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  1. Hey TC. I'm at SL 112 now. Let me know whenever you're available. I'll keep working at it until I can get to SL 130 and then I'll stop levelling period.
  2. I'll try to make sure I get it done as soon as possible (I'm at SL 40 right now). Thanks again.
  3. Hey TotallyCrushed -- Really glad to see this and absolutely impressed with your generosity. I'm currently working on getting this plat and was worried about drop rates for certain items but this has provided me a sense of hope. I will get to SL 130 in maybe two to three weeks. Will you still be willing to do this in January?
  4. Everyone else has thrown their opinion in on this game, so I will as well. I want to echo the sentiments of the two quoted posts. I went into this game, as I do with most, with as little information about it as possible. I knew it was a brief (2-3 hour) game limited to the house and involved a lesbian relationship. Past that, I didn't know anything. So when I started playing it, I didn't know if there were any horror elements or jumpscares or anything. And the first hour of gameplay was me tentatively walking around the house anticipating a jumpscare. Playing it at night, alone, with volume up was enough to create a really excellent atmosphere that many other horror games have tried and failed to capture. Ultimately, there's no scripted jumpscares (although there's "one" slight thing the game does as you learn in the commentary). When I found the first secret passage and opened it, I noped out and saved it for a second night because the atmosphere had built well enough for me. I eventually made it through the game and realized it was just a dark, creepy house and then I polished off the rest of the game in very little time. But every time I found a diary entry from Sam, I'd pause to listen to it. She has a great voice and tells a story that's relatable to being a teenager, not necessarily to being a lesbian. There's two portions related to that and they're right next to each other and other fairly quickly. The rest is just about being a teenager. For me, it was an enjoyable story because it reminded me of being a teenager and dealing with the same sort of romance issues that Sam was dealing with. Is it a game of the year? No, by no means. Is it worth an hour or two? Sure. Is it worth $20? Definitely not. Is it worth $5? Sure -- especially when you consider that getting a Coke at a restaurant is going to run you $2.50 plus tax and tip. Is it worth your time given that most people got it through PSPlus? Yep.
  5. I got the most annoying response I could have imagined: My original email: They responded! ... ...... ......... Really? Really, Nordic Games? Really, QuanticLab (the people who send the email)? You seriously think the issue is that I don't have the Crucible Pass? I truly cannot comprehend this level of stupidity.
  6. Hey all -- thanks for any help. My trophies won't update. I've synced them with the server (three separate times) and updated my profile on here (also three separate times), but none of my trophies are showing up on my profile. For instance, as it stands, my profile says I'm at 13/22 for FarCry Classic. In reality, I've finished that (22/22) and I've added a new game (Valiant Hearts: The Great War) that I'm at 11/20 for. With 20 trophies not showing up, I'm not quite sure what to do. I've checked the status reports and nothing on PSNprofiles appears to be down and everything else seems to be functional, so does anyone know what might be going wrong? Thanks in advance! Gryfer
  7. GOD DAAAAAAMMMMIITTTTTTTTT! I JUST STARTED THIS GAME. WHY DID I NOT READ THIS THREAD BEFOREHAND?! Greediness will prevent all of us from ever getting the platinum on this game. Greediness to have a pay-to-achieve trophy. Bullshit.
  8. This is precisely how I'd describe this game. This game probably takes the cake for me on "most disappointing game" in recent memory. The art style was nice and the insights were neat, but the rest was bland and simply disappointing.
  9. Holy shit. What a fantastic game. Just wow. Immediately replaying this gem.
  10. Yeah, this is clearly because people are all crap at this game. Please tell me how any of these deaths were an issue of skill.
  11. I saved at the beginning of chapters 5, 9, and 13. I got rid of the Plasma Cutter in Chapter 3, then ran with the Line Gun, Ripper, Detonator, and Contact Beam, not to mention lots and lots of TK.
  12. ROUND VIII Starting from my third save at the beginning of chapter 13. Started: 11:00 PM. Ended: 1:30 AM. Session Time: 2.5 hours. Total HC Time: 24.5 hours. (1/13) End - Done! Beat it! Sweet, sweet satisfaction! I saved at the beginning of chapter 13, so by the time I got to the eye poke machine at the very end of 13, I was a bit nervous. Chapter 14 was an absolute breeze. Fully loaded on ammo saved from earlier chapters and just gunslinging my way through the enemies. Chapter 15 had me a bit tense because I swore an enemy that was supposed to show up never did (one of the leapers right at the beginning) and I was convinced they were going to come up behind me as soon as I turned my back. I sold everything I had, turned all my cash into power nodes, fully upgraded almost everything, loaded up with about 15 med packs (2 large and the rest medium) and started gunning my way through the baddies. I actually got trapped in the hallway area before the elevator up -- the Ubermorph popped out of a vent (for the first time out of all of my playthroughs) and an Elite Slasher came with him. I couldn't get through, so I stasised the hell out of them and let them enjoy half a dozen Line Racks before sprinting towards the finish, only to have a second Elite Slasher jump out (the one I've always seen) and get introduced to the Line Gun as well. Man, I was hella nervous during the zero-G scene after the final boss. IT'S DONE THOUGH. YAYYYY. 12 total deaths. That's not terrible, especially considering I died 7 times before my first save. I died 3 times trying to get to my second, and twice trying to get to my third -- no deaths between my third save and the end! Final time on save file: 8:48:32 I'd wager at least an hour and a half of that is me (1) watching a video guide without the game paused and (2) waiting on Stasis to recharge. 15 "wasted" hours (total time spent playing HC minus the total time that actually counted towards my progress) -- but I never once repeated a death. I learned something almost every single time, so they weren't terribly wasted. On top of that, a lot of the time I included in the "wasted" hours included going to the bathroom, etc Anyways, I'm rambling. Ecstatic to finally be done with this. Gonna go Handcannon some bitches for entertainment/stress relief/payback. Cheers, everyone!
  13. ROUND VII Starting from my second save in the middle of chapter 8. As always, I'll include the chapter of death, how I died, and a "lesson learned" (LL) from my failure. Started: 3:30 PM. Ended: 7:00 PM. Session Time: 3.5 hours. Total HC Time: 22 hours. (1/13) Chp. 13 - Made it to my target save point at the beginning of chapter 13, right before the big room. Run went very well except for the Drill Ride. Everyone always says "stand still, the Lurkers will always miss if you do." I think literally maybe two missed the whole time. I went through 3 medium health packs. Ugh. Oh well, that's why I had a stockpile. Time was a little misleading. I kept stopping for miscellaneous things. That said, I was very slow and deliberate. Probably took me about 2.5 hours of actual effort. I'm looking forward to finishing this game off. Maybe tonight, but probably tomorrow.
  14. ROUND VI I updated my prior post with my eventual death. Starting from my second save in the middle of chapter 8. As always, I'll include the chapter of death, how I died, and a "lesson learned" (LL) from my failure. Started: 9:00 PM. Ended: 10:30 AM. Session Time: 1.5 hours. Total HC Time: 18.5 hours. Next target save location: Chapter 13 (immediately after the drill ride). (1/12) Chp. 10 - The area where the tram is on the way to the Medical Deck immediately after the Decontamination room. This death was absolute BS. The Elite Slasher came from above and, despite being hit constantly by my upgraded Ripper blade, he hit me and killed me in one shot. LL: Upgrade my health. This death was ridiculous.
  15. Feel free to wait until sometime later in your playthrough, make a save, then sell everything you own and buy the weapons you haven't been using. Get a kill with each gun, run back to a store, sell them, buy the new weapons, and get a kill with each of them. After the trophy pops, reload your save. You get to keep the trophy but have all of your stuff back. I did this in Chapter 11 in the big room with the ramp, elevator, and all the stasis pods. There's a store in the room immediately before it, but lots of enemies immediately afterwards, so it's really easy to get it there. You can use the same concept to get Fully Loaded and Fully Outfitted (and literally every weapon trophy). I didn't give a hoot about having any Air upgrades, so I saved, sold all my junk, stuffed some nodes into my RIG and filled out stasis, then the trophy popped. I respec'd them to get the nodes back then stuffed all those nodes into my weapons and boom, both trophies. Reload last save and I have everything back.
  16. Not specifically, no, but I'd like to be done by this weekend, just so I can move on with my life. My backlog is *immense* and has some great games in it that I'm dying to get to, but I don't want to get to them until I'm done with DS2.
  17. ROUND V Starting from my second save in the middle of chapter 8. As always, I'll include the chapter of death, how I died, and a "lesson learned" (LL) from my failure. Started: 10:00 PM (resumed at 5:30 PM). Ended: 12:00 AM (ended at 5:45 PM). Session Time: 2.25 hours. Total HC Time: 17 hours. Next target save location: Chapter 13 (immediately after the drill ride). (1/11) Chp. 10 - I died in the decontamination room. I accidentally killed all of The Pack and spawned the other necros. I place my Detonator mines just like Wolf does in his videos. The mine that he deactivates accidentally killed the last one for me because I ran forward to grab an item. The last Pack member changed his angle of pursuit, ran into my mine, and boom, everyone else started spawning in. I was having a damn good run, too. Disappointing. LL: Don't put the first mine down that Wolf does. I didn't need it on Zealot and it caused me to die on HC. By not having it, at worst, one Pack member gets through and you get hit once before you deal with it (plenty of Med Packs by then anyways). On the other hand, having it caused me to restart back to the middle of chapter 8. EDIT: I initially posted that I hadn't died yet and just left my system running until I was able to get back to it. I updated it with my eventual death.
  18. ROUND IV Starting from my first save at the beginning of chapter 5. As always, I'll include the chapter of death, how I died, and a "lesson learned" (LL) from my failure. Started: 7:00 PM. Ended: 7:30 PM. Session Time: .5 hours. Total HC Time: 11.5 hours. Next target save locations: Start of chapter 9 (right after meeting up with Ellie & Stross), chapter 13 (immediately after the drill ride). (1/10) Chp. 6 - Open room near the beginning of the chapter. LL: Things went wonky. Don't have the energy to try again. Thankfully, chapter 5 only takes like 10-15 minutes. Chp. 6 has some difficult spots (open room, Stalkers) but really isn't that bad overall. Chp. 7's only difficult spots are the tripods and the one room immediately before you go to the Solar Array. Chapter 8 is also really short and there really aren't many ways to screw it up. All in all, I don't think I'll have much trouble with this section once I actually focus on it and get to it. I'll get it done this weekend. EDIT: Got a second burst and decided to give it another go. Turns out, that was a good idea. Started: 10:00 PM. Ended: 1:15 AM Session Time: 3.25 hours. Total HC Time: 14.75 hours. (2/11) Chp. 8 - Made it to my second save point! ....kinda. I actually saved at the save point immediately before the one I planned on saving at (i.e. I actually saved when Ellie & Stross are on the other side of the jammed door instead of my planned saved where the three amigos finally all meet at the start of chapter 9). We had inclement weather in the area and I was hearing thunder outside. I had an awesome run, so I would have lost my mind if the power went out. Plus, it's 1:30 AM and I gotta get up for work tomorrow. All's well -- the next room can *occasionally* be hairy, so if it doesn't go perfectly, I can restart. Chapter 8 is a cakewalk IMO, so I'm not annoyed if I have to redo it a time or two if/when I die in later chapters. There don't seem to be too many upcoming hairy areas (I kinda hate chapter 9 though), so I don't expect to have too much difficulty going forward. The beginning of the game is *definitely* the hardest part.
  19. Some people use the Ripper. A single blade can take down a Brute. I have a problem hitting the joints just right though. My stress-free method is an upgraded Line Gun Alt attack. I think 4 DMG upgrades (which you get fairly easily) kill every Brute instantly. Statis + Line Gun Alt makes Brutes literally the easiest enemies in the game.
  20. Ha! Hahahaha hahahahahahahahaha haha! If you have to pay to have access, it's not free. It's as simple as that. So yes, I'm seriously going to tell you that I have a Netflix subscription and I'm not getting movies for free. I'm pay a fee every month to watch what I want to watch. If you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet and you're stuffed and considering dessert, are you going to tell me that the dessert is free? No, it's not -- you just already paid for it. If it was free, anyone could come in and eat it. Essentially, what I'm saying is "no additional cost" is not the same as "free."
  21. ROUND III Starting from my first save at the beginning of chapter 5. As always, I'll include the chapter of death, how I died, and a "lesson learned" (LL) from my failure. Started: 8:00 PM. Ended: 10:30 PM. Session Time: 2.5 hours. Total HC Time: 11 hours. Next target save locations: Start of chapter 9 (right after meeting up with Ellie & Stross), chapter 13 (immediately after the drill ride). (1/8) Chp. 5 - Missed a bunch of shots on the Tormentor with my Line Gun, so I let him kill me -- didn't want to waste too much ammo. LL: None. I've always had trouble hitting his tongue (or whatever) in that scene. Something about the angles makes it so that you have to aim slightly low or something. Either way, I can never seem to hit him just right. (2/9) Chp. 6 - Stalkers. Dunno why I can't seem to handle Stalkers in this mode. I literally had never been hit by one except for the very first time I encountered them, yet I've struggled with both Stalker areas I've faced in Hard Core. LL: Honestly, no idea. Maybe abuse stasis a bit? My TKs should have hit them in my opinion and they chose to run directly through my upgraded Ripper blades. This one seemed a bit cheap. That's it for today. I really hate wasting my time playing this mode, so I am absolutely not going to let it have all of my free time after work.
  22. The HC spawns are exactly the same as other difficulties, but many spots have random spawns (in all difficulties). The laundry room, a lot of the open rooms, etc.
  23. I am using one. That doesn't necessarily make it a walk in the park. There are still random spawns and other things that make the game difficult.
  24. ROUND II Three attempts today. Starting from scratch because I didn't get to a save point last time. I feel like crap so I'm guessing this won't be one of my better runs, but might as well try. I'll include the chapter of death, how I died, and a "lesson learned" (LL) from my failure. Started: 8:00 PM. Ended: 12:30 AM. Total Time: 4.5 hours. Target save locations: Start of chapter 5 (cryo rooms), start of chapter 9 (right after meeting up with Ellie & Stross), chapter 13 (immediately after the drill ride). (1/6) Chp. 3 - Immediately before the first zero-G area. I got ammo greedy and tried to stick the Exploder instead of killing him easily when he was farther away. I had full health, but I guess he was just close enough. I'm getting numb. LL: Don't be greedy at that spot. (2/7) Chp. 1 - Lockdown room. Still pissed about last death and just playing dumb. LL: I'm a fucking fuckwad. (3/8) Chp. 5 - Made it to my first save point, surprisingly. I wanted to die early on and just go to sleep but told myself I would give it a third attempt. Things went generally pretty well except for a few bits. Lot of rooms had me improvising a little bit (like the lockdown room) but they just kinda worked out. Laundry room was ugly and the open room at the very end of Chapter 3 wasn't the prettiest either. I've never done worse in the Stalker room than this run; same with the final room before Chapter 5 (I did shockingly poorly in that room -- ended up using 7 Line Gun shots in that single room, should have been 3). All that said, I think I'm in pretty decent shape going forward. I'm literally mimicing almost everything Wolf does in his videos, so all's good. Glad I'm done with the beginning. Quarter done -- yay. As an aside, why does it seem like I die at *literally every single difficult area* the first time through it? At this pace, it'll take me 70 attempts to get through this bitch. Gonna cut down to one attempt per day from here on. Otherwise, I'm probably going to break this fucking game disc and probably get a divorce.
  25. Here goes nothing. I'll include the chapter of death, how I died, and a "lesson learned" (LL) from my failure. Started: 8:00 PM. Ended: 12:00 AM. Total Time: 4 hours. Target save locations: Start of chapter 5 (cryo rooms), start of chapter 9 (right after meeting up with Ellie & Stross), chapter 13 (immediately after the drill ride). (1) Chp. 1 - Everything was going pretty well up until the boss. He jumped on me twice. LL: Don't *sprint* backwards, *walk* backwards. (2) Chp. 2 - Laundry room. Spawns were difficult/unexpected. Even sent the puke back at the puker and it *didn't* insta-kill him, but it *did* take off his legs? Never seen that before. Weird. Used up all my stasis and got wrecked. LL: Nothing -- spawns are bitch. (On subsequent attempts, I actually changed my positioning. I was originally positioned near the machines (like Wolf does in the videos everyone links to). I moved to the back near the door you leave through. Keeping everything in front of me helped.) (3) Chp. 2 - In the first room (conveyor belt) with the Exploders. Got through three no problem, but the fourth showed up behind me for the first time (it has always shown up on the other side in my prior playthroughs). LL: After killing the third, move to the middle of the room so I can figure out where the last one is coming from. (4) Chp. 2 - Died hanging off the back of the train. Just got overwhelmed. LL: Nothing. This one sucks. This is the first one to piss me off. (5) Chp. 1 - Was still pissed off and playing reckless as hell. Screwed up almost every section a little bit. Ended up dying to the first set of Pukers. Fucking glad of it if I'm being honest. LL: Don't play pissed off. Fuck. That's it for me today. Clearly, I am a piece of shit gamer because even those of you who made it seem like you are terrible at this game were making it through these first chapters relatively easily. I'm 5 attempts in and not even 50% of the way to my first save point -- which is exceptionally early compared to everyone else.