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  1. Dragon Age 2 on PS3 and Fable 2 on my Sexbox 360.
  2. I hate Duke Nukem. He's neither cool, funny or sexist. He's just a s**t character in s**t games. Alistair from Dragon Age. Guy was a bitchball from the moment you're introduced, until you finally see him sulk like a baby at the Landsmeeting. Such a t**t!
  3. I'd say you have to around 2020 before the PS3 has stopped being supported by SONY. I'm like you in a way... but no doubt I'm sexier . Rather than buy a new gen, on Friday I bought a 360 because I love what game the system has. To be honest I'd have bought the PS4 and X-One if both were backwards compatible. As it stands neither machines have any games worth buying the console for, so I may as well enjoy whats available on the pre-gens.
  4. I see where you're coming from, my grey haired flying beauty. But look at how consoles/gaming was seen back then. It was a much smaller market aimed towards geeks and children. It was for those two factors that creativity and longevity were favoured over greed. Then by 2000 gaming really hit the big time and became worldwide. Next thing you have real actors wanting to be in video games to introduce themselves to a whole new fan base, as well as bringing in marketing teams that knew how to really sell a product. Hate them for splicing up gaming as we see it today. But in terms of tech, creativity, longevity, controls, price, expansions. Its never been as good... But. Marketing in general for every product available to us has gotten out of control. Most companies now only sell parts of a product because they don't want to be blamed if it breaks because they forget to mention on the label that you shouldn't stick it up your arse whilst singing to 1Direction. Others do it because, why sell a product for 10 quid when you can sell it for 25 quid by selling it in pieces. Its all gone to pot, but at least gaming is still awesome.
  5. I buy any game I want, but thats because I use multiple accounts. If I know a game is good but has multiplayer, I refuse to pay full price and so will wait for a great deal and then play it on my turd testing account. To go on my completion accounts, the game has to be a trusted game of great playability as well as having an enjoyable (overall) trophy list to en extent. Trophies should never put you off buying a game. Simply create a space account and then you can play anything you want.
  6. I panicked. Kittens died. It was a mess. Also I posted in the wrong thread.
  7. Deleted post. Got threads mixed up.
  8. For me it wasn't a game that swayed me, it was the Ms attitude. Don't get me wrong, to this day I favour every 360 exclusive over the PS3 exclusives. But around 2010 the Ms greed attitude really took over. It got to the point where you couldn't turn on the games console without being hammered by commercials on the first screen. As the updates for the dash came, the greed got worse. In the end it started to feel like a commercial box rather than a f**king games console. Now don't get me wrong, SONY are just as bad... if not worse when it comes to greed. But at least with SONY you tend to feel like its there if you want to buy it, not you have to buy or else. But these past few days I've really been thinking about all those amazing 360 games, especially the exclusives as well as the multiplatform games which play so badly on PS3 but are some of the best games ever made. So now I just have to think whether I just get one and forget about the dash and just play how I want. Or I stick with the PS3 and feel let down and on the rare occasion play a truly great game.
  9. If you're a younger gamer who thinks you're getting ripped off in todays gaming. Trust me when I and the rest of the older gamers say... No your f**king not! We're from the NES, SNES & SEGA days when a piss poor game could cost you up to £80. That got you limited gameplay, s**t graphics even back then, and stories so bad even blind, deaf,no tongued monsters could write better. Gaming has never been so good. From 2005 onwards, gaming has done nothing but give 100% for a big majority of the industry. But yes there is a greed feeling going about lately. But thats not the developers. Devs spends years coding and wanting to make great games. Its the publishers and marketing departments who turn a work of art into a tack-fest.
  10. I think I'm with every Bethesda fan on PS3, when I say that Bethesda make the best RPG's imaginable, but sadly that cannot build for PS3. Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas are truly amazing games to play. If you have a 360 then you must play these near endless games. Then there's Skyrim which tops everything. Sadly the PS3 was to difficult to port to and so all that massive code can make for a let down experience on PS3. So in terms of what works perfectly for PS3... 1: Dragon Age Ultimate Edition - But you need purchase the Return to Ostagar DLC as neither EA or BioWare made sure that the discs were complete. It works... its just not that ultimate lol. 2: Ermm. 3: Mass Effect Trilogy. Buggy as hell and neither an RPG or a solid shooter. Great story though until you get to the turd game.. I mean third game. 4: Fallout New Vegas - You need to play this game. Bugs can sometimes have a work around, and then its smooth gameplay for a good 6 minutes 5: Fallout 3 - See above.
  11. You know what mate. My first Elite 360 got the RROD early 2010, that was when I bought my first PS3. Uncharted and Uncharted 2 were truly amazing single player and co-op experiences, but those online trophies almost killed the game for me. It was the 2500 kills that almost made me jack it in. I boosted some, but the 2500 had to be legit, and wow what a broing legit that was. Thankfully I still had crushing to complete, so in a way I still got to end the 100% completion on a high. Know what killed that account? Prince of Persia HD. The second game. Beyond shite that game was, and no way I could bare to finish it.
  12. Awesome sauce me ol' sunbeam. Arkham City is a truly amazing experience, but if you've not done so already, please play Arkham Asylum. They're two of the most amazing games ever made, but Arkham City is a very tough game. Its the combat rooms and challenge rooms which have destroyed many a completion run. None the less though, these game must be played. Its worth wrecking your profile for trust me lol. Although now that you've put a thousands years worth of effort into GT5, I'd say create a new profile to test games on lol. When you get a moment, link me to your guides mate. You may have info that I need. I know mate. When will they realise that only mine matters. This is why I have so many profiles mate. Perhaps the platinum should be the end of the trophy list for a game, but the fact is that to sell DLC they need to attach those trophies and then later that DLC could be broken, or just be total crap to play. I know Brutal Legend added more online DLC trophies even no one touched the servers for like 3-4 months before the DLC arrived.
  13. I dunno chief. DLC has had achievements/trophies attached since about 2008, and the reason being is because they know that's how you sell the DLC. But the spilt between single player and MP for an individual game will never happen. Maybe on the XBOX as that's where the achievement system thrives. On the PS3 it tends to be less so.
  14. I thought the relationship between Monkey and Trip was one of the best story developments I've seen in a long time. That includes the movie industry too.
  15. I think you're using the word 'obsessed' for the wrong reason. What I've done is set a target, much like I would when I'm at the gym. Would I spend the whole time at the gym lifting the lightest weights possible? No, because it offers no gain. So you give yourself tougher targets to aim for, some which you will reach, others which will be beyond your limitations. The same can be goes for many other things your life. All I'm doing is playing video games with targets to reach.