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  1. Just checked out the trailer, looks fun! Thought of picking it up on the Switch for a while now. May nab this before the 4th hits (Discount)
  2. Definitely gonna run through this again! Couldn't get enough of the vanilla version 😀
  3. FINALLY! Its about time!
  4. Awesome! Hoping to finish the first one before this drops! 😄
  5. An absolute buy! Still surprised at how soon it will be released, but hey the sooner the better. 👍
  6. Good stuff! Never got around to Ar nosurge, Ciel is a plus too!
  7. Finally! Definitely a Day One buy next to CS4! 😄
  8. I would give it a 4/5 out of 10 at best from my run with it a year ago. The Time Attack trophy could potentially make or break. There were some helpful vids floating around on youtube for them although I am unsure if they are still up. Besides that the bosses can be a little annoying but its mostly trial and error (and luck at times).
  9. I am so freaking happy that this is finally coming to consoles.
  10. Awesome news! Glad to see Falcom is still on a roll. 😄
  11. YES At laaaast! I swear Fall can't come any sooner! 😄
  12. Drop 5/28/20 Finally! Edit: Literally a day before Xenoblade DE 😆, either way hype!
  13. It appears to be up in the US PSN store now, although for some reason it says "Released Mar 19, 2020" (3 days away from this post) 🤔 https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0881-CUSA18037_00-00000000KAMIKONA
  14. Now available for $20, there also appears to be 2 DLC sets too for $5 each.