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  1. Now it is playable for me, but they did not fix PhysX... it still works only in DLC. I do not think they will fix this issue.
  2. Can confirm it is working, got the platinum yesterday.
  3. Which Hitman? Surprised to see it mentioned in this thread.
  4. My experience in first 20 minutes: Sound is off and goes from the left speaker only. Patch should fix that. Clothes do not have physics and are glued to the body - not sure if they will upgrade it. Lightning in some parts of the game has to be fixed. One moment it is beautiful, and one moment you get junkie Vito who has seen some shit:
  5. I was just discussing with my brother how cool it would have been if they made a remake of the first, but thought it would never happen. To be honest, this is the first thing that brought me true excitement and childish joy for the past 6-7 years... It is refreshing feeling like this again. Hitting 30 this summer, so will be the perfect present.
  6. Just Dance platinum.
  7. I collected this plat a long time ago, but i remember, that i was missing the shard on the tallest building simply because it is not shown on your locator. I think it was this one:
  8. I was half sleepy, so maybe it was 61 hours lol i was hunting this trophy for a week now, only 50 towers and 50 brutalities left, so almost got a plat myself.
  9. Just for info, Jade tower is currently active for 6 more hours with group battle available.