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  1. moigiron PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale I already hide the game in dispute, in effect the online trophies are no longer obtainable, I modified the save but I already hid it, so I ask you to remove the flag, all the other trophies that are seen in my profile have been obtained legitimately
  2. Yes Thats it, I Try one Thousand times to join to a band of lvl 50 and nobody helps me. That is why I have resorted to making a forum of this. I promise to help more people since I plan to continue playing the game.
  3. Please Accept me my id is moigiron Thank you in advance
  4. need to play with a level 50 band but I can still work in a band and reach that level, games only at night
  5. Accept me in you band of need for speed

  6. Hi I send request to your band please add me my ID is moigiron I really appreciate what you are doing
  7. I have the same problem my friend, they have only disappeared from the profile on the console (PS4), but as you have already noticed the trophies are still in your profile of PSN Profiles. It is something very strange, I have investigated and it seems that it is a problem with the PSN servers. Other people have already been affected. We can only wait for solutions on their own sooner or later. I hope it does not get worse. If you know more information please share it in this forum
  8. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
  9. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  10. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Amazing
  11. You Should go for Tales From the Borderlands It's not a bad Game and you only have to finish the story for the plat imo it's the best from Telltale games
  12. DonĀ“t go For Injustice, please my friend, What's the matter with you? it is not worth the effort better spend a fun time with Destiny
  13. In a world so crazy, Is it good to be normal? Trevor Philips GTA5

  14. Go for Teslagrad its a nice 2D game BTW Tesla is my favorite scientist