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  1. What a long and pointless reply. I didn't read it all. Just up to the part where you said i used super Dante. Yup I did. And super Nero. I only did vergils BP without his super character. Uhhh so? First time playing DMC4, if i wanted to? I could have. Only differnce would be time. You took this convo to another level. You shouldnt have replied at all lol. Only trophy i would have trouble with is untouchable. That's not my point. Read my first reply. You do boast to much. The topic creator asked for suggestions with trish then you blabber on about how easy the game is. No one fkn cares about what's in the game and what isn't. Play it how you wanna play it. Its just a game.
  2. You said you know no one did Vergil and Dante BP without S Characters, how do you know lol? Its right there zzz.
  3. What a bunch of nonsense lol, your creating the issue, How did this response get likes? Anyway. I was also like whoa pascals a "he"? Buzzing. All I see is a curious serious question. With a lot of non helpul answers. Nice one guys.
  4. Rubbish, you boast to much.
  5. Hey guys, has anyone 100% this yet? Or is planning to? Trying to obtain everything is gonna take awhile lol.
  6. Apparently the pop filter you recieve from prompto in a cut scene is? has nothing to do with trophies... And its not a big deal i guess.
  7. There's actually going to be online coop for this game? Does anyone disagree with this lol?
  8. #1 Tekken Tag Tournament 2: 30 March 14 #2 God of war: 31 March 14 Time Gap: 1 day
  9. Maybe try achieve an S rank without a guide? More fun that way...
  10. Buy it dude, give it a go! Its not that bad... You just swear in multiple languages and break countless controllers lol kidding. It is a challenge for some, rewarding once you get it done though. Have fun with it. Smash that platinum!
  11. Sigh, had to do all 480 lol started it this year, didnt know dlc wasn't available anymore. Anyway! All I can say for others aiming for this trophy is to keep at it, I'm no pro, I did it with a standard PS3 controller, so...... Buying an arcade stick as stated in the trophy tips isn't necessary. Its just timing, patience, and practice, as everyone has mentioned vespers YouTube videos are to see how its done but sometimes you can alter certain missions, like weskers assist mission, after the wall bounce you can back dash and continue the combo so storm is still in the corner making it way easier! Another tip id like to add is certain air attacks you need to perform such as spencers missions, instead of jumping and doing the attack, you press, down, forward and continue the movement till diagonal, up peforming a short air jump, howd people figure that out lol? At the end of the day remember its just a game, have fun with it! I guess countless swear words and frustrated moments doesn't count as fun... I should take my own advice.
  12. Wonder what the trophy list will be like... Getting 100% in this game was a mission. Specially the rare drops, anyone else acquire the wyrm hero blade lol? Waste of time.
  13. I had FF13 as my 10th platinum And the platinum trophy for that as my 500th trophy, didn't plan it lol got very lucky. They both used to show side by side but think the milestones recently changed? Oh well.
  14. Cause I'm just a mawfarkin BEAST! Kidding... Can't explain it? Just love to play games and 100% them,