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    Accepts All Adds. I do not play online competitively, however I will play cooperatively. If you want to add me on PSN to chat/debate/discuss video games and what not, I would be more than happy to do so. Thank You!

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  1. Oh no, I've been given a warning point. Oh dear, it's the end of the world. Poor pansies can't deal with a little colorful language. Some one always has to get their man panties in a wad. Go change your tampon...

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    2. Parker


      Don't worry about what happens at 3.

    3. NotAFoxAnymore


      Not even kidding. 3 is a day ban, 4 is a week ban, 5 is a permaban. I've had 4 but got the fourth taken away cause it was 100% bs so i complained

    4. Killah184


      Im not trying to get banned, but Im going to speak my mind. People dont like that, apparently.

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