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  1. First anime was like...cardcaptor sakura. It came on WB11. Last one I watched was Black Clover.
  2. Rawr
  3. I hope this cake is to your liking.
  4. #33 The Wolf Among Us
  5. Just wanted everyone to know that I got the remaining zones. Not sure what happened but I loaded the game and the remaining zones were on my map. Thanks to everyone though.
  6. Chunibyo, secrets, and other delusions. Started black clover
  7. Platnium #32 All trophies obtained Obtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies. Opinion: this game was pretty cool. The story got pretty dramatic as well. Would definitely recommend this to anyone. Not sure what plat to go for next, but I think I'll start up Dissidia and Rayman legends .
  8. I haven't deleted the game and installed it again, I might give that a try. And yes, I've gotten all the tallnecks, cauldron, and now bandit camps. It's funny, as I was going to a bandit camp, I found a corrupted zone mysteriously. Wasn't on the compass bar, just a quest activated for it out of nowhere upon entering the zone. I'm almost convinced this is a real glitch.
  9. Yo. So I beat the game, and have completed 66.17% of the entire progression. I've been trying to do the corrupted zones, however my map does not show any new ones, just the previous 5 I've done. Do I need to start a whole new game to get the remainder of the zones, or is there a way to actually get them to show up. I've filtered the map and actually went to multiple locations where the zones should be, but nothing is there. Thanks in advanced !
  10. My last video game purchase was a reservation for kingdom hearts 3. my last regular purchase was Olive garden
  11. Arrested because I said so
  12. Oxygen
  13. Is a rhythm gamer
  14. Balls