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  1. you need to buy the DLCs from the Hong Kong store in order for it to work
  2. are the DLCs are the same region as your game?
  3. looks like a great game with beautiful art, I guess the game length is about 2-3 hours, very short I know.. it's out for the switch, and it costs $14,99, probably it'll be the same cost for the ps4.
  4. just saw this he/she said that they fixed the trophies and got them after logging in, however, I just checked for an update but it says the last update is 1.06 < -- NA. I think the update is out in the Eu only for now. Edit 1: this is the update notes : * Achievements and Trophies All trophies and achievements should now display properly. Trophies/achievements previously earned should be awarded retroactively. *
  5. I have a Ps4 pro, I paused the game and watched a movie, when I got back and continued playing, the trophy "TONGUE OUT OF CHEEK " suddenly came. I don't know how or why though.. I was on the second level, I was playing on coop mode too. My account is RODY-_-1990.
  6. Thanks, the idea is not translating everything automatically into every language as it gives lots of wrong translation , but an optional thing that people can do. Not must but more of a 'Can'. but I can understand your point.
  7. Hi, what if people from around the world can translate the trophy lists and guides to their language? there's many people around the world here and their English language isn't very good.
  8. I never heard of it, the trophies looks good and all but how is the gameplay? and where's the trailer?
  9. 13,556 Unearned trophies, lol
  10. I think you are missing : Link attack name: Unwind Spirit: Tubguin Ace -- you cannot find it in KH3DS guide because its was added in the PS4 version.
  11. You must restart the new game +, you can't change the difficulty after you begin your new game
  12. Looks pretty easy