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  1. Okay so I can confirm that they have not been delisted. The only way I was able to receive them was by searching on the store through the official Playstation app. I went through the store there and made the purchase. Not sure why I couldn’t find it on the console itself though?
  2. Recently purchased Burnout Paradise for the Playstation 3. As I’m aware servers are still up but was looking for the dlc in the Playstation Store and couldn’t find it anywhere. Can someone confirm if the dlc has been delisted?
  3. Perfect thats what I wanted to hear. Didn’t want to reload an older save as I’m nearing end of Chapter 3 and have a lot of the collectibles already done. Thanks for the info, it’s much appreciated!!
  4. So I done some research and couldn’t find a definitive answer. Essentially I missed a mission in Chapter 2, “Pouring Fourth Oil II” to be specific. Now I understand that this mission isn’t an honor mission so it won’t affect the “Lending a Hand” trophy however will it affect my chances of getting 100%. When I researched this, to achieve 100% it says you must complete all story missions and doesn’t specify if the missables count towards that or not. I also went on to Rockstars Social Club and when checking my single player statistics it says something along the lines of 19/20 missions completed in Chapter 2. Am I screwed? lol
  5. Okay so some of you are aware that to reach the maximum level on both abilities Hacking and Stealing is pretty grindy, 400 each I think? And if you’re like me you only get like 5 hacks a game max then this tip might help you. So essentially, create your own war zone. Select which map you prefer to play on, for me I’ve picked The Forest (relatively small and I know the layout fairly well). For the game mode go ahead and pick Beacon Theft and set the match to 60mins and the maximum for score. From here set the classes of Scout to Helghast Only, Assault to VSA Only, Support to Helghast Only and Insurgent to Helghast Only. When choosing abilities for each class enable all respective abilities for the Helghast classes. The important part here is in the Assault Class, only enable the shield and the e-emitter. This is because they can be hacked and do not deal damage. In terms of weapons, just disable all Assault class weapons such as rifles, pistols and grenades. This means the enemy only has a knife. With all other weapons enabled your teams can gun them down pretty fast so you can run in for the steal. On further settings, choose low health with the respawn timer around 10 seconds. This should give you enough time to steal a class from a dead body before they respawn. For this to work you must play as Helghast, if you spawn as VSA just reload a new lobby through My Warzones. This means that in the game, the enemies can only knife and will not damage you as you can essentially 1 shot them with a pistol. From there, you can instantly steal there abilities. Whilst running about the map killing and stealing you’ll come across the shields and e-emitters placed by the enemies which you can also just hack straight away. i really hope this helps anyone who is still in pursuit of the online trophies for this dlc. [Having tested this theory I was able to get roughly 150 - 200 steals and about 50 hacks in 1 hour. That means you can complete this in a couple hours grinding it out in a Bot lobby compared to a full lobby. Saying this though, the hacking still takes a while as you need to wait until they place and sometimes your hacked E-Emitter will destroy an enemies one. Will look into other possibilities that might make this easier. Maybe increasing difficulty of enemy to Medium/Hard might cause them to use abilities more frequently?]
  6. So I’m sure most of you, if not, all of you will often check other users’ profiles on here to compare stats/games. The first thing I usually look at when checking out someone’s profile is their Completion % and from there I like to look at their trophy log to see what Ultra Rare platinums the player has obtained. What I want to know is what you guys first like to see when looking at another players profile. Is it their Trophy Cabinet? Games Collection etc? Thought this might be a good idea for a thread as we can see what feature is used the most and would be worthwhile for the site to know this and possibly adapt to whatever the responses are on this. For example, further expand on a certain feature if it is the most commonly used?
  7. That’s crazy haha! I wonder if we’ll ever see a game reach that number again
  8. So since I joined PSNProfiles I have always enjoyed seeing what games were more popular at release on this site. Today, Red Dead Redemption II is up to 39k recent players and that’s the highest I’ve ever saw it at. So what I’m wondering is what was the highest number of players you saw on a game? I imagine GTA V’s first release would’ve been busy but I wasn’t on here for when that happened.
  9. 73 in total with 19 being Ultra Rare as I type this. Call of Duty: Black Ops III - 0.86% Grand Theft Auto IV - 0.97% Guitar Hero Live - 1.00% FIFA 17 - 1.90% Grand Theft Auto V [PS4] - 2.02% LittleBigPlanet 3 - 2.11% Trine 2: Complete Story - 2.26% FIFA 16 - 2.30% Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition - 2.63% LittleBigPlanet Karting - 2.68% FIFA 18 - 3.03% Mirrors Edge - 3.10% LittleBigPlanet - 3.39% LittleBigPlanet 2 - 3.49% Red Dead Redemption - 3.63% Call of Duty: Ghosts - 4.18% FIFA 14 - 4.52% The Last of Us - 4.70% Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - 4.70%
  10. If I have multiple accounts on the 1 Playstation 4, do I need to put all accounts on private messaging?
  11. Okay so I’ve unticked it and I am just to cancel the update every time I go on. And this won’t automatically update when I’m playing correct? Sorry for all these questions, I’ve never really looked into these updates or that. I only use PS+ for the IGC. Thank you so much for your help though
  12. This is interesting because this option was already ticked? Has the game not automatically updated due to the fact I haven’t inserted the disc in like 7 months? Thanks anyway, gonna give this an attempt
  13. I’ll try get this trophy solo then lol, hope it works. Is there a way to turn off automatic updates? I’m scared I’ll start the game and it’ll automatically update when I go off or something along those lines
  14. Just checked there, version 1.29 last updated on the 24/05/2018 12:15am. I haven’t played the game in a very long time and I own the disc with all the DLC already downloaded prior to this update. Does this mean I could obtain the trophy if I don’t update the game? Sorry if I’m wrong but I’m slightly confused by this
  15. Quick question. I haven’t played this game in a long time, it’s still installed on my PS4 but if I haven’t been on in maybe a year will I have this update already installed on to my console? If not then could it be possible for me to try this solo still with the gobblegums etc and earn the trophy?