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  1. Yea but if a trophy list load I don’t want to have a game with 0% + I don’t like to hide my games.I never hide a game due to low trophy score. So if I don’t buy the main game (save the world) a trophy list will never be loaded right?
  2. I started the game on a second account due to impossible trophy list but when I went on my trophy list there wasn't any... I read that the trophies works only on another version of the game(something like that) My question is if I start the game on my main profile is there any chance that a trophy will pop?(for example if I open 300 chests) or suddenly a trophy list will appear or I have to purchase the game in order for the trophy list to be loaded. Sorry for writing like this but I don't know exactly what's going on with the versions and trophies. Just to let you know all my friends who play this game none has a trophy list... Is it safe to start without worrying for trophies? I just download the game from psn store(30gb) this is the version I'm taking about. Thanks
  3. I used Leo because I always play as Leo due to he is my personal favorite(except the first NES game in which Don was the best.All the other 3 were useless) To be honest there aren't any tips as long as you know how to play the game.In my opinion easiest method is with Don due to long rage attacks and his special can let you avoid enemies that have cornered you plus can hit long distance enemies or bosses.The same goes for Mikey's special attack but his weapon is not long enough as Leo's or Don's.Leo's special attack is not as good as Mikey's and Don's so see who fits for you between Don and Mikey.I believe Raph is the worst in everything... Also for your info check the post below to see that this person made the math and from all perspectives the best characters are:Mikey->Don->Leo->Raph Your choice now... For the most part, it looks pretty well-balanced, and it seems they're going by the stats from the game rather than by comics (Raph being the fastest in the game, Mike probably being the fastest in the comics). I don't know. I know I'm a Don fan, and that might be part of why, but I think Don's stats seem to be better than the other three. Unless speed is all you really want, I think Don is the best overall. The five attributes are as follows: Speed, Range, Defense, (I think, somebody correct me if I'm wrong) Main Attack (could be High Attack), and Special Attack. Here is how they rank insaid attributes: Speed: 1. Raph, 2. Mike, 3. Leo, 4. Don Range: 1. Don, 2. Leo, 3-4. Mike and Raph (close between them) Defense: 1. Don, 2. Leo, 3-4. Mike and Raph (again, really close) Main (or High, someone help me out) Attack: 1. Mike, 2. Don, 3-4. Leo and Raph (close) Special Attack: 1. Mike, 2. Leo, 3. Don, 4. Raph For every 1st, the Turtle gets 4 points, 2nd, 3 points, 3rd, 2 points, and 4th, 1 point. Here is the math. Leo: 13 Don: 14 Raph: 11 Mike: 15
  4. I'd go with sf4! My god this game was very hard.I left it at 89% Congrats mate!
  5. Grand Theft Auto 5 Never managed to play it but I heard that it is HUGE and need a lot amount of time in order to 100% Congrats Soneto!
  6. Just to clarify some things: A)I have the ultimate edition of the game but haven’t started it yet.In order to access the comrades dlc trophies which are built in the game I must have the royal edition only or If I buy all the dlcs from the store(royal + season pass) will I be able to access it? B)even if I have the royal edition can I just download and play the comrades dlc or I must downgrade?I mean if I stick with version 1.00 can I proceed with the dlc? C)I saw that the trophy list has 2 comrades packs with trophies so are all these still obtainable?
  7. Mirror's edge (PS3) loved the game couldn't finish the trials 😩
  8. I don't even remember how shitty this game was. The only thing I remember was that it was too buggy and sucked from every aspect. So I called my mate and I rent the game for one day and we managed to plat the game in 4 hours. Next day he was telling to our friends that I have to pay his launch and coffee because he wasted 4 hours from his life to help me get a plat I cannot remember the game very well but I remember writing on a forum if I can manage to get the plat by co op and by one playthrough and the answer was yes so I hunt it. I can understand the op because I tried to play alone 10-20 minutes before he came to my house and I couldn't play it.It was boring as hell. So call your mate and hunt this damn platinum!!!
  9. I don't understand why people had too much trouble with this... I remember that after starting akumu mode I spent 4-5 hours on chapter 2 but then after spending so much hours I felt the way I had to play and to be honest the first section of chapter 6 took me 3-4 tries only. It got hard only (if I remember correctly) on the chapter in which you are on a construction site and then you have to go on the other side with an elavator cart or something like this. I don't say that akumu mode is easy but it can be doable if you know what to do the exact moment.
  10. I believe that every platinum gets it's respect for various reasons but from my perspective it's about 0,01 - 5% Proud to be owner of the trophies below:) Platinum Trophy You've unlocked all Trophies! #2,604 22nd Feb 2012 6:58:51 PM 1,540 Achievers 193,391 Owners 0.80% Ultra Rare Zenith Unlock all Trophies. #2,954 9th Nov 2012 2:33:30 PM 1,274 Achievers 56,072 Owners 2.27% Ultra Rare Master of Fate Obtain all Trophies. #1,563 14th Mar 2011 11:51:58 PM 3,194 Achievers 108,046 Owners 2.96% Ultra Rare What Do You Want, A Medal? Earn All Available Trophies in Medal of Honor Frontline #1,310 12th Jan 2011 10:49:54 PM 3,298 Achievers 89,258 Owners 3.69% Ultra Rare Divine Summoner In recognition of your rank as a true master summoner. (Acquisition of all trophies) #3,053 1st Dec 2012 10:00:42 PM 500 Achievers 10,257 Owners 4.87% Ultra Rare