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  1. I got to the part when you become a chicken, kept dying had no clue what to do and rage quit. I went to kfc, imagined I was eating that useless bastard and smiled, I won in the end.
  2. I bet they were paid for that apology article to. trololol...
  3. Totally worth it, it's awesome. ;D
  4. sounds nice
  5. Ignorant dummy is dumb.
  6. Jak and daxter one was a little annoying too, not a fan
  7. On my main ps plus account, I've had that since 2010, I have an older account from like 2007 though been on playstation for a while hehe
  8. Don't like it being exclusive lol, I prefer it when everyone can enjoy it but hey, good news
  9. Earn trophies to stay in the top 1000, no shit, have fun and get trophies. It;s hard not to be cheap though lol.
  10. I agree completely. the diversity in the games you chose is awesome, good list friend.
  11. Resistance 2, now that it's impossible to achieve hehe
  12. Tony hawk HD. badass game ;P
  13. Minecraft .. minecraft.. and minecraft.
  14. Someone who jerks off to their trophy collection.
  15. Call of duty ghosts -.-