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  1. Did a vet playthrough, then a recruit no death. Did not get it. Did most missions again, nothing. Deleted my save(uploaded it first) and played it over again and it popped. Not sure if it's glitchy or if i'm just stupid. Either way it definitely worked for me when I deleted my save and started fresh.
  2. You're definitely running a magic heavy set-up, which is totally fine! It's good to see something different from my own set up. By this point in the game You should have about 9 materia slots per character(my Cloud had 10) I run a pretty interchangeable materia set up. Everyone runs 1 of each: HP plus MP plus Revive(you could get away with just 2 characters having one, but I like the insurance.) Heal Prayer or chakra(not really too essential for this fight, but it was just there for hard mode purposes) 1 magic attack materia a piece(Cloud usually always ran lightning, Barret always ran fire and Tifa always ran ice, my Aerith was the sorceress so she ran 2 magics at all times) Cloud was running AP up materia the entire hardmode and an elemental attached to lightning. ***Aerith ran magnify with heal almost religiously, with Tifa taking up the plate when Aerith was not in battle(pair it with the healing carcanet accessory for mad heals) Barrier and time materias where you see fit, but I don't use them often even though I have them(just a me thing) Poison is pretty useful overall, so someone typically had one if the enemy was weak to it. (great for the behemoth fight) Elementals are good to have, but not absolutely necessary. For this particular VR battle with marlboro it's pretty useful to bring a cleanse materia along for obvious purposes. Preferably level 2 because esuna is enough. Don't forget that enemy skill!(Malboro was very gimmicky for me, I had to redo the entire thing several times because I just wasn't learning the move. Finally learned it after stepping a bit farther back when he was doing the move.) If you want my exact set up: Cloud: Twin Stinger: Elemental=Lightning, Healing=Revive, AP up, HP UP Chain bangle: Time=Barrier, Prayer, MP UP Champion belt Barret: EKG: Elemental=fire, Healing=Revive, Steadfast block, HP UP Cog bangle: Barrier=Chakra, MP plus Champion belt Tifa: Purple pain: First strike(swap with magnify when Aerith is not in party)=Healing, Ice=Revive, barrier, HP plus Supreme bracer: Poison, Chakra, MP Plus Champion belt/healing carcanet(depends if she has magnify) Aerith: Silver staff: Magnify=Healing, Revive=Ice, Magic plus, HP plus Rune armlet: Fire, Prayer, MP plus Healing Carcanet I changed up everyone's magic according to who I was fighting and switched elemental to armor as needed(I.E. lightning for Reno, Ice for Shiva etc.) -side note I hardly ever run wind because the delay just blows, pun intended, and most enemies that are weak to it are extremely mobile so it just sucks to use (IMO) I spent the entire hard mode dreading not this fight, but pride and joy VR. Finished the malboro stuff at the tail end of my normal, so you can definitely do this.
  3. I think that's the behemoth type 0? Bioga is your best friend. He's going to be aggressive as hell. I ran it with Barret(for tankiness) Tifa(true strike = killerrrr) and cloud for a good all round. Magic was equipped, but it's highly recommended to not use ANY except bioga and after you use it make sure you're on the move because he throws out that counter magic. You don't have to be perfect with the counterstance or Cloud's other counter, but if definitely helps. Try to weaken bother upper and lower body at the same time. -Cloud's counters, counterstance and braver worked well for me. -Tifa with her double unbridled strengths, star shower with literally anything after -Barret with his triangle move, basic attacks and point blank(i mainly used Barret to stay far away and changed to him when I needed a breather since this enemy moves around a lot.) It's also good to note that when the Behemoth enrages you just proceed to focus on defense and evading. You can definitely try to attack and counter but he hits hard and he's fast. Letting the bioga do it's work during this time is preferred. I managed to get a few counters in during the rage period, but he usually hits me twice so i was taking more damage than anything. Tifa is super fast so I just used her to kite the boss. She was able to outrun most of his attacks. The moment he breaks out of rage start going at him again. I usually get each body part into the lows before i break both. He gets super annoying if you only break one, so aim for breaking both roughly around the same time. Recast bioga(or whatever you have) if it every runs out. Assuming you rinse and repeat that enough to his the last phase just make sure you're full health and blocking when he does comet. I sucked at this fight early on too. But after the 3 and 4th time(i had to keep redoing it because i didn't learn the enemy skill from malboro) I got really good at it and so will you.
  4. Definitely the struggle fight of the entire chapter. As long as you're getting to that final phase where he can instakill you that's an accomplishment in itself. I spent 2 rounds against it trying to use elemental to absorb fire and lightning, neither of which worked so I scrapped that Idea. For the last portion where he's about to instakill you Barret's limit worked fine for me on hard, but you can also try setting up an arcane ward and spamming out thundaga/ara. I never had to because Barret's limit was enough, but I mean..Imagine Aeris quad casting thundaga, pretty sure that would work out well. If you're hurting for MP just remember your trusty soul drain during staggered times with Aeris and you'll be fine. I ran my standard interchangeable materia line up except both Aerith and Barret had lightning, healing, revive, HP and MP plus on both with chakra on Barret and Prayer on Aerith and of course Magnify. Healing Carcanet is preferred on Aerith and running healing wind. Barret ran the special VR accessory(it speeds things up, but honestly just made me more reckless. Totally doable without it.) My Barret runs EKG and Aerith runs silver staff. I save my Catastrophe limit for that last portion, but if you can muster 2 limits in that one fight you should definitely abuse it early on. The first few times i battled this guy his shields were the most annoying, but then i realized that hitting each generator with thundara would cause Red XIII to instantly stagger the one, so after about 2 extended failures on hard mode that made the first part a lot quicker. I was also very passive when he was using his cannon and just hid, after starting to take advantage of the weak point with Aerith's thundara it made it easier for me to stagger his dumbass. Barret was already ready with 2 full ATB to fire during the pressured period. Once that cannon started charging, I swapped to Aerith and let loose a thundara which was usually enough to cancel the attack. He would occasionally need to be hit a 2nd time because he'd charge up immediately after but another thundara put that to rest. Barret's focus shot pushed that stagger bar up and during that period of the bosses immobility i'd just have Aerith do basic attacks and soul drain to steadily keep her MP up. While all this is going on I tried to keep Aerith and Barret away from each other, also used the pillars to block the boss and make obstacles. Homing lasers were always ate up by Barret. I never got hit by his rush attack unguarded, Aerith did a few times but that's because I wasn't controlling her. Destroying the wheels takes a bit, but I didn't even get to kill all of them before the end. The fire trap is annoying and I never got caught in it on normal, but I just could not escape it on hard. I always switched to the other character to try and draw aggro since he likes to do a lot of damage to the trapped one. Once you inevitably hit that instakill phase just focus on getting your ATB stacked for Aerith and hopefully you have a limit for Barrett. Catastrophe and a double ATB focus shot for good measure with an arcane ward placed(preferably during the first blocked later) for Aerith to cast her enhanced thundara/aga's. Good luck, definitely the most annoying chapter, 18 wasn't a joke either, but let's take this one step at a time, Hahah
  5. Hey man, totally get you, this sort of things happen. I felt that way after platinuming red dead redemption 2. Burned me out for months, but I eventually came back and I believe you'll bounce back too. I don't necessary chase the platinum to test my skills, but simply because I just want this for myself. Similarly to having life goals I've got game goals and I just want to play and platinum what I love. I had a few moments in FF7 remake where I contemplated the meaning of life, but I've looked forward to this game for too long not to finish it and I enjoyed it entirely. It's all about perspective and i'm probably super biased though because the series is my top game of all time, but everybody is different. I've had worse experiences with other games, but maybe I just love this game so much that I've become oblivious. In the end we are gamers and we play what we like so keep on doing what you do. Materia set ups are going to be relatively uniform for everybody considering the limited space and materia at your disposal. Just the HP plus, mp plus, cure and elemental are already half of what you can hold. 🤣 it's all good though. People are using everything differently than how I would so there just enough where people can branch out. Also the materia you're looking for that dispels barrier uses the term "breach," I rarely used it back in the original and I barely use it now. Haha
  6. It's not essential to max out materia, hell I didnt even have 2 HP plus maxed until the end. Just keep a consistent usage of the same materia and you'll be fine. I didn't max out revive until midway through hardmode. My elemental magics were maxed from normal since they dont require much, as were my cures. The first half of the game doesn't feel too difficult, you'll actually find it a bit easier since you have more at your disposal. Steer clear of using tier 3 elemental magics unless it's the last fight before a chapter ends. You can get by with basic or tier 2 elemental magics. Grinding for AP isnt needed because you'll get triple AP on hardmode and if you've got the AP plus materia is goes by quickly. Everything will carry over with you except side mission key items (don corneo stash key) certain things are only obtainable the 1 time like magnify(only one in the game) and the chain bangle(only armor with decent defensive stats that has 4 materia slots). Any materia you buy from Chadley is also limited. I'd honestly just recommend doing the normal playthrough, then the hard, then a 3rd run for funsies. Two normal playthroughs would be overkill and all your materia would probably be maxed out by then. As long as youre managing your MP well throughout the game you will be fine.
  7. I liked it all. They took out the part with the jacuzzi like in the original so the the dance was a nice addition. I also loved Clouds response when Tifa realized it was him.
  8. If you learned how to handle the bosses on normal you'll be okay on hard. Im sure at this point you know what enemies to watch out for. Exploiting weaknesses while minimizing MP usage is ideal. Certain chapters (chapter 7 boss, chapter 9, chapter 14 overall and chapter 17 overall) definitely test your MP conservsation but its definitely doable. I didnt start using MP and HP plus until the latter half of my normal playthrough so most of mine were level 2 and 3. My personal recommendation for materia would be: -HP and MP plus for everyone is a given -Having 1 maxed poison and time at your disposal will benefit you on some fights -both prayer and chakra materials split between the 4 members -the elementals will save your life, get them to lvl 2 or maxed -One cure per person will do with the magnify on your designated healer whom(Aerith when she was in my party, Tifa when Aerith was not, but it's up to you)should also have the healing carcanet to bolster healing potential. -magic element materia is useful, but knowing your enemies so you use the right magic at the right time is very helpful so you're not running multiple magics and taking up precious materia slots. -One or 2 barriers would not hurt either Weapon wise, use the ones that have reprieve and if possible have the perk that reduces healing MP usage bu 20%. Clouds twin stinger and aeriths silver staff are the only two that have both at the same time. I ran those two weapons and EKG and purple pain for Barret and Tifa respectfully. Armor is whatever really, I'd say maximize materia slots. Accessories can be pretty vital especially if you have one from the final VR mission. While that accessory is extremely useful, it will definitely make the entire game much easier. I managed to go through chapters 1-15 without it and did okay. After I got the item my style of play definitely changed so the choice is yours. You'll be obstaining manuscripts throughout the hardmode playthrough, most of which will come naturally. These will give you the added edge on your weapons.
  9. Despite being used to the old mechanics, i'd say it's a 4/10, with certain things pushing it into that score like specific fights or activities. If every fight was as wild as the albino dog fight in chapter 3 then it would have been an issue. It's a nice added challenge to a classic idea and I can get with that.
  10. Currently on hardmode, just went through chapter 14 last night and did the encounter with Behemoth type-0. Standard fight with some added oomph with an extra can of whoopass to unleash on me. Ended up getting him to 1% or 0 health, whichever leads him to doing comet/meteor. He's typically supposed to die after that as he did when I fought him on normal and the times I fought him in VR on hard, but this time he stayed alive while his falling rocks(comets?) obliterated Cloud and Barret. I figured it was a hardmode gimmick and rolled with it. Tifa revived Barret and I had him use catastrophe on the supposedly dead or near dead Behemoth, but he did not die. Instead I found myself getting destroyed by an even more aggressive Behemoth. Played him the 2nd time and it went by faster and properly, did anyone experience this sort of thing? Or any other glitchy things? No issues otherwise, love the game to death.
  11. Reno-involved fights can be made pretty easy by linking at least a level 2 elemental to lightning, and if you're struggling to break the pyramid in the sector 7 plate fight, my barret used a double ATB point blank and took it out in 1 hit. I had an easier time on hard with the ghost fight. I was preserving most of my MP during the entire chapter since I was using pray and chakra, and when it came time to throw down with the ghost boss I had each party member use fira on the boss with Aerith throwing out the most. She was always at a good distance hitting with basic attacks so her ATB was always full. Was able to stagger the boss pretty fast since fire puts the boss into pressure and both Tifa and Cloud we were with their focus attacks. Still had enough MP to fight Eligor and that fight dragged on because I didn't have a dispel/breach to counteract reflect.
  12. i'm trying to do them also, playstation is being weird so I can't add anyone right now
  13. I maxed out stats for Killia(main protagonist), Usalia(base game main character), a Sage (base game generic character), Metallia(DLC. Probably best mage in the entire game), and Desco(DLC character I picked because I thought her character was precious). I had support characters that reach max level, but not max stats, i.e. another sage, Christo(base game main character that has a passive accuracy buff) pleinar(DLC character with an amazing movement passive) and a bunch of basic characters that had unique skill that boosted attack(angel song I think), then I had a bunch if super basic level 10 archers for combo count(you'll understand it later). So all in all, I did rather little in the post game and the last level was a bit of a struggle and I managed with some finesse. The sites I used were: https://www.gamerguides.com/disgaea-5-alliance-of-vengeance/guide/extras/trophies/trophy-guide-3- https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/disgaea-5-alliance-of-vengeance/279674-disgaea-5-alliance-vengeance-trophy-guide-road-map.html these 2 give a good description in the trophies https://www.reddit.com/r/Disgaea/comments/3pyfpy/disgaea_5_platinum_guide_and_roadmap/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_body This is good pre and post game guidelines I also used the game faqs guide which is rather dense, so check that out too. Let me know how it goes! I'm happy to go into further detail when the time comes, good luck!
  14. Proud of you man, haha the complete is well worth it. I went through and tried making a 20 man squad and got super lazy after maxing my 5 character hahaha. I'll get you the info shortly
  15. I started the game with no DLC and my intent was to continue along with that route, but there was a PSN sale that had the season pass for like 7 dollars so I did that. I'm sure it's possible with just base characters. I actually only maxed out 5 characters and just had several utility characters to help. I beat the game and a little bit of the post game with base characters. I used tips and trick guides on things I wasn't really sure about more than guides, i.e. innocent farming, stat maxing, subclass maxing. The game is brief with explanation, but since this was my first disgaea game a lot of the mechanics were complex for me until I found a detailed guide on how to play the game properly. I can go back and find what sites I used if you're interested and let you know which DLC characters I used.