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  1. This is great news! I was planning on starting the game much later, but I'll be all over this co-op mode when it comes out (assuming it has trophies). Sounds like it could be a lot of fun with friends. Pretty cool that it's going to be a free update as well.
  2. #322 - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Preserved Hope Unlock all trophies I think I prefer the first game overall. It had a better story and more memorable missions. Having said that, I still think this is a really good game, even if it felt a little on the short side. I appreciated the refinements made to the gameplay, however small they were. The trophy list was less grindy this time around, but you can't cheese the no death run as easily as you could in the first game, so that lead to a few restarts. Nothing I'd really consider difficult though. I'm really looking forward to playing Chaos Theory as it's widely considered the best game in the series. I'll be starting that soon.
  3. Look who just got SO4's hardest BT on their first attempt. This guy. 😁




    I'm surprised by how smoothly it went tbh. I was extremely nervous going into it given all the horror stories I had read and everything I had to keep track of during battle. I basically just spammed attacks with Meracle, Arumat, and Reimi, and left Sarah in the corner of the arena on healing duty. I didn't even blindside the Ethereal Queen. Once I saw her Rush Gauge start to rise in Rush Mode, I risked doing a few more Dragon Roars with Arumat, swapped out Reimi with Lymle, and EQ was dead in 2-3 Hound Grenades. Nobody died and I had about 6 minutes and 30 seconds on the timer I set. I must have been extremely lucky or something. What a relief to get that done! 😅

    1. Masamune


      Ugh... so many horrible memories with that fight. 😑

    2. Honor_Hand


      Amazing! :o 

    3. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      @starcrunch061 Thaaanks. 😝 Thankfully a friend of mine who already has the plat has been giving me advice throughout, so that has definitely helped things go smoother than they otherwise would have. I haven't done the math on remaining BT's (I don't have the game running atm), but I'd say I have roughly about 80% of them done. Only character I have 100% with is Reimi, but a lot of the others are close. Got the 75% BT trophy about a week ago now. Still a lot to do, but I'm getting there.

      @Masamune My apologies for bringing up bad memories for you. 😛


      @Honor_Hand I try my best. 💪😘

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  4. Finally got my copy of this. ❤️
  5. I can confirm that yes, this is my jam. 😄 Thanks for the recommendation! I will check out her other stuff. 👍
  6. This doesn't change much since the RP shop was a thing since day one. The infinite rocket launcher and other "must-have" bonuses are easy to obtain without this. Only takes a couple of hours worth of grinding if I recall correctly. The game already has a plat percentage of almost 42% on this site, but I guess even that's too intimidating for these "trophy hunters" who are used to sub-hour easy plats, huh?
  7. It was a pretty decent showing overall. I wasn't expecting much anyway. The most notable games for me were Braid Anniversary Edition and Genshin Impact. I was also glad to see more gameplay of Spelunky 2, plus the release date. Oh, and I like the look of ANNO: Mutationem as well. Really cool art style. Almost fell asleep during the Godfall segment. What a horrible way to end.
  8. I'm glad we finally have a release date for this one. I loved the first game. I'm assuming this is old news, but it's cool that the game has co-op. Will see if I can rope a friend of mine into playing it with me. 😝
  9. Definitely one of the highlights of the State of Play. I loved Braid back in the day, and I always hoped it would get a re-release (hopefully with a platinum this time). Props to the devs for going the extra mile and re-doing a lot of the art and adding new features/polish.
  10. Only just heard about this game from the State of Play. It looks really cool. I like the character designs.
  11. I got a new dakimakura cover. 😍 This is what it looks like in the wild. 😝
  12. My new trophy count has been very low over the last few weeks as I've been dedicating most of my time to Star Ocean: The Last Hope. I just popped the 75% BT trophy, so I figured now was a good time for an update. I'm currently around the 310 hour mark. I wasn't keep track of quests completed or treasure chests opened, but I still managed to pop both of their respective trophies for completing/opening all of them, so I'm pretty happy with that. Most of the item creation is done, but I can't go much further with it until I beat the Ethereal Queen, which I've been putting off for as long as possible. I've still go to do a few more Wandering Dungeon runs before I'm confident enough to tackle the hardest BT in the game, AKA defeating the Ethereal Queen in under 10 minutes as Lymle. I'm feeling pretty optimistic all things considered. The platinum journey so far isn't as gruelling as I was expecting it to be, but of course this may change depending on how many failed attempts I have with the Ethereal Queen BT... 😅


    I intended to start Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow at some point over the last few weeks, but I've been too invested in Star Ocean. It might sound crazy to some people, but even 310 hours into the game, I'm having fun just grinding stuff out as I listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos. It's a very chill experience. When I started this platinum journey, I was planning on finishing the rest of my PS3 backlog alongside Star Ocean and ending my time with the PS3 by popping the plat. I don't see that happening at this point though. I want to keep playing it. 😝

    1. funboy1246


      aint nothing wrong with hitting a lull. especially since you've been tackling such a large game. long as youre enjoying yourself, cause thats all that really matters in the end right?

    2. dertswa687o


      Good luck with the Ethereal Queen! Definitely recommend watching a few videos before the fight to get an idea of her behavior. It's a tough battle, but I've gone 3/3 when actually attempting to get the battle trophy so it's very doable.

    3. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. 😁

      @Honor_Hand Yeah, the battle trophies are pretty nuts, mostly due to the sheer amount of them. The upside of that though is you're constantly popping them, even on accident, so it feels like you're always making progress. Such a variety of different things to do as well, so if you get bored of focusing one one set of BT's, you can just switch to another. None of them are that difficult except for the aforementioned Ethereal Queen BT with Lymle.


      From what I've read of the Ethereal Queen fight, your description of it sounds about right. 😅 I'm not taking any chances with her. All my characters are already max level (255) and I'll make sure I have all the best equipment before I even attempt to fight her. That's why I'm gonna do a few more runs of the Wandering Dungeon.

      But yeah, I think you should give the plat another go. Just make sure you're fully prepared with a walkthrough and other guides close at hand. There's a lot you can miss or make more difficult than it should be.


      @Sword I appreciate that! 🙂 Yeah, the game isn't bad at all. In fact, I thought it was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed seeing the story to its conclusion. I'll be on the look out for when you start the game yourself, but if I miss it, I'll wish you luck here as well. 😄

      @funboy1246 True. I've never been one concerned with trophy streaks or rising up the in leaderboards. I just play whatever I feel like, and that's probably why I've lasted so long as a trophy hunter. 😉

      @dertswa687o Thank you! I will definitely do that when the time comes. Damn, you've gone 3/3, huh? I'm not expecting things to go as smoothly for me, but it would be amazing if it did. 

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  13. Do you have a source for this confirmation? I tried looking it up, but could only find old articles talking about how the harpy was covered up. I assume this is the latest trailer you're talking about? You can see the harpy for a couple of seconds, but it's hard to make out any detail.
  14. Just a heads up. The new Fairly Tail game that just released had a day one patch which covers up all panty shots in the game with a mysterious black void. This appears to affect all platforms and regions. I've added it to the list. https://nichegamer.com/2020/08/01/fairy-tail-panty-shots-censored-on-all-platforms-after-day-1-update/ https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2020/08/01/fairy-tail-rpg-dlc-costume-pantsu-covered-up-on-both-nintendo-switch-ps4/
  15. This was leaked yesterday via a PlayStation Store listing, but it's available right now for $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.99. Trophy list: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/11172-cuphead Here's the trailer: From the PlayStation Blog: Who's excited for this? This is a game I've been interested in for a while. I came close to buying it on Switch, but I'm glad I held off so I can play it with trophies.
  16. Trophy list is up. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/11172-cuphead
  17. Edited the opening post/title since it's now available. I didn't expect it to release so soon! 😁
  18. This is the ending song for the first half of Monster. It hits differently now that I've finished the anime. Masterpiece. 👌
  19. I've always played my Vita at home for the most part anyway. It's nice having that freedom of portability, being able to play from anywhere in the house, especially in bed. Nothing quite like reading a visual novel on a handheld before going to sleep. 👌 Plus, I find myself playing Vita whenever I'm short on time because of how quick and simple it is to get back to what you were playing. The Vita's sleep mode still impresses me to this day. Going to my entertainment centre and turning on my TV/consoles is more of a hassle in comparison.
  20. Towa recently had her 3D debut and it was cute as fuck. ❤️ That thigh bulge!!! Navel piercing!!! 😍
  21. I wouldn't really factor in RNG to the difficulty rating. If anything, it's more of an estimated time thing. Guide writers should do their best to consider how long it would take a person with average luck to platinum a RNG-heavy game when deciding on the estimated time.
  22. Yeah, so long as you know the email currently attached to your PSN account, I don't see why not.
  23. The only thing you can do is contact PlayStation Support. It looks like you're in the US, so go to this link and click "Chat" at the bottom right. https://support.playstation.com/s/article/Missing-Platinum-Trophy-Reward?language=en_US If it's currently down, I guess just wait until it's back up.
  24. I already own Ys: Memories of Celceta on Vita, but I wanted to support the PS4 release as well, especially since it comes with a colour manual. Pretty rare these days. Now that I have Peach Beach Splash, I own all of the uncensored Senran Kagura games on PlayStation. End of an era, boys...
  25. I was starting to think we'd never get the Definitive Edition on PS4. Glad to see I was wrong! I assume this will just be a separate release and not available to owners of the original version via some sort of DLC. Honestly, I don't mind buying the game again because I've heard it's excellent. I'm surprised to see this come to Xbox as well.