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  1. Freaking hyped! Enjoyed Half-Genie Hero, but hoping it will be more akin to Pirate's Curse.
  2. Oh no throughout the story I collected most I saw(every blue scrolI saw was top priority though), it wasn't until I got the request to fight the last 3 dolls in the rain village I took a chance and began ignoring the red scrolls all together. Still just to be safe make sure to ignore them while getting the final blue ones after the Killer Bee fights. Edit: Ignore the memory crystals after said fight too, only the blue scrolls matter, be sure to make a back up save just to be safe.
  3. After having the "wonderful pleasure" of having to do a second playthrough thanks to this notorious glitch, I can vouch that avoiding most of the red scrolls during end game works. Like the previous posts said, AVOID touching the red scroll, and memory crystals in open forest area after beating Killer Bee in the Fragment. If you wanna take it a step further avoid the Red Scrolls in the Hidden Rain Village surrounding the Pain, Konan, and Tobi Dolls too. But don't forget all of the Blue ones in the warehouse/2 area's before it. Nearly had a panic attack when Story Assembler didn't pop 😂, but I was able to talk to the NPC again after going back for the missing scrolls (In my case it was the Sand Village final area, also avoided picking up the Red Scroll there). Anyway wishing luck to anyone whom may be still be struggling with that Godforsaken Glitch, also remember back up a save on a USB drive(Cloud too) 👍
  4. All that's left to do now is play the waiting game, still fingers crossed.
  5. Looks easier compared to the first 2 games, no need to grind one type of equipment for 500 missions, Or get 400 articles of clothing, so its a start! 😂 Either way I look forward to jumping back into God Eater 😀
  6. Not really a fan of censorship in any form, was gonna nab it day one but may wait for price drop. 😑 Never in my life would have I expected Senran to be hit after all of these years.
  7. Absolutely hyped for this one, the game itself looks amazing. Metroidvania wise it looks pretty close to Symphony of the Night, from the HUD, the damage values, the mini map and more. All it needs now is the late 90's voice acting 😆, and the package will be complete! Eh either way can't wait 😃.
  8. Hyped! So can't wait, more Ys is always great.
  9. Trophy List for those wondering. https://www.exophase.com/game/bloodstained-curse-of-the-moon-psn/trophies/ So hyped for both games! Been in need of an Igavania for years.
  10. Lmao Looks like a good list, nothing appears to be too hard. Either way hyped.
  11. Finally hitting the PSN Store next Tuesdays(NA), and Wednesday(EU). https://gematsu.com/2018/04/project-nimbus-code-mirai-launches-april-10-in-north-america-april-11-in-europe
  12. Outside of worrying about nabbing every chest in the game, doesn't seem hard at all.
  13. Yeah right when you're about to run over the King Chim hit the touch pad to pull up the mini-map, then O and if done correctly it should automatically count as having gathered all 3 of them. So freaking happy they kept it in haha