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  1. If there's a situation where you have 2 heart decisions, you can safely pick one of those and it won't void the trophy for picking head decisions when possible and vice versa. I can confirm because I did that myself. When you bring up the pause menu, it should say you've only picked one type of decision on the right side of the screen. If that's not there then you won't get the trophy. I checked regularly just to make sure. Also, if you're attempting this via the chapter select, make sure you overwrite the save. Other than that, I don't know what to suggest.


  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to update this a few weeks back when I got the Star Ocean: The Last Hope International platinum. Definitely the most daunting game from my list! 😅 The next PS3 game I'm thinking of playing is The Saboteur. This is how things look now anyway.


    Games I've completed since joining the event:

    • Star Ocean: The Last Hope International ✅

    Games I've started but haven't completed yet:

    • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist (38%)
    • Puppeteer (35%)

    Games I haven't started:

    • Dead Space Ignition
    • Dead Space Extraction
    • Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
    • Ranko's Tsukigime's Longest Day
    • Battle Princess of Arcadias
    • The Saboteur
    • Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee
    • Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
    • Castevania: Lords of Shadow
    • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    • Killzone

  3. So after getting distracted by Star Ocean: The Last Hope for most of this year, I'm finally at the point now where I'm about ready to dive into Judgement, maybe as soon as next week. It's been a while since I've played one of these games, and I don't know much about Judgement, so I'm really excited to see what it's all about! 😁

    I know Yakuza 7 recently came out, but I'm holding off for the PS5 version of that game which comes out in March of next year. I know I could just buy the PS4 version and get the free upgrade when the time comes, but I'd like to give Yakuza 7 the honour of being one of the first physical PS5 games I own. And no, I don't actually have a PS5 yet, but a lot can change in 4 months. 😛


  4. 1 minute ago, ObsceneSociopath said:

    Hmm I don't know them. When I follow the link that was provided further up the thread it redirect to what looks like the US Playstation site which is possibly why I'm getting the block message as obviously it's the wrong region.


    I've tried going through the UK Playstation site but all I can find is the help section which ironically is no help, there is nothing I can find linking to a live chat or even a phone number.


    Is there any chance you could post a link to the support page your using to access it please?


    Ah, that's probably why then. And sure, you can access Live Chat from this link: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/get-help/#!/

    You have to select an issue first and not all of them lead to the option of contacting Live Chat. You don't have to be accurate when selecting the issue though, so this is how I did it.

    PlayStation 4 > PlayStation Store & Transactions > Voucher Codes > How to redeem a voucher code. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find the 'Need to Contact Us?' section I showed in the image above. If there's an easier way to access Live Chat then I don't know about it. Works for me though. 😛


  5. 12 minutes ago, ObsceneSociopath said:

    Hi again.


    I'm just wondering how you managed to get in touch with support to have them send them to you? I've attempted to through the live chat only for it to pop up & say you have been blocked from the live chat which according to Google happens to a lot of people.


    I did it through the Live Chat. I didn't have an issue with being blocked, so I don't really know what to suggest other than making sure you're trying during the opening hours.


    I guess you could always try calling them as well.


  6. After watching that UI video Sony put out a few weeks back, I didn't see how themes could really be a thing on PS5 with the way the background image and songs would change just by hovering over them in the menu (on PS4 you actually had to go down to get more details for this to occur). I liked PS4 themes, but it's not something I'll really miss. 


  7. 1 hour ago, ObsceneSociopath said:

    Just wondering if anyone in the UK actually got these? A lot of games that offer things like this end up with the rewards only being eligible in America like the Days Gone ones were.

    Obviously I'd like the themes & avatars but there's no point me chasing up Sony after them if the UK don't get them.


    I'm in the UK. I didn't get the email, but they credited the avatars and themes to me when I contacted PlayStation Support. I would only recommend contacting them 2 weeks after you pop the platinum though. They want you to wait that long in case you get the email and it's better to claim all of the rewards at once.


  8. Sounds like PS5 backwards compatibility with PS4 isn't quite as extensive as we were lead to believe. Even more reason to hold off buying the PS5 for a while then. If you have a sizable PS4 backlog like me, it would be risky to outright replace your PS4 with a PS5 until we know for sure which games are incompatible with the system.


  9. So the thing about there only being 10 incompatible PS4 games on PS5 was bullshit then...

    9 minutes ago, DaivRules said:

    Sony really did fuck up when they choose the Cell architecture for the PS3. If they had gone with anything else available at the time, they would be even further ahead of MS right now.


    I highly doubt it. The Cell architecture isn't stopping Sony from emulating PS1 and PS2 games on PS5, but they still aren't doing it. PlayStation's CEO Jim Ryan clearly doesn't care about backwards compatibility with old systems given the comments he's made in the past. Microsoft's approach to BC is completely different.