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  1. i play from 17:00 till 22:00 so it's late afternoon
  2. none.the only platinum i have is from a japanese visual novel which i rushed through because the gameplay was boring and i couldn't understand a single word of it.
  3. Currently playing:Dead Space 3 on an alternate account

  4. currently working on:beating the story of beyond:two souls .it's already 4 days
  5. i'm closing this thread since the issue got fixed .if i know how
  6. it might be because the store is down.i tried to get my digital copy of akiba's trip 2 yesterday and it ran stuck on 50% to then just cancel everything and boot me back to the XMB
  7. that freezing store is getting out of control.sony is gonna have to adress to this matter soon or they are gonna have a lot of angry gamers on their doorstep
  8. it's a shitty game.i have it but i can't even play it because the shitty servers are too small.10 people only rule.okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay that game is going in the trash
  9. a lot but i don't really care.i just go through the story once if i earn all of them then thats cool if not then i won't bother
  10. 6 but i still have some cash left.the ones i bought are :the last of us,battlefield 3 premium edition,battlefield 4 day one edition,tales of symphonia chronicles and akiba's trip 2 :undead and undressed (digital).take note that symphonia chronicles are 2 games in 1
  11. k then i'll work on that one after i played my new ones i got today
  12. thanks.kudos to you my friend.you're a great person too but i don't play multiplayer on shooters.i just do the single player
  13. got anything easier? those are hard as hell
  14. psn id: YayoiTakatsuki69 systems:ps3 only accepts blank requests:depends on if i met you before or not
  15. i hope from the bottom of my heart that FFXIV a realm reborn shuts down its servers pretty soon.the game is god awful so it deserves it