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  1. First game coming to consoles finally!!
  2. The 28th can't come any sooner, really enjoyed Reverie. This one looks to be a hit too, have been anticipating it ever since the first trailer dropped.
  3. Fingers crossed for the DS games too down the line. Never got a chance to play Portrait, and Ecclesia 😅.
  4. YES finally! Totally expected Reverie/Hajimari to be announced, but the Crossbell duology and Nayuta too? What a great time to be a Trails fan. 😄
  5. Yeah the Asia version is listed to contain: Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese in it 😀👍
  6. So far only Asia & Japan will be getting it physically, while the rest of the world will be getting it digitally according to google. Given the price, I think I will hold out for the physical down the line(only $5 more than the PSN price).
  7. Yeah 2 weeks is the usual time it takes, but you're right there are times when products do show up earlier. 👍
  8. Been waiting for this one, glad it is finally being released. Now to go digital or to hold out for the Asia Physical? That is the question 😆
  9. Another Game of Culture lets go 😂
  10. Been looking forward to this one, would have been cool if the PS4 version also had a physical. Either way still gonna support the dev regardless.
  11. Oh for that one I used the "Knives Method" On the Second Gideon Fight the one inside of "Subspace Highway?" I made her stomp/jump off his arms while they were crossed, then when he backs away began to spam the air kunai throw. Once he crosses them again rinse and repeat.
  12. From my memory of the PS3 Version, the "Invulnerable" trophy had to be the most annoying one of them all (IMO). Other than that its totally doable, here is hoping the netcode will be better this time around 😂
  13. Thanks! After taking another look all off the Quests I did read as "Completed!", however after taking another look I noticed 5 out of the 40 I did were from Tickington(the ones in the back with Tockles on them). Now I could be wrong but perhaps those do not count for Quest to Impress? Currently scrambling to do non Tickington Quests to see if that works. EDIT: I can confirm after doing my 45th Non Tickington Quest, the trophy popped!
  14. So I don't know if this is some new glitch, but after doing 40 Quests, the Accolade nor Trophy popped. I have tried reloading, doing another quest (41st). Attempting to re-install the game at the moment, has anyone else had this happen to them?
  15. Finally! So nabbing this after YS IX.