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  1. it showed me the personal trainer ad wtf
  2. A whole team of Torbjörns is a nightmare, hopefully they nerf bastion and reinhardt too...
  3. hi

    Hey Joe welcome to the forums
  4. Final fantasy 7 and 10 Metal gear solid 1 Resident Evil 2 Silent Hill 1 Demons souls Hitman absolution Devil may cry 1
  5. Obscure 2
  6. Im going for the PS VR since I don't plan to get a pc in the near future
  7. Ohhhhhhhhhh can't wait to put my hands on U4 and FFXV
  8. Can't wait for Aj vs roman
  9. Dark Souls 3
  10. Well, imma be honest with you I only played the division and it wasn't that good I got bored so quick it's soooooooo repetitive
  11. It took me forever to post this. So, me and my friend started thinking of writing novels and it's something new to us.We don't really have that background Cuz we aren't used to writing, It won't be easy I know but we really wanna do this so Plz guys if you have any advice or tip I appreciate it. P.S we are looking for an artist too
  12. I'd say kingdoms of amalur: reckoning
  13. Welcome bro enjoy your time her e PEACE
  14. Jurassic World 7/10 not the best in the series but it was just good