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  1. [Star Ocean: The Last Hope International] It's been a while since my last update on this game. I've been making pretty consistent progress since then and I'm now just above the 500 hour mark. Today I managed to get a whopping 3 trophies in this game that were for obtaining 90% of all the battle trophies, fully completing the item creation list, and collecting 100% of all the weapon data. I'm practically done with the Wandering Dungeon now besides a bit of cleanup when it comes to the character specific -ology drops. It's a good thing too because making it all the way up to the Ethereal Queen on the 20th floor is quite nerve-wracking since the game has a tendency to crash in that dungeon. I've probably lost dozens of hours to crashes at this point which can be pretty disheartening, but I soldier on regardless. I'm not letting anything stop me get this plat.

    If anyone's curious, this is how the BT situation is looking:
    Edge - 96%
    Reimi - 100%

    Faize - 33%

    Lymle - 99%
    Bacchus - 100%
    Meracle - 98%
    Sarah - 97%
    Myuria - 96%
    Arumat - 94%

    Faize's BT's are going to get done next playthrough which is why that one is much lower than the others. I'm essentially done with Edge's BT's until next playthrough as well because they should come naturally when I grind out his 30,000 kills with a turbo controller. So by my count, I just need to get 14 more BT's until I move onto the next stage of this epic quest. The end of this playthrough is in sight. I can feel it! 😁

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    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Hmm, that doesn't ring a bell. Faize does have a BT for defeating 130 different types of enemies, so maybe that's the one you were thinking of? There are 154 enemy types in the game, including 24 bosses, so you have to be pretty diligent about killing the missable enemies and landing the killing blow on bosses as Faize. It shouldn't be too bad though since I'll be controlling him for the most part.

      It will indeed. I don't think I'll ever top this platinum when it comes the sheer amount of dedication required. I've been playing it for most of this year and it has become a part of my daily routine. It will feel strange when it's not a part of my life anymore, but I look forward to finally having the ultimate JRPG platinum under my belt. 😁

    3. Raveniteh


      You're absolute mad-gamer. The grind for plat in this game is unreal and I tip my hat off to you for actually going through with it. 

    4. Honor_Hand


      Hmm, probably I don't remember things too well since I last checked this game's trophy guide years ago, but I'm talking about the Faize's #100 BT here. It says, "Defeat 55 Grigori". I'm probably mistaken but werent't those like bosses/sub-bosses at certain points in the game? I remember reading something along the lines that there weren't just enough of them to defeat under a single playthrough and that you needed to do multiple playthroughs with Faize giving the killing blow to these in order to obtain that battle trophy.


      Then again, It's been ages so I'm most likely remembering things wrong. 😅

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