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  1. johnie74 Hotline Miami Having earned this platinum since August 2013, I do not know why I was flagged nearly 5 years later. I never had any infringement on this website. It's a bit saddening. If it is out of order, could it be because I played it on Vita while offline and synched the trophies at a later time? I would like this to be unflagged, please. Thank you for your time, effort, and understanding. EDIT: I saw it now. That is weird. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary though. I just played this one naturally and looked up a guide for the puzzle pieces and little secrets. The combos should have been normal.
  2. If this is still open My invite Code is: JERSERPH Trying to take part in guild wars and stuff, but the ones I add are all inactive
  3. This game gave me a bit of a headache, so if you need help with these secret-based trophies, use these links. I'm not experienced in writing guides or anything, but I am always up for helping fellow trophy hunters when I can. For the first batch of secrets that lead to unlocking the Well, check these videos out Parts 9-12, especially Once you unlock the well and eat the Death Moth, read through this forum Big thank you to everyone who contributed and did so much work to figure these out Just thought I'd help anyone looking for these
  4. Psy-Ops or Destroy All Humans on PS4 would be nice.


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  6. Anyone else appreciate lists like these? Are there any other games with clever names/images that stuck out to you? Until Dawn was the last game I can remember with pretty clever names
  7. Picked it up for only 60 c: I wish they did something with the Gold Stars you earn Like "Earn all the stars in a song, you get 1 free Play" They're kinda useless at this point Or if you win a Rival match, get a play (Whenever they fix and bring that function back) Or if you get to Level 20, give us something to keep the plays going... For now the 3 per day thing isnt doing much

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      AND by the way, as I was watching last year's Rumble match, I discovered a real LOL moment. When Big E makes his entrance, you can CLEARLY read his lips saying "FUCK YOU, PHILLY !" I laughed so hard at that.

    3. johnie74


      I just hope it's a dark horse winner like Bray or anyone that could matter besides Reigns, Brock, etc.

    4. johnie74


      And as always, I look forward to the surprise entrants. I always think those are fun when they are done right

  9. atelier Totori whatever. Didn't know what the game was, got it super duper cheap, got some trophies off the bat and can never delete them now Game sucked Also Cod BlOps, BlazBlue, and ICO
  10. Mr. Domino Psy-Ops Destroy All Humans
  11. I've been missing some as well Is there a specific time window for logging in? Is it reliant on a specific time zone? I played GHTV 5 days in a row but no trophy 2 rewards.
  12. 1. Hotline Miami 2. Guacamelee 3. Virtue's Last Reward 4. Lone Survivor 5. DanganRonpa Trigger Happy Havok 6. Rogue Legacy 7. Gravity Rush 8. Destiny of Spirits (RIP) 9. HOME 10. Tales from Space: Mutant Blob Attacks Honorable nods to P4G, Rayman Origins & Legends, and Binding of Isaac
  13. I really liked Destiny of Sprits trophy list images Also, both Gravity Rush and Home have a pretty cool list as well.
  14. Alright... tried unlocking them on my own. They glitched out on me and I was unaware of the glitch. ALL the kills, coins, etc. wasted Thank you for the tips!