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  1. Thank you for the clarification. if I understand correctly, regardless of the situation, the flag will remain in any case. even if in the future with a re-run the game with screenshots. so to speak, the flag was, let it hang just in case. well, at least the conscience is clear, and as minimal evidence, platinum in the remaster.
  2. dark souls gas save lock, but, some other game have this lock too. but if you have ps+ aviable, you can upload your save into ony servers, but, these saves also locked, and cannot be downloaded right after uploading, if i remembber correctly, there is a time aboutr 24 hours or so. and i dont use ps+ for couple of years, because my friend always buy it, but there was my turn. and thats some interesting stuff about ps3. upload savegame into ps+ cloud, and sync trophies is a different things. for example/ you have game X, you playin offline for time, play game Y, play hame Z. while playing you earn achievments? but not sync them with psn. one day you concole broke, after few years you starting playing game anew, but find you old save. yes, achievments that you earned before not pop up, they gone forever, but if you, for example, load this save, and complete game, you only have one trophy for completion. and if you decide to achieve all other trophirs, order of achievment still be broken. if you have spare ps3, try some achievments offline, backup saves and format ps3 without sync. this is my 3rd ps3. first 40gb fat was gpu prolems, 80gb fat die in water ( thanks to the neighbors upstairs ), and now slim 320 works fine. its dark souls, there many miracles, pyromancy and other things, that you may miss through playthrough, and obtain only in NG+? and also some things may be completed only in NG+ and NG++. for axample. use last boss soul - miss miracle, not save girls in tomb - miss chance to buy miracles, save girl but after few locations abd boss she can miss, and you still miss miracles. ignoring two passive monsters^ - yeah, again miss miracles. and thats what about dark souls. aout situation and warn too. a dont need unbun, i hide this game again (unhide because wanted DSR be 50th in milestone), I only described the problem, the rest does not depend on me. maybe in not near future, i'll gather all my strenght, and one again complete DS1 on PS3, with pack of proofabl screenshots. but for now I'm sick of Darsk Souls. if you have any other questions, please ask, try to respond with all my bad english
  3. Otakon273 Dark Souls Good time of day. There is a time, when i play on ps3 and my HDD broke. These was long ime ago, and many svegames and achievments was missed beauced of internet limit, i turn off all synchronysation.<br /> last year, i played DS1, and buy ps+. there i discover my old save in online storgage, and overwrite "recent| save with old. and? thats where miracles and other were.<br /> I think. that's all information, that I can tell aout this situation.<br /> <br /> And of course, I decided to prove it by deed, by complete Dark Souls Remastered with all achievments by single playthrough.<br /> <br /> <br /> sorry for bad English