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  1. Hey, I saw your Vita borderlands post...

    I am currently doing a siren playthrough on it and could do with a hand getting all the level one badass points (especially multiplayer ones).


    If you wanna play add me, Cuthbert23.

    I'm on most evenings (UK) and lunchtimes at work.

  2. Seems hard to find a person for the one co-op trophy, which is to revive someone. If anyone else plays, do send me an in game message and let's help each other get the trophy! PSN: Ataldeath
  3. JoJos Bizarre Adventure part 1
  4. come back Ezio...
  5. I platted all of the 13 games tho... kingdom hearts 3. fun game!
  6. Batman Arkham Knight. that game was BADASS!
  7. Plat #52: Spyro 2: Riptides Rage. onto spyro 3!
  8. Final Fantasy XV
  9. Final Fantasy X gotta Plat one of the best FF games out there!
  10. When I first started the Playstation 3, I didn't really care so much about trophies. As time went on and when my friend introduced me to this site, I began to collect trophies like crazy, trying to get more and more Platniums. So yes, I believe this site made me become more of a trophy achiever.
  11. PSN: Ataldeath Consoles: PS3/PS4/PSVITA Blank friend requests: nah fam, too many scammers! just write psnp, that's more than enough
  12. can also confirm this works. thanks for the assist mango!
  13. I didn't know there were other people also having this problem. hopefully the moderators will be able to assist us with this soon enough.
  14. I'm trying to sync my most recent trophies, however the website says my account is probably set to private. I have never changed the privacy settings and I confirmed through my ps3 console. is there a website glitch going on, or is my console doing something? how do I remedy this? thanks in advanced. edit: read the first pinned post, however this isn't a hidden trophy problem, I can't see any games or trophies on my psnprofiles profile.
  15. PSN: Ataldeath