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  1. I like how they changed wording on div4. Last year you had to advance to div4 which forced some people to relegate themselves in order to unlock it after required rating got lowered. If its still 1250 skill for div4 then its definitely doable.
  2. I do it exactly the same like any other button, just hold the turbo and press start (once or twice depending if you want to have it auto pressed) Your pad is different than mine though.
  3. Yes, it does. I used it for the same game. I have this model: https://www.amazon.com/Ps3-Hori-Pad-Turbo-Controller-Red/dp/B000NMT0RO/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1541697247&sr=8-3&keywords=hori+pad+turbo+3
  4. Well said, had the exact same impression.
  5. I used HoriPad 3 Turbo (wired) for that
  6. Actually EA wasn't even owning the studio or IP there, they published the game only. Devs were People Can Fly and at the time of closure they were owned by Epic games. So EA didn't owned neither trademark, studio or source code but people still blame them
  7. Two of my friend just confirmed that Fast Learner trophy from Modnation Racers is online one despite being not listed as such in the guide. One of the tutorials is a Hot Lap tutorial and this needs to be triggered while online. Credit for this to MrZizich & Lyrikk, thx guys
  8. I don't really want to continue this dispute as everyone already gave a verdict and i dont have time to fight against this mindset but here's my final thought @MMDE posted this link 3rd post of Velenok actually supports my initial idea that there is more items for Enigma's Most Wanted mission required then relays and packs. I googled and found a guide that confirms that by saying Enigma most wanted mission requires network relays, data packets and data handlers interrogated. I think data handlers might be not needed for first riddler and it might cause popping them in this order. And this would be rare because most of people interrogate handlers first as they reveal locations so they don't need to use a guide. https://guides.gamepressure.com/batmanarkhamorigins/guide.asp?ID=22399 Might follow this route out of curiosity when I will be doing sp for this game but this makes perfect sense to me. Especially that both jabber and Velenok unlocked Enigma unravelled and clean streets at the same time.
  9. Ok, so I looked here only because its similar case to jabber's one but here's my opinion. As for the quote, I'd say its inconsequential a bit. If this is known to have high probability of popping when cheating wouldn't it be more common? And you just said only 0.005 percent had this issue. Id rather say those numbers supports the players here. The game was well known for data packs glitching/freezing so this might be truly a side effect as they claim. Shadow provided valid argument about freezing, his profile is good and clean aside of this trophy and everyone still acts as he is guilty as charged. Lets not do a witch hunt without a strong evidence. EDIT: If there are any doubts you should probably do a bigger check on his profile I guess. If he is save abuser you would probably find some different issues easily.
  10. Just my few cents here as I know jabber and I really doubt he would cheat. The Enigma Unravelled popped 7 seconds after Clean Streets which is for doing all Most Wanted missions. One of the Most Wanted targets is Enigma. Maybe it is connected somehow?
  11. I finished that on ps3 with special chalk, i wouldnt think its different on Vita
  12. I did it today so its definitely doable. Im on iOS tho.
  13. They were in July Flash Sale if I recall correctly so doubt they will do it again now. Sad they never brought that to EU, would probably get a lot of it.
  14. You cant really create private server unless: 1) a game has features allowing you to do so (this one doesnt have them) 2) you're totally obsessed, have a lot of technical understanding/capabilities and you have nothing better to do for a couple of years As far as I know #2 happened only once on consoles as its much more complicated here than on PCs (proprietary gaming network). https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/sep/24/metal-gear-online-professional-hackers