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  1. So I have another follow up, I decided to load up my Olga file which was at 53 minutes by Stage 16 and actually got the Speedrun trophy to pop! I managed to get to Corruption at 4:14 seconds, also noticed that the timer seems to stop during that fight. So instead of going for the Bad ending(And ignoring the Neutral ending this time) like in previous attempts I did the Good ending and it popped right as the flying ship began to explode. According to the last result screen I barely made it with 4 seconds left on the clock, the game still crashed lol. Definitely gonna speedrun through the game soon, will finally be able to finish this. πŸ˜† Edit: Looking to speedrun it soon, waiting for a pal offline to be free in order to do the co-op trophy first. I will have a estimate of how long it could take to platinum without the skip trick. πŸ‘.
  2. That is a relief! Back when I was attempting the speedrun on my other account I had to keep reloading after failing to skip a few sections, mainly the jungle area. But I am definitely gonna give it another shot this week πŸ˜‚. Sure I don't mind a mention at all go for it πŸ‘. A 7 sounds about right, like everything else in the game is easy, with that glitch on point #2 above, you can tank most of the bosses and take them out fast making Expert a bit easier. But IMO the speedrun has got to be the hardest thing to do lol.
  3. Yeah in my 5 attempts a year ago, each of them was with the Neutral ending (I thought I could shave off time without having to face Corruption XD). But I may go back and try it soon, originally in most attempts I thought by reloading with the timer being around 53 minutes I could speed through, but perhaps it has to be done in one setting? I am still wondering if it is real world time or not, I have noticed that the when loading a level the game's clock still runs, one example is in the first "flight" level once it starts at least 10 seconds had already passed πŸ˜…. Btw great videos! They should help those seeking to get this game platinumed πŸ‘.
  4. Ok a quick update to my above post. I managed to get Unstoppable Anger to finally pop! After loading up a Stage 16 save which clocked in around 55 minutes as Tanya, I just let the game sit and idle for an hour. After making it up to Corruption I got the scene to trigger, which made the Bad Ending trophy pop!
  5. I have a few questions regarding the NA version. I spent over half of May last year experimenting on one of my other accounts. 1. Is there some sort of trick to triggering the Bad Ending trophy "Unstoppable Anger"? I did Stage 16 for what felt like dozens of times with both characters allowing "Corruption" to fall after depleting their health bar. Now I know there is another way to trigger the bad ending, by taking too long or something I believe from a video I saw on youtube where the player character witnesses the captive character being taken out. But I have no idea how that is triggered. 2. The Speedrun Trophy where you have to finish the game in less than an hour, is it based on in game time or real world time? I have done it at least 5 times with my final time being at around 57 or 58 minutes, yet it would not pop during any of the attempts. I did do the dying at long enemy encounters trick you mentioned and, showed in the videos, along with skipping encounters entirely(which is super tricky). A few notable glitches I have seen happen from testing. 1. No matter what difficulty played on(this can be an NA only thing I have yet to attempt the EU version) the game seems to always crash during the final results screen as Olga (Pink Hair). 2. There seems to be a helpful glitch that can be done, where if you load up a Stage 16 file, and exit to the main menu via pause then start up a new game, the damage power-up upgrade seems to carry over, which made Expert Mode more manageable. 3. While attempting the L1 double tap skip feature in the NA version (I still to this day don't know where it is done) on the press any button screen, it would wipe my file completely at times (thankfully I had back ups πŸ˜‚). 4. After doing Area 11 (Gunrose Fortress) with Tanya on Expert Mode, I was sent to a desert stage instead of that Godforsaken ice level. This only happened one time from memory. πŸ˜… Anyway my apologies for all of the text, this game's trophy list has always been one of the biggest mysteries to me. It is a decent Beat'em up, I absolutely love the music, just wish it wasn't full of so many glitches which will likely never be fixed. I have had everything except for "Unstoppable Anger", "Not a Single Second to Lose", and "Enraged" unlocked without an issue on my other account.
  6. Finally, it feels like it has been ages since they first announced it. From what I am reading on one of the Steam guides, Hardcore Mode apparently deletes your file upon death. Manaul saving also appears to be disabled only allowing auto-saves (going all out with it I see πŸ˜…). But perhaps cloud saving or using a USB could remedy some of the difficulty. Edit: Going to add that there are also 3 items known as "Floppy Disks", that are said to work as 1-Up's.
  7. Hate to say it but your gonna have to start from scratch, had this happen to me last year during my run (got all the way to the end of the game). It really sucks that the devs have not fixed this issue yet, my best advice is to frequently back up your save file via cloud or USB from time to time.
  8. Definitely a day 1! Have been wanting them to bring this game back.
  9. A dream come true! πŸ˜ƒ
  10. New name Jadez-Zangetsu, former name "Tatsuyu".

  11. Definitely gonna nab it, great to see Atlus giving its other series a chance.
  12. Haha awesome, another reason to run through this game again πŸ™‚
  13. Definitely one of the best platinum images I have seen to date. Looking forward to running through this one.
  14. Drops September 17th
  15. First game coming to consoles finally!!