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  1. Xbox is so far ahead of PlayStation when it comes to backwards compatibility. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/10/xbox-series-backward-compatibility-detailed-auto-hdr-higher-frame-rates-and-enhanced-visuals-on-select-titles This part specifically seems like a response to Sony's half-assed effort: So while only select PS4 titles running on PS5 are going to see improvements, every BC title running on Xbox Series X/S will benefit in some way. They even have the ability to add HDR into these old games at the hardware level and double frame rates from 30fps to 60fps. Oh, and original Xbox/Xbox 360 titles are not only playable, but they get a massive bump in resolution too. Really puts Sony to shame.
  2. #329 - Musynx Almighty Collect All Available Trophies. I've played quite a few rhythm games at this point, but they've all been in the Project Diva kind of style with the button prompts going across the screen. I had quite a difficult time adjusting to the gameplay in this one - it was like re-learning how to play the genre all over again. I eventually got the hang of it though, at least the 4 button mode. When I got to the point of playing with 6 buttons, it broke my brain all over again, so I decided to just let those songs autoplay since you only *need* to get good scores on one mode/difficulty for the plat. This game has a large number of songs (like 90+), but there were only a handful I thought were really good and fun to play. The vast majority of them ranged from "meh" to "decent". This is one of the weaker rhythm games I've played and I didn't really enjoy the trophy hunt, but there was some fun to be had. #330 - MediEvil Savior of Gallowmere Unlock all trophies. I never played the original PS1 game, but I was very pleased with this remake. I mean there was some wonkiness with the platforming and the camera sometimes, but it was a solid effort overall. This just game oozes charm, thanks in large part to Sir Daniel Fortesque and the interactions he has with the other characters. The devs had a good sense of humour. The game was fairly tough, at least until you get some of the better weapons and health upgrades. I died quite a lot. Really enjoyed my time with the game and the trophy hunt was pretty straight-forward but still satisfying. Hopefully they remake the 2nd game eventually because I hear it's even better.
  3. It's not really "new" at this point since it has been going on for years. The people in this thread talking about how they don't know what censorship the OP is referring to clearly aren't into Japanese games, or at least don't follow the news about them closely. The censorship policy Sony implemented back in 2018 exclusively targets Japanese developers and their games. It's quite disappointing to see people dismiss this issue just because it doesn't affect the games they play. You don't have to be into these anime-style games with fanservice to call out bullshit when you see it. There's no reason why these games shouldn't be allowed on the platform when even Nintendo are fine with it and the ratings boards have no objection to them either. Let grown ass adults play what they want.
  4. #328 - The Sinking City All Evidence Collected Complete every challenge the city of Oakmont has to offer. This game isn't anything amazing, but I wasn't expecting it to be. I enjoyed my time with it even if I found the gameplay loop a little repetitive towards the end. I liked that the game was split up into individual cases with their own little conclusions at the end that are different based on choices made earlier. The setting was pretty cool, taking place in a city in the middle of nowhere that (as the name implies) has large sections of it flooded. I don't have much experience with H. P. Lovecraft inspired fiction, but this game definitely got me more interested in that stuff.
  5. From the sounds of it, that will only be the case for games that support this "Game Boost". I'm sure God of War will since it's huge a first party title, but what about lesser known titles? I'm under the impression that most PS4 games will run in a PS4/PS4 Pro compatibility mode on the PS5 that just emulate the specs of that hardware, and in that case, I don't see how we would see performance benefits.
  6. Nice. I suspected Ghost of Tsushima would see a 60fps option on the PS5 which is the main reason I've held off playing it. Hopefully some other PS4 first party titles will see this treatment.
  7. So it looks like the PS4 version of Uppers has been cancelled. I wasn't aware of the game myself, but @DEI2EK informed me that it has content Sony and their censorship policy would have probably objected to, so it seems likely this was the reason behind the cancellation. We only have a statement from XSEED so far who are publishing the game in North America, but it seems likely that the game won't come to PS4 in Europe either via Marvelous. I'll update if this ends up being incorrect. This game is still coming to PC on the 23rd of October. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/10/uppers-for-pc-launches-october-23 To elaborate on this further, the translators for this game have re-written a crossdressing male into a non-binary character. https://nichegamer.com/2020/10/08/cross-dressing-13-sentinels-aegis-rim-character-re-written-as-non-binary-in-english-localization/
  8. Yes, I know older Xbox games running on the Series X that have a frame rate cap won't exceed that limit without the input from Microsoft's BC team or the developers themselves. I never said 30fps games will automatically run at 60fps on Series X. It will however help those games run more consistently at the intended frame rate if it had issues on the native console, so the point still stands.
  9. Posted this in another thread, but I guess I'll put it here too since this is about the PlayStation Blog post specifically. The part that stood out to me the most was this: Especially the bit that mentions how "select PS4 titles will see increased loading speeds". Why wouldn't *all* PS4 games have increased loading speeds on the PS5 by default? I mean if they're installed on the PS5's SSD, the only way they wouldn't be faster is if Sony was intentionally slowing them down. Very disappointing if true because this was one of the features I was most excited about. Besides that, it seems like we won't have any control over the "Game Boost", meaning only certain PS4 games will take advantage of the extra power. Both increased performance and faster loading times is something the Xbox Series X seems to do for every backwards compatible title, so I don't see why it should be any different for PS5.
  10. So I had a look at the PlayStation Blog post they have about backwards compatibility and this part stuck out to me. Source: https://blog.playstation.com/2020/10/09/ps4-games-on-ps5-your-top-questions-answered/ Especially the part that mentions how "select PS4 titles will see increased loading speeds". Why wouldn't *all* PS4 games have increased loading speeds on the PS5 by default? I mean if they're installed on the PS5's SSD, the only way they wouldn't be faster is if Sony was intentionally slowing them down. Very disappointing if true because this was one of the features I was most excited about. Besides that, it seems like we won't have any control over the "Game Boost", meaning only certain PS4 games will take advantage of the extra power. Both increased performance and faster loading times is something the Xbox Series X seems to do for every backwards compatible title, so I don't see why it should be any different for PS5.
  11. Well, they're being emulated, right? So wouldn't this mean that PS5 needs to have a working PS2 emulator?
  12. I see there's no word on PS2 Classics released for PS4. Is it safe to assume they're going to work on PS5 then?
  13. That list is smaller than I expected, assuming it's complete. I wonder what it is about these games that make them incompatible. The only one on there I care about is Shadow Complex Remastered, so I'll have to make sure I play that one before I get a PS5.
  14. Now that the update has rolled out and I've had some time to marinate on the changes, I've got to say that I too think this is a downgrade overall. I liked how each level actually meant something in the old system. Seems like they just increased the levels tenfold to give the casuals the impression that they actually accomplished something, especially given how few points you need to level up all the way up 199 (big numbers mean I did good right???). I think a similar reason was behind their decision to increase the platinum's point value. I mean if you ever speak to someone who isn't really into trophy hunting, they always seem to treat the platinum trophy like it's this gargantuan task they would only go through the effort of getting for a select few titles. I guess Sony decided to change the value of them to reflect that view of things. That's my issue with this whole update really - it's geared towards encouraging more casuals to start taking an interest in trophy hunting with no regard to how this affects those of us who are already into trophies and have been for years. Now I completely understand why Sony do this of course; we trophy hunters are a small minority of PlayStation's overall userbase. Doesn't mean I have to like it though. The original trophy system was designed with a specific intent and Sony just decided to mess with that delicate balance to get more people interested. But let's be real here, the trophy system was bastardised long ago thanks to Sony's negligence. There are various publishers who release games on the regular with trophy lists so easy you can platinum them in minutes and they have a different list for every region and platform there is. People are essentially buying platinum trophies on the store and it's been this way for years. And speaking of platinums, they used to be only given to games that were significant enough to warrant one. It wasn't perfect of course, but in general, it meant smaller games would only be allowed to have a handful of trophies and no platinum. These things kept the trophy ecosystem intact, making platinum trophies and PSN levels much more meaningful than they are now. You could tell someone's dedication to trophy hunting at a glance, but that's not the case anymore... So yeah, while I think this update is a downgrade, things were already pretty bad to begin with. Also, as a side note, these new trophy icons are ugly, the platinum in particular looks much worse. Look how they massacred my boy...
  15. I know you can still buy and play PSP games on the Vita, but I was wondering how it would work if you just owned a PSP since they shut down the native store a while ago. I guess it's still possible to buy PSP games via the PS3's store and transfer them over, but that's far from ideal.
  16. This sounds terrible. Whenever I go to buy digital PS3 and Vita games, I always do that through the browser because the store on the systems themselves are an absolute nightmare to navigate. Also, doesn't this mean that it'll now be impossible to buy PSP games and download them on that system? I recall they removed the ability to buy games on the PSP itself a few years back and you had to do it on the browser.
  17. Went from Level 57 (67%) to Level 608 (46%) Glad to see I made it into gold tier. I guess going for the plat in pretty much everything I play paid off since they increased the value of those.
  18. The cooling system seems quite impressive. Not just the fan and heat sink, but from what I understand, this liquid metal is supposed to be much better than the thermal paste that came in the PS4 and it'll last longer too. I like that it has those dust catcher parts you can vacuum too. I've said it before, but I don't mind how huge the system is so long as it's quiet, and that seems to be the case.
  19. Glad to see this is finally going to be a feature (or seems very likely anyway). This will help immensely when going for trophies that the game itself doesn't track progress for. No more needing to guess when a trophy is going to pop or worrying if you're not doing something correctly.
  20. Well, this is a surprise. I'm fine with the change to how the trophy levels work so long as level progression is significantly slower in the silver and gold tiers. I liked that level 100 was this unobtainable goal for most people in the old system because it always gave you something to strive for. Looking at the profile they've given as an example in the new system, it doesn't take much work at all to get through the bronze tier and that's a bit worrying. We won't know until this actually gets implemented, but I hope level 999 in the new system is still out of reach for pretty much everyone except those at the top of the leaderboard. I quite like the new trophy level icons. It makes it easier for normies to tell at a glance how much you're into trophy hunting. Plus, it's a nice way to differentiate profiles. Making platinums more rewarding sounds good on paper until you realise this just incentivises getting those "EZPZ" plats even more. That and games with a 100% list are even less rewarding in comparison now. This is why Sony should have taken a more hardline stance on this kind of stuff when they had the chance. I feel like more should be done on this site to counter that by implementing a proper rarity leaderboard and that ribbon system that was seemingly forgot about. Removing the 999 cap like what was done for level 100 in the old system would be good too.
  21. #327 - Wasteland 2 King of the Wasteland Collect all trophies I've had this one sitting in the backlog for years, and with the recent release of Wasteland 3, I figured it was finally time to dive in. Never played the first game, but I do know it was the predecessor to the Fallout series, and I've played almost all of those including the Fallout 1 & 2. Wasteland 2 plays like one of the classic Fallout games with some modern day conveniences. Most western RPG's these days are far too dumbed down and "hold holdy" to appeal to a wider range of people, but this game isn't like that. It isn't afraid to have stats galore and in-depth mechanics. It felt like I was making meaningful choices not only in the story, but with how I was building my squad. This game is fantastic and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who's a fan of older RPG's. I'm looking forward to playing Wasteland 3 which I hear is even better.
  22. Quite a baffling decision. Presumably this is just going to apply to PS5's UI navigation and Japanese devs will continue using circle as confirm in their games. Circle as confirm and cross as cancel makes far more sense than having it the other way around, especially in Japanese culture. The button placement for confirm/cancel is also how it's done on Nintendo platforms. They're asking Japanese people to unlearn decades of muscle memory for no real benefit. Combine this decision with Sony's censorship policy that pretty much exclusively targets Japanese games and I'm starting to think they hold contempt for the Japanese audience. Good luck trying to sell PS5's in Japan...
  23. It's been a while since my last post in here. Happy to say I finally have this one in the collection. 😁
  24. I got the Chinese version of Catherine: Full Body. Yes, I intend on getting every Catherine plat there is. 😅 I also bought Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition (physical) but I forgot to take a picture of it. 😛
  25. I got a new package from Play-Asia. 😁