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  1. Final Fantasy X gotta Plat one of the best FF games out there!
  2. When I first started the Playstation 3, I didn't really care so much about trophies. As time went on and when my friend introduced me to this site, I began to collect trophies like crazy, trying to get more and more Platniums. So yes, I believe this site made me become more of a trophy achiever.
  3. PSN: Ataldeath Consoles: PS3/PS4/PSVITA Blank friend requests: nah fam, too many scammers! just write psnp, that's more than enough
  4. can also confirm this works. thanks for the assist mango!
  5. I didn't know there were other people also having this problem. hopefully the moderators will be able to assist us with this soon enough.
  6. I'm trying to sync my most recent trophies, however the website says my account is probably set to private. I have never changed the privacy settings and I confirmed through my ps3 console. is there a website glitch going on, or is my console doing something? how do I remedy this? thanks in advanced. edit: read the first pinned post, however this isn't a hidden trophy problem, I can't see any games or trophies on my psnprofiles profile.
  7. PSN: Ataldeath
  8. First anime was like...cardcaptor sakura. It came on WB11. Last one I watched was Black Clover.
  9. Rawr
  10. I hope this cake is to your liking.
  11. #33 The Wolf Among Us
  12. Just wanted everyone to know that I got the remaining zones. Not sure what happened but I loaded the game and the remaining zones were on my map. Thanks to everyone though.
  13. Chunibyo, secrets, and other delusions. Started black clover
  14. Platnium #32 All trophies obtained Obtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies. Opinion: this game was pretty cool. The story got pretty dramatic as well. Would definitely recommend this to anyone. Not sure what plat to go for next, but I think I'll start up Dissidia and Rayman legends .
  15. I haven't deleted the game and installed it again, I might give that a try. And yes, I've gotten all the tallnecks, cauldron, and now bandit camps. It's funny, as I was going to a bandit camp, I found a corrupted zone mysteriously. Wasn't on the compass bar, just a quest activated for it out of nowhere upon entering the zone. I'm almost convinced this is a real glitch.