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  1. gg, just checked and ranked matches seem to have been disabled. Losing access to trophies left and right during finals week is slightly stress inducing, however, priorities.
  2. Damn, they actually removed it completely from the game... so weird logging in and not seeing arena available. Wish I had finished those two trophies earlier now but it is what it is. Just going to finish the available trophies and free up some hard drive space.
  3. Platinum #146 - Ether One (PS4) This was a game that I initially was only interested in due to the fact everyone complains about the numerous bugs that accompany it. I can say that, while I did not encounter anything game breaking, I did have the game lock up on me twice while trying to load into new areas. Luckily I didn't have to reload any saves, but I did have to wait somewhere between 5~10 minutes both times. The issues I've read about and experienced are surprising since the credits show a couple dozen on the QA team. Overall though, the game ran fine. The story of the game was also mediocre. I don't even know how to explain the game without spoiling it and then going off on a tangent. Gameplay wise I wasn't expecting it to be so puzzle-centric. The main collectibles you need to gather in each area are ribbons and easily found, but there are four or five other collectibles that usually require you to jump through numerous hoops for a payoff that made me glad I decided to look up a guide after the harbor. The locales used though are what made me keep playing. Two in particular, the harbor and the village, were quite fun to explore. If you like exploring small areas and looking at the little details within them, you may enjoy this game to a certain extent. I just can't recommend starting it due to the reported bugs, so start at your own risk. Enjoyment: 5/10 Difficulty: 2/10 (With guide)
  4. I know Ether One is a relatively easy platinum, but I've heard a lot about how glitchy that game is. Probably would steal that one off ya.
  5. Portal 2... forever unfinished
  6. I've had the same luck as you. Don't worry about it for now and just work on the other trophies while having fun with the current season. I checked last night and found I only had 18/150 premium cards and had just opened my 57th keg, so unless you're crafting them you'll need quite a few if you're unlucky like me.
  7. Yeah, I had a ticket purchased about 2 months ago. I'll finish my run and see if I can reenter later. It's a fun game and I recommend if you like card games like Hearthstone or Shadowverse. Commitment and amount of trophies you want to get is up to you. Personally I like having games on my list even if I can't complete them since it shows me what I've played and enjoyed in the past.
  8. I need to worry. My ability to procrastinate on these types of things are amazing. Also, the arena mode wasn't down from what I could tell. Just ran a match and all seemed well.
  9. Oh god, tell me that isn't true... those are the only PITA trophies to get in the damn game and it's down?
  10. Skyrim for either the PS3 or PS4. I love the game to bits but I always get to a point that I can't play anymore. May go back and finish the PS3 version next year.
  11. Hatoful Boyfriend (PS4) I had this installed and decided to start this up today. I... did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. After getting to a certain point I had to force myself to just finish it up and get it off my hands. If you're looking for a VN fix that is semi-silly, you may like it, but I eventually just started skipping over a ton of the dialog. Enjoyment: 2/10 Difficulty: 2/10
  12. I'd bring Chairorpian's chair from Trover Saves the Universe... because I'm a lazy ass.
  13. Platinum #145 - Steep (PS4) Redownloaded this game this past week and booted it up last night. I probably played for... 12 hours straight or something like that. I had so much fun doing all of the tough stages and just chilling on the mountain side in general. I probably won't go for the DLC trophies yet, but if there is a GOTY version I'll be sure to eventually pick it up. Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 8/10
  14. Eyy, ty for the heads up. Can finally get that last MP trophy out of the way!
  15. Long post, but these are what I've been playing over the last few months. For the most part they are short experiences, but some were pretty time consuming. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 100% Caravan Stories - PS4 Ooph, this one took well over 100 hours to get. Luckily you can leave your PS4 on auto-play, but that's still a long time for a few little trophies. The game itself is okay, but there are so many little things that add up to an overall unpleasant experience. There are a few jarring moments when you are going through the story in which the is VO work done, but it suddenly cuts off for the next few sentences of dialog, and then comes back. I thought it was a glitch but I guess it was a design choice. Menus in the caravan and in general take anywhere between a second to 10 seconds to load, and the combat is mainly auto the whole way to end game. 100% Retro City Ramage - PSVITA I am glad I decided to go back and clean this little game up. It's a fairly short game, which is what I've been needing more of recently, and it has a little bit of challenge to it. Apparently this version has been delisted and it has a tougher trophy list than the newly released DX version. That said, if you have this version and are worried about starting it up because of how rare some of these trophies are, don't be. Look up some wakthroughs for some of the tougher missable trophies and just enjoy the ride. 2x 100% Machinarium - PS3 & PSVITA I was not sure what to expect from this game when I booted it up, and unfortunately for me it was a point and click puzzle game. While I get the appeal for these types of games, I have to really dig the environment and story to actually muster up the patience in order to make it through. Luckily the game is short, which is why I did it twice, but not something I will ever think about returning to. 100% Actual Sunlight - PSVITA This game... is so bad. It's not even a game and is more in line with a visual novel. A VEEEEEEERRRYYY basic visual novel. It covers a serious topic, but I had trouble really connecting with the main character. I know some love this short story, but it didn't do much for me. 100% inFamous: Festival of Blood - PS3 What can be said about inFamous other than it's always a pleasure playing as my main man Cole. The story was really cool in this little spin-off, and again, it wasn't too long. The game does things better in terms of collectibles than inFamous which alleviated a few things I was stressed about going in to this. Highly recommend giving this a playthrough now since I do feel like these are some of the few PS3 games that are starting to show their age in terms of how it plays. 100% Level 22 - PSVITA Another short and sweet game that took me by surprise. You're basically sneaking into your workplace because you slept in, and if you're caught. YOU'RE FIRED! Had a good time with it, and I think going for the 100% took one to two hours. 100% Statik - PSVR A good party game and a good puzzle game in general. The game challenges you by giving you puzzle boxes and puzzle rooms to finagle. For the most part the puzzles are pretty straight forward, but there may be a couple that trip you up. There is an easter egg you can unlock, but the process of doing so is a little convoluted. Unfortunately there is very little replay-ability once you've completed the game other than to go back a clean up trophies.