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  1. I did it a few months ago. very possible to solo this with AI
  2. all of your posts have been helpful. its good to know the Comrades original is a lot easier than the standalone. I was surprised I actually bested bahamut with just AI. I'm just trying to be one of the 325 people that have 100%'d this game. I thoroughly enjoyed it. thanks everyone for your responses!
  3. so ive almost finished what's considered as the "first half" of Comrades. meaning I got roughly half of the sigils. now that the game is patched up and I'm resorting to using Goldens method to revert back to 1.26, how hard will the remainder of the DLC be? I mean I'm going to have to reconnect more nodes, probably do more missions all with just AI. is this doable? I figured maxing my weapons as much as possible is my only way to get ahead, but can I really solo the remainder of this DLC? TIA!
  4. I wished they had at least finished off the promised dlc. but ardyn is the last we will see of this game. minus the dawn of the future novel.
  5. can confirm this works. followed the instructions to the letter. some numbers were off with the mapping, but in the end it worked out. was a little nervous because my version kept installing 1.29, but like the topic creator said, as long as the file size matches, it works. though my file size was 30.071 instead of 30.043. also, reverting back to version 1.26 will not mess your character up if you played post 1.29, it just continues where you left off. thanks again to golden for the excellent tutorial!
  6. Hey, I saw your Vita borderlands post...

    I am currently doing a siren playthrough on it and could do with a hand getting all the level one badass points (especially multiplayer ones).


    If you wanna play add me, Cuthbert23.

    I'm on most evenings (UK) and lunchtimes at work.

  7. Seems hard to find a person for the one co-op trophy, which is to revive someone. If anyone else plays, do send me an in game message and let's help each other get the trophy! PSN: Ataldeath
  8. JoJos Bizarre Adventure part 1
  9. come back Ezio...
  10. I platted all of the 13 games tho... kingdom hearts 3. fun game!
  11. Batman Arkham Knight. that game was BADASS!
  12. Plat #52: Spyro 2: Riptides Rage. onto spyro 3!
  13. Final Fantasy X gotta Plat one of the best FF games out there!
  14. When I first started the Playstation 3, I didn't really care so much about trophies. As time went on and when my friend introduced me to this site, I began to collect trophies like crazy, trying to get more and more Platniums. So yes, I believe this site made me become more of a trophy achiever.