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  1. Thank god, you finally ditched Alucard!! welcome back Magnus of Deacon

  2. I just bought... and
  3. Hmmm... I guess that was only during Christmas time.
  4. Doug Stanhope, Lewis Black, Frank Calliendo, and Greg Hahn.
  5. Holy shit, that's the gayest thing I've seen all day.
  6. Unfortunately, that's the one thing I have never managed to do. I don't know if I should be proud or disappointed.
  7. I guess this belongs here. The best bad joke I've done on site so far.
  8. Misprints may be worth more to collectors, but anyone with OCD would be shitting themselves.
  9. I would say... Riddler trophies in Batman: Arkham City. They were easy to find and the only real trick was having the sklls to get them.
  10. My most recent game purchase would be WET and White Knight Chronicles
  11. Stupid Google tricks... Search for: Let it snow
  12. Yeah, I admit, I feel the same way. I remember when the only achievement you were worried about was simply beating the game. That or unlocking everything in the game just to see how cool it looks or if it is worth using. I myself have fallen into the Trophy Hunter mentality to a point. Once I get the platinum or 100% in a game I don't seem to play it as much anymore.
  13. Person 1: I know how to fit an Elephant into a Safe Way bag. Person 2: How do you do it? Person 1: Easy. Take the "S" out of Safe and the "F" out of Way. Person 2: There's no "F" in Way
  14. My first trophy?
  15. It's Nintendo... what else would you expect?