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  1. thanks for the ac syndicate dlc guideĀ 

  2. Hello guys, for anyone who is finding a problem in completing the game with a speedrun (Less than 6 hours). There is a glitch in the game that can unlock the speed run trophy in just a few minutes after you complete the game for the first time. Here is the steps: 1. After completing the game for the first time, start a new game and make a new save. 2. Complete the Prologue and once chapter 1 start exit to the main menu. 3. From chapter select, choose the Epilogue chapter and overwrite your new save game. 4. Complete the Epilogue chapter. 5. Once the credit show up the trophy will pop. Video tutorial: This is still working on patch 1.03
  3. Rest in Pieces guide is done finally, I'm working now on a trophy guide for this game after I finished the 3 stars guide and all 101 ways to die video guide.
  4. You have the permission to use the videos. I'm doing now a collectible guide not a full guide for the game. You can link my guide once finished to your guide and save your time writing for the collectibles trophies.
  5. I'm trying to do a full collectible guide as well. It will be out soon if everything goes write. You can find a timeline for each Red Brick location on the video description. Hope it will help you guys and thanks for watching.
  6. Hello guys, This trophy is unlocked after causing a panicked enemy to kill another enemy, you will need first to perform a brutal takedown on one of the enemies and make sure the others see you, then when you see the enemies fear from you, just keep fearing them by throwing fear bombs or do other brutal takedowns. there is a chance that one enemy will go and kill another enemy and this will give you the trophy. Note: in the video the enemy who kills the other enemy is not visible (he killed him off the video screen). Video Location: Story Memory 4
  7. I know this mostly depends on luck but this video might help to know the concept. You have to pay attention to your bet If your bet is too low, the chance you will get a big win of 10,000+ is little. This is how I got "Big Win" trophy in Crazy 888 Slot Machine:
  8. What is this mode?
  9. Hello everyone, There are a lot of easter eggs in the game, and most of them are really funny Here is a playlist for all the easter eggs I've discovered: Just Cause 3 Easter Eggs or you can watch all of them in the list below: Enjoy the game
  10. First of all I would like to thank the guide team for their efforts with reviewing all of this large number of guides so thank you very much. It's really hard to decide which guide is the best, 15 days it's a fair period so I can take my time and check multiple guides, specially the guides that helped me this year. Good luck for all the participants
  11. Did you use the secret code to get a lot of free fabrication points? in not try this method and you will get around 50 to 100 one time fabrication points. Here is a video guide for it and you can also visit the trophy guide of the game to find out.
  12. This will help! use it before it gets patched.
  13. Hello Guys, I hope this video guides will help as it can all be done early after few hours of your gameplay. Goodluck and enjoy the game! Future Retro Play a Holotape Game. Home Run Get a Homerun. Prankster's Return Placed A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing.
  14. Hello guys, This is the best way to get level 50 with less time! after start a cop chase, find an area with a very small width and the police car will stuck in there if you just play around with him and make him make a u-turn to chase you. I start this glitch from level 46 and get to level 50 in around 70 Minutes. The reputation points will increase by the time so it will be a very fast way to get your level 50!
  15. Update: Added all other campaign miscellaneous trophies. _______________ Thank you.