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  1. You will not be able to transfer, you must have same region savefiles. I tried it myself, since i had both US and EU savegames, only those of US worked for my US copy of the game.
  2. Also sold my copy 1 month ago. Well, maybe they will put base game as PS Plus title.
  3. Yes, it won’t work that way.
  4. Im from Europe but I have US acc. If you put correct county in US you dont have to pay tax, so for me is cheaper like this.
  5. I really like the discount for Guardians of the Galaxy (it is quite recent) and Lost Judgment Ultimate Edition. Will pick up Guardians for sure.
  6. I agree. I will pick it up when it is ~ $5
  7. Isn't it the normal price? $20 is normal price for US store, which is roughly that amount. You could make US acc and buy for €14,99 anyway. In US it is on sale for $14,99 now.
  8. @HusKy great work! One question/suggestion - is it possible to change game trophy list picture manually? I really like how the reduced PS5 icons look, but then it annoys me that the PS5 tile is "in a box".
  9. Got PS5 on March 2021: Maquette Mortal Kombat 11 Astro's Playroom Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Active Neurons 3 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Terminator: Resistance Enhanced Yakuza: Like a Dragon Disco Elysium Ghost of Tsushima Hitman 3 Far Cry 6
  10. There are two threads about this already. Check below thread out, one guy posted a good method:
  11. There was a topic already about this, there are some posts which list what autopops and what not - i used it myself. To answer shortly - no, not every trophy autopops.
  12. I had this happen to me yesterday. Could not continue the game or connect the 2nd player. SOLUTION - use offline mode, this fixed it for me and some other people who used my advice in Reddit.
  13. Took me around 18 - 20 hours from scratch to do it. I did this in 2021, so flying controls are really outdated and took some time to get used to it.
  14. Did this in July You do not need all jobs at 99. I did some leveling up on other jobs, but mainly to get water skills. Getting to level ~25-30 with each jobs takes 10-20 minutes of Kamurocho dungeon Vagabond grind. I did it with this lineup: Kasuga lvl. 99, Hero lvl. 99 Adachi lvl. 99, Enforcer lvl. 99 Saeko lvl. 99, Idol lvl. 99 Joon-gi lvl. 99, Hitman lvl. 99, Tips from me: - put health items in storage and be fully stocked on the character as well as there will be some save points during the dungeon where you can replenish health and access storage - Cast Peerless Resolve with Kasuga at the start of every fight. - Summon Mazochist during last fight to minimize damage (in the guide below). I used these posts to prepare myself + a guide with enemies description of their weaknesses, etc.