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  1. Um... The answers in this thread are wrong. Saves are copied over with the app, unless the game is the rare case where saves and updates are saved to the cartridge.
  2. So... how does one go about getting the platinum version?
  3. Still working as of today. Totally missed the part about the glitch triggering the Maxed Out trophy and panicked at first.
  4. Sorry to necropost, but yes. You have to start over.
  5. It's cool if it's not the same. The mentality is there, and that makes it interesting to me. Kinda like how you can tell a 10 Tons Ltd twin-stick shooter just by looking at it, most of the time. I'm a fan of the creator's previous work.
  6. I don't even care about the reviews. I'd totally forgotten this game existed, let alone a possible Vita release. I've played through all the US Clock Tower games and loved them, so I'm stoked for this.
  7. So does anyone know if this trophy list is exclusive to the physical edition, or is there going to be some kind of digital reissue, as well?
  8. Ah, I see. Well, the pressure trophy unlocked just fine for me on the Vita version, so no worries there. Might just be an issue with the PS4 version.
  9. Um... the issue with the trophies not synching was Sony's fault. They didn't add the trophy list for the Vita version to their US database, which is why you couldn't sync them. Has absolutely nothing to do with the developer whatsoever. Sony actually has this issue quite frequently with trophies for indie games. If you notice, there was no patch released for the game to address the issue, which indicates the developer didn't screw up with the trophy list. Or are there other issues with this game that I'm not aware of?
  10. I didn't see it posted here, but during my platinum playthrough, I noticed that if the game freezes in the Mine Road section, if you change the graphics from remastered to original (or vice versa), the game will unfreeze.
  11. There are some crates late in the game that don't look like crates. They look like altars or pedestals. I think they can only be destroyed by the sword of light, or whatever it's called. Make sure you get those ones, too. I was stressing about that trophy until I accidentally figured that out, and it popped soon after.
  12. Late reply, but it shows chests and artifacts. I don't think you find any shards outside of chests, except for the Vulgrim ones and one from boss fights, etc.. It even shows chests in the serpent holes.
  13. Anyone have any of their trophy rewards disappear? I had 6 or 7 out of 10 platinum completed, and now they're not showing up.
  14. Flinthook is their newest game. And there's a free "expansion" for Mercenary Kings called "Reloaded Edition." Should be out the same time as the Vita version of the game, which, according to the developers, was classified by PEGI, so it should be any day now. Though they have been promising the Vita version since 2014, so take it with a grain of salt.