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  1. I’m back after year i read about the update that doesnt work i gues? I got few trophies last time but still i cant get few of them. Can some1 explain me the best way to get trophies. Like the lowest chance that they will glitch. I heard To do: #not change region i dont know if i f*** myself by swaping to non crossplay like 2 days ago and mabey this block my trophy progres? # stay in one mode (solo or any other) and never change it until all trophies are done. I’m pushing on solo tpp. (i’m not sure if changing from tpp to fpp makes glitch as well?) # I know that our stats are in cloud so there is no save since i was playing on ps4 bro and i got problem with hdd i swap to clasick ps4 till pro will not come back from repair and i’m not sure if this one as well didnt glitch my trophies? # what advice do you have as well for me? I’m missing few trophies is fpp mode better to grind trophies? Or keep pushing on tpp? I want to have as muche bots as it is possible they are super easy to kill.
  2. I was geting few but now it stop again i cant get for 10 items and 101 jumps so far
  3. Hey i want to buy and complite 100% is is still posible?
  4. Just wanted to aprove. I started game with 30450 kills when i wanted to get trophy Grunt Zapper. I keep playing from lvl 1 till i died mostly around lvl 20. i didnt shut down ps vita but i put it rest mode without closing game app. i got trophy slighty over 5k kill with 35800kills. Game is perfect for vita really fun but this glitched trophies are worrest.
  5. How is platinum here? Any glitched trophies?
  6. I just want to comfirm that trophy is still posible i just make it by my self on 2 accounts first challange on easy i manage to get top 103 place so its super easy. Gl for everyone.
  7. I’m going to start this game and after few traps i got in many games i prefer now to ask you. Is this game still possible to be done 100% i have complite edition. Or are there any glitches in games that makes it imposible to do 100%. if any 1 wants to do online same time with me add me Lijon88 on ps. Best regards.
  8. I played few matches still far far away from reaching my first win. I’m will try not to give up.
  9. i spend like hours wasting time on everything. Thank you for yourse help. Bedt way is to create doors then L2 on them add lock lvl 0 and let friend hack it.
  10. I put comment on facebook but i dont think it will happen.
  11. I think they annouce that they turn then off without worrning.
  12. Any1 knows if they gona fix it or i can forget about platinum? Hand kill trophy poped for me at 44kils 10 wins come after 18 wins rest of teophies didnt pop even i did some extra like granade 13 kills no trophy crossbow 10 kills no teophy over 100 kills no trophy over 101 jumps no trophy. I just gave up.
  13. I think i was the first one who get traped by playing this game straith after they turn off this combat mission mode, and start bombarding ea with questions. I talk with 3 people + post on their question and anwser site where i supouse to get an anwser from some1 from management couse on ea help chat and fb chat everyone anwser to me: ”I am honestly not sure, it's possible the game is just having some issues right now, I do apologize for the situation. The only thing we can really do on my end would be to suggest basic troubleshooting steps, but since it's only one game mode I highly doubt that troubleshooting will fix it. The only thing we can do really is log a bug report on the issue. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience of the situation, this game has very limited support due to the studio that developed it not being around anymore. -Scooter, EA Help Team” i’m not giving up i’m still making their life harder and hope that they reopen some how or just announce shutdown. So i think they or dont know what to do with it yet couse non of the managment didnt anwser yet or like some of you said its over.
  14. The same happend to me. I finished first medal of honor the first one, then remaster from ps2 and i wasted this 2 weeks where servers was still open then comes time to finish last part no info about unobtinable trophy couse on box of copy with game there is information if ea will close servers there will be 30 days notification on their web site but there is no ifno about it. So i stsrted game ipdate my trophies focusing first on lvling up a bit and geting into gameplay and then when i tried to do job done teophy o could find servers so i start informing everywhere and asking ea whats going on. Looks like we are out of luck and we will stay with 97% complited in this tittle.
  15. if you join teamdeathmach server you will play only this mode it will only change map on every end game i’m olmost done with evry online trophy except this job i cant do it couse i cant join combat missions :/ there is my post on ea forum please if you can spwnd this extra min and go there and put any coment regarding this so mabey they will fix it :/ alt least before they totaly close servers for good.