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  1. Everyone is losing their shit about Uncharted 4, and I'm just looking forward to DOOM

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    2. Killah184
    3. Benfoxy83


      Probably don't like Batman, or Metal Gear Solid series then. To me Uncharted is better than Tomb Raider. Story and interactions between characters, epic scenarios, beautiful locations, quick decision battles, finding treasures, and venturing into the unknown are some of the best things about Uncharted. I have shirts and collectables from both Uncharted and TLOU. Anyway that's my two cents.

    4. Killah184


      Well seeing how MGS has the most convoluted story in all of gaming, yes, I absolutely hate it. Not to mention, that turd, Hideo Kojima. I can take or leave the Batman games. I liked Asylum, and City, but Knight was just awful. 10% Batman 90% Batmobile. Might as well have been a racing game, for as much as you were in that damn car.

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