praising it. Purchasing the game was a last second decision, and as it turns out, that ended up being a really god call. As far as games of this type go, it's the cream of the crop - there's so much content and the scale of the world and the monsters is quite stunning. Luckily for me, it's also a game that's very friendly to new players which is something I really appreciate. I remember around launch, there were a lot of people speculating that platinum would take upwards of 1000 hours which definitely isn't true. The majority of the crowns needed can be obtained quite easily from the rotating event quests they do. Pretty much the only crowns you have to go out of your way to grind with investigations are the Elder Dragons, but once you know the trick behind them (only play ones with gold rank rewards and abandon quest if it doesn't look big/small enough), it wasn't so bad. I played the game almost exclusively with my buddy @Redgrave, so I'm sure that helped the grind go by fast too. Here's what my character and Palico looked like at the end (pretty cool-looking, eh? ). (The playtime is a bit less than it should be because I had to reload my PS+ a number of times to save on investigation uses) I've never played a game before where 100 hours went by and it felt more like 10. That's just a testament to how incredibly fun and addictive this game is - I couldn't put the thing down around launch! But yeah, I'd definitely recommend the game to anyone even if you're not really into the monster hunting genre. You might just end up falling in love with the game like I did.
  4. After 5 months and about 300 hours of gameplay, me and @Redgrave finally got the platinum trophy in Monster Hunter: World! :D I don't have the plat image (would have just been a black screen anyway), but here's me and my Palico. The playtime is a bit less than it should be because I had to reload my PS+ save a few times.




    Before playing MHW, I didn't think I was all that into these games considering my previous attempts to get into the monster hunting genre. I wasn't originally gonna buy the game, but I thought I'd give it a try considering all the positive things people were saying about the game on this site. I'm so glad I gave it a chance! Me and Redgrave got addicted to it very quickly and it was all we wanted to play for quite a while. Even now that we have the platinum, we're still going to go back to it whenever there's some new event on or if we want to kill some time. Never gets old!


    So yeah, such a fantastic game, and it was made all the more enjoyable by spending it with a good friend (let me know if this is coming off too cringey :P). But for real, I pretty much played the entirety of those 300 hours with Redgrave as you can see by our insane unity count (pictured below). :lol:




    I also want to thank @Mah2c for helping us out even though you got the platinum a while back. Much appreciated! :) It feels good to finally reach the end of this long journey. It was a blast!

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    2. Redgrave


      @Orphioon Monster Hunter: World is definitely a step-up from God Eater if you ask me. I mean God Eater is a good game but it feels pretty bare-bones compared to MH:W.

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Thanks a lot everyone! :)

  5. I managed to get into the 800's for the first time in ages. Of course it's going to go back into the 900's when I start the next new game, but I'll be able to keep it there soon enough.
  6. Skilled Teaser Takagi-san OVA Score: 8/10 Forehead loli in a swimsuit..... What's not to love!?
  7. I don't even like Sonic, but how awesome is this commercial?



    Not only is it a reference to the classic Sonic The Hedgehog vs. Super Mario World commercial,  but it mocks AAA games and lootboxes too. I love it! :lol:

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    2. RedRodriguez87


      Eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh, I might have appreciated this commercial more, if the Sonic marketing team hadn't been milking the retro-meta-4th wall break shit for the last 6 years.


      I mean, the original Sonic Mania commercial was cute (the Sonic 2 commercial parody), but doing it again?

    3. mecharobot


      That "AAA-game" looks pretty fun, tbh

    4. ShonenCat


      I was sold at "4 player split screen" xD

  8. You already know the deal, sign me up! I'm not going to make the same mistake I did last time by promising to plat games I never got around to; I'll keep my cards closer to my chest this time around. I'll figure out the final list closer to the end date, but for now, I will commit to these two games: Undertale Cosmic Star Heroine A couple of quick/easy ones I shouldn't have any trouble getting. I'm sure I have a couple more up my sleeve, though, considering how many Vita games I actually own.
  9. #208 - Mass Effect 3 N7 Elite Acquire all trophies. I did the vast majority of works towards this platinum 3 years ago and only recently came back to finish the off the rest of the trophies. Back then this was my least favourite game in the series, but that was of course before a certain trainwreck came out that potentially killed off any hope of future Mass Effect games. In comparison to that game, this looks like a damn masterpiece. Still my least favourite game in the trilogy, though, but it does have its good points. Some epic-looking cutscenes/scenarios and the most refined combat in the trilogy come to mind. I do love all the fan service moments in the Citadel DLC too. Good but not great is what I'd use to describe this game. Of course I can't talk about this game without at least mentioning the ending. I've made my peace with it long ago, but I despise the ending to this game, and I think it's such a shame how a trilogy I love went out like that. The indoctrination theory is the true ending in my view, even if it's not canon. For that reason, I always pick the renegade ending, even on a paragon playthrough because the other choices are just bullshit. Anyway, I don't want to dig up the past too much since I'm not really angry anymore. Now that I have the platinum in all 3 games (4th game? What 4th game?), I can finally put this trilogy to rest. I have a lot of great memories from these games and I wouldn't be the kind of gamer I am today without them. R.I.P Mass Effect - you will be missed.
  10. I've been wanting to get more samurai games recently and I hear this one is quite good.
  11. It's kind of hard to see the figure itself, but I got the Bloodborne Hunter. Pretty cool. (Front) (Back)
  12. He's talking about how long the generation lasted. Once the PS2 came out, the PS1 was no longer current gen, and so on and so forth. Old consoles selling after the next generation of consoles has come out is irrelevant.
  13. It makes way more sense to have this on Vita than on consoles. I still wouldn't play it, though.
  14. I would have thought it was pretty obvious; they spent time modelling her instead of an important character like Tali. I don't really understand your second question... They clearly had an idea of what they wanted her to look like with the modified stock image, so why couldn't they have modelled her in-game?
  15. Anything would have been better than the lazy photoshopped stock image we got. Also, it always bothered me how they modelled Jessica Chobot's face in-game but not Tali's.