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  1. I asked one of the guys if he did anything special. He said scoreboards popped alongside few others when he imported his saved LBP1 profile when starting the game. I checked and actually found some posts on pst.org from 2011 to back that theory so it looks possible https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/topic/83661-imported-lbp-profile-3-trophies-popped/ I havent imported mine when starting as I played LBP1 on different system, but might look on my options later. I checked and I still have my 100% save file on the other console so that looks slightly promising. Will update the thread if I find anything
  2. There are no servers for this game. Everything is peer to peer, which means you just connect between each other. That's why online will get down with messages as there is no other matchmaking. I guess you are just too far or both have too strict connection. I was doing this game with friend (Poland-Australia) and we absolutely couldnt get the stable connection. In the end he had to set his Vita to be in DMZ (you can google it, its router setting). Even then lag was super annoying (the distance made its part).
  3. EDIT: or whatever really. I think this discussion went a bit too far. I asked a polite question, zero pretentions, harsh words or anything like that. A question. To a dev I really respect and appreciate. You might think this was too early (i don't) but that was still only a polite question. This absolutely doesnt justify calling me rude, disrespectful or 'lacking a tact'. Also because you absolutely don't know me. Ending it here. Cheers
  4. For me 10 days of servers being live w/o quite important feature is a perfect time to ask polite question whether they plan to bring mentioned feature back or not. Especially with a history of that feature being down for like a year in the past.
  5. I appreciate their efforts a lot. They show amazing love to their work and have to be nothing but praised for that. I still dont think pointing out that something still ain't working is rude. I'm working in software development too and I value feedback. The earlier the better.
  6. Servers are stable and working for like a week already. Better to point some shortcomings now than to bother them in few months trying to get their attention again when they will be busy with other stuff (as a dev I much more prefer it this way). There is nothing rude in reporting a bug. People are not that touchy.
  7. EDIT: Done so i locked my level. I will try to keep helping guys posting here as long as i have the game installed as it doesnt cost much attention. @Moostache7 Honestly I'm just posting panid into search text and it works all the time for me. But its called "50 plays 1 sec P4P H4H".
  8. I tweeted the devs, would be cool if you can retweet/like. We need some visibility for it. https://twitter.com/ZbirV/status/1390671530711977985?s=20
  9. @mckbros @xFelipe_Tavares @pavelbagirov @Moostache7 Guys, could you play back my level. Checked the history and seems you did not yet. Im 3 plays from 50 so that would be appreciated. @Moostache7 the level is still there, only 1 on my planet. Maybe check again
  10. I know all that but thanks for caring . Deleting user is enough in that case. Also to clarify, all trophies will be synced from server to new user too (save files doesnt contain trophy information, at least not the one displayed under trophies in the system). But it will also take ages as they are synced 1 at a time (still cant believe they made it like that). But before doing that I will just power off that system and give them some time, maybe they are still working and will turn the feature on again at some point.
  11. There's a gaming session for dlc now, maybe try joining. And yep, that's a really good game. I have Vita version to finish (thankfully no dlcs there)
  12. I came to a conclusion this game is unachievable for all new players (like me) unless MM turns on scoreboards again as part of server fixing process. I aced first 3 worlds and already got a High Achiever pin that is awarded for getting into 25% top scores of 10 story levels. Still did not unlocked a pin and trophy for being in 25/50% of a single story level which is simply not true given the above. Scoreboards are read only now and none new results are saved. I guess that's what is blocking that trophy from unlocking. It shows I'm 100/50 which means I dont have any score registered. Btw,. This already happened like 10 years ago when MM turned off scoreboards for few months. The game was quite new back then tho. I only hope switching scoreboards off was not part of a 'server fixing process' because in that case it's done. The only good thing is I still have not synced my trophies yet.
  13. @pavelbagirov @Moostache7 @blazeadeel @xFelipe_Tavares @mckbros Just played your levels guys. All others were played earlier. Could you return the favor?
  14. For me they were up all the time for like a week now.
  15. They are unachievable as far as I know (at least not in a way they should be). I have pin for being top 25% on 8 story levels but not a pin for being 25% on 1 (the trophy one). Not sure how some guys unlocked that on May 1st but I can't find a way to do that