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  1. I get not wanting to punish XSEED/Marvelous for something outside of the their control, but purchasing this game on PS4 sends a bad message, and why should we have to settle for an inferior version? At the end of the day, buying games shouldn't be an act of charity. If the product isn't up to snuff, then don't buy it, simple as that. The better option for those who want to support the developer would be to buy the uncensored version on PC. I know that's not an option for everyone, but if you truly care about preserving the developer's vision for a game free of censorship, then take a stand. Don't settle for less. The only way Sony is going to budge on this issue is if they see enough backlash and a smaller share of a game's sales on their platform.
  2. My new Vita and 32GB memory card arrived today. So now I have 3 Vita's (1 OLED & 2 Slims) and a PSTV that I got last month. Vita Island still going strong in 2019!
  3. Like nails on a chalkboard... I've never been one to watch anime with the English dub (only a few exceptions), but this one in particular bothers me greatly. Last time I felt like this is when I heard the K-On! English dub for the first time. Nothing against the voice actors, but these characters just sound... wrong.
  4. I think about this video a lot.



  5. Well for starters, when you say the "right costume", I assume you're referring one that has the "Rate Notes Up Lv. 5" effect? I was under the impression that this effect was objectively better than all the others when it comes to getting a good score, but that isn't necessarily true. I found that I was consistently getting a better score in Ending Medley when I had a module with the "4-sec Rate Up" effect on it. I think this is because of how easy it is to miss the notes that increase your voltage in that song, so the module effect that increases the bonus from that isn't as useful as it is in other songs. Definitely try it out with a "4-sec Rate Up" module - that's the one I used to clear it. Other than that, it's essential that you practise using both the face buttons and the D-pad to hit the notes. I barely ever did this prior to attempting the harder songs, but clearing them one-handed is pretty much impossible. I started doing it in other songs during the module grinding just so I could get more comfortable with it. You should also have your Vocaloid of choice at the maximum friendship level but I assume you already knew that. Thanks. I had pretty much given up on getting the Freedom Wars plat years ago, mainly because of how unlucky I was. I lost my save data twice, either from accidentally deleting it myself or from memory card problems corrupting my save. I never got all that far into the game but it demotivated me from playing it again. There's also the issue of the multiplayer trophies. I figured a game this old and niche on the Vita wouldn't have anyone playing it anymore and I really didn't want to bother trying to set up a boosting session. Well, I jumped back into the game recently not expecting much but I was surprised to find there were actually still people playing this game online. I managed to pop all of the multiplayer trophies the other day along with a bunch others and now I think the plat might actually be possible for me after giving up on it so long ago. I've heard the late-game gets extremely difficult when playing solo, and I'm pretty bad at it, so getting the game ready for next month is probably a stretch, but I'm just happy with the progress I've made in it so far. As for the other game, I'd like nothing more than me to redeem myself for bailing on it in the 5th anniversary, but it's going to be seriously tough. At least this time I've actually started playing it.
  6. Update time! I have a better idea about what games I'll be completing for the western event now. Recently, I've been putting a lot more time into Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X after playing it casually for about a year and a half. I managed to beat what most people consider to be the hardest part of the platinum, meaning all I really need to do now is finish up the grinding. I'm at the tail end of that now so it shouldn't take much longer. I'm confident I'll get ready to pop for the event soon so please add this one to my list. There are two other games that I'm considering for the event (in addition to the ones I've already committed to). I really want to get at least one of them done, but there's a good chance I won't have enough time to do either, which is why I hesitate to say what games they are in this post (although you can probably figure it by looking at my profile). I'll try my best but Resident Evil 2 comes out soon and I'd like to play that when it comes out. I'll see how it goes.
  7. I finished the story in Yakuza 5 last night and it was excellent! I'm really impressed with how much content there is. I mean all of the games have a lot to do, but the fact that this one has 5 different cities and 5 playable characters each with their own side stories goes a long way. It's great how the plot ties them all together too. I've put in a good 60 hours so far and I'm only at 28% completion. The road to 100% is going to be a long one, but I'm having a lot of fun. :) Out of all the Yakuza games I've played, I'd probably say this one is my 2nd favourite. They're all great (I even enjoyed Dead Souls), but I don't think anything is ever gonna top Yakuza 0 for me. :P


    Also, now that I'm in Premium Adventure mode, I can select different costumes for the playable characters. I love how Haruka has a Hatsune Miku one. <3



    1. cckerberos


      Good luck! It's the longest Yakuza plat by far.

    2. MidnightDragon
  8. Hmm, very interesting... I wasn't even aware that another Nurse Love game was out in Japan. I really liked the original so I'd definitely welcome a western release on Vita. Hopefully the game drops soon. Since the trophy list is out in English I assume there will be a good chance of that.
  9. As others have pointed out, this rumour has been floating around for a while. I don't see it happening. The article linked by the OP mentions how the disc-less Xbone would lower the cost by $100 but I don't think the disc drive is anywhere near that expensive. The "disc-to-digital" program mentioned also sounds extremely far-fetched. Not only would that require a lot of money and effort on Microsoft's part to get up and running, but you also have to consider what they would actually get out of it. What are Microsoft going to do with all these discs? Sell them? I don't think they really want to stimulate the used game market like that... Also, why would publishers agree to this? They get nothing out of it. I think Microsoft would do better releasing a "next-gen" Xbox rather than yet another Xbone console. Maybe release a SKU of the "next-gen" Xbox without a disc drive, but I think this would just confuse people tbh. You know there would be people out-of-touch with the game industry looking to get a gift for someone who see the lower price point of the disc-less Xbox and just assume it does play discs. It would cause a lot of problems.
  10. It's expensive, but I did the same thing for P3D and P5D and I don't regret that. Those games didn't have a story mode, though, so nothing was really lost. I'm definitely going the get the localised PS4 version of Catherine: Full Body because I want to see the new story scenes and what not, but I'm contemplating getting the Japanese Vita version too. It would be cool to have. I think I'll wait until the trophy lists are out, and if they have separate lists, I'll get them both.
  11. Importing that Japanese Vita version looks all the more tempting now...
  12. My Tales of Vesperia Premium Edition arrived! This is a remaster I have been hoping would happen for years so it feels damn good to hold it in my hands.
  13. Plastic Memories (13 Episodes) Man, I think this is the first time I teared up a little during the first episode of an anime before. They wasted no time. For the most part, though, this anime is surprisingly light-hearted given what it's about. I do wish the anime went into the Giftias more because they're portrayed as pretty much indistinguishable from humans apart from their life span. Would have been cool to see their origins and why they're as accepted in society as they are. I guess that's asking too much from an anime like this, though. Isla is a cutie but I have a soft spot for Michiru, the tsundere archetype.
  14. #234 - God Eater 2: Rage Burst Paragon God Eater Collect all trophies. It has been a long time coming, but I finally got around to playing this game after finishing the first God Eater almost exactly 2 years ago. Just in time for God Eater 3 next month! I really enjoyed my time with this one, probably even more so than with the first game. I think a lot of that is down to me being familiar with the game mechanics and such this time around due to my prior experience with the series. One of my favourite things about this game is just how in-depth it is. There were multiple occasions where I spent 30+ minutes in one go browsing the menus, crafting weapons, equipping skills, modifying bullets, and all round min-maxing. I understand how that might not appeal to everyone, but I loved it. I just wish some of the menus were more streamlined and a search function would have been great to find specific items, but that's only a minor gripe really. While the map variety/size, enemies, and moment to moment gameplay pale in comparison to something like Monster Hunter: World, this game still has its own unique charm. What is up with that ending, though? But anyway, I'm really excited to see what they do with God Eater 3 considering how its being developed for much more powerful hardware. Thanks for the fun times, @Redgrave. Until we meet again...
  15. Ayyy, I actually did it. I wouldn't have made that last status had I known I'd complete it today. I thought it was going to take longer. :P



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    2. Harley Quinn

      Harley Quinn

      All I can say is Congrats on a job well done!

    3. Honor_Hand


      Great work. Man, that was quick. You posted about not being able to get this earlier today and a couple of hours later bam, done. That magic of complaining on a status update was certainly at play here. Maybe I should try it myself when I go back to GT5 this weekend.  :hmm:


      Congrats again on beating that score :D

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯