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  1. I'd love to join, but i've already finished it. Does that exclude me? Great game btw, somewhat of a learning curve with a sudden difficulty spike towards the middle of the game.
  2. Anyone trying to partner up for hours in an attempt to do this? I just keep getting slaughtered by aces or get nothing every time
  3. My first game crash occurred after about 50 hours. it was a story mission where I had to battle a guy on the bridge(it was an event) but as I hit the bridge a normal random encounter happened at the exact time so it crashed at the pre battle screen where they just shoot bullet holes into the screen. The main difference was that it was like...20 shots instead of 5(?) and the screen stay froze, but I could hear myself in the battle screen. A simple reset fixed it, I thought it was more funny than annoying.
  4. Grindy unlocking all the stuff, difficulty can depend on if you have some others to play with for the realistic and the difficulty under that(I forgot what it was called) campaigns. Me and one other guy just went through it all just fine, the only one that we struggled with was I think mission 7 where you need to deploy spikes into the ground in the middle of a wild firefight. We just got my other friend and it helped a lot. Also that simulator thing sucked because you can't die.
  5. Honestly, a lot. I purchased about 8-10 from the infirmary, all rank 2 or rank 4 weapons. After counting, I have only 6 scout/engineer rifles, 20 machine guns, 14 lances, 13 snipers, 9 mortars. By post game I had all the scout and mortar weapons. I was missing 2 lances(rank 2 and 4, but those these seem to be the same as rank 1 and 3 lances), 3 snipers(rank 1, 3, 5) and 2 machine guns (rank 2 and 5). Seems like what you get at the end of missions is random, but completing other objectives like I did nets you more weapons too. I played the entire game aggressively, only ever got B rank twice, people died once in a while but enemies never completed killed them off. I'm pretty sure most maps I didn't kill all command units or tanks just because getting A rank doesn't really allow that sort of play.
  6. I just 100% the game about an hour ago. Up until the last challenge skirmish I didn't have rank 5 weapons available in the infirmary. Everything was maxed though (characters, weapon/armor upgrades, tank and ship, etc.) and everyone was max level. I only needed the rank 5 sniper and machine gun. I went back and replayed 15a. First time I did it I just killed the Vulcan with no deaths or downs. This time around I beat the Vulcan, but also destroyed all tanks and enemy command units. At the results screen I got the 2 guns I needed(what luck) and rank 5 weapons unlocked for purchase in the infirmary. Apparently beating story mission levels with certain criteria is key. Use the trophy guide on here to see which levels can drop you what and just beat it difference than you did last time, i,e. A-rank, kill all tanks, kill all command units, no deaths, and so forth. Good luck!
  7. I have yet to find any, but I'm half way through the story. It's safe to say that as long as you aren't trying to kill everything and you strategically and aggressively move through each level you'll get the A. The only map I got a B on so far was 4-1. If you're interested I can try making videos, but they'll be unedited and involved a lot of save scumming. =P
  8. Beautiful! Much appreciated!
  9. OOh, fantastic. I'll take Alice for the Ultimate Gamer one. In honor of the upcoming season of course. Hahah
  10. Yes, i've always made it an effort to go in on any SAO release. Always ready to support. I'd like Asuna for everything except for Fatal Bullet(Sinon). What is the "ultimate gamer" one, I am unfamiliar. Also, regarding Accel world VS. SAO can I assume they're similar to Long Song custom trophy/medals? Hollow Fragment was IMO the heaviest grind! Hollow Realization is a close 2nd! At least you get some nice outfit changes though.
  11. Great! Now what do I do? Haha
  12. I guarantee you my mind has been meditating on SAO since day one! As for the workout I'm going to go ahead and save it for a One Punch Man game. 😂, but yes please sign me up, i'd like to join. Hahah
  13. Awesome, how does one go about that process?
  14. Is this still available to join?
  15. you're perfectly fine without buying anything. In-game purchases/micro transactions do help the process along a bit. It's enjoyable nonetheless, but grindy if you don't use the aforementioned "time skip" method. If you do end up using that you'll possibly be sitting on top of a bunch of items that can be bought anyway.