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  1. I've personally only played Tales of Berseria, Valkyria Revolution and Digimon Cybersleuth(the first one). I actually would not recommend Valkyria Revolution, it's honestly not worth it IMO. Tales of Berseria if you're looking for an action RPG, it's rather long though, but if you want something a little happier, shorter, with turn-based play and a pokemon feel then do Digimon Cybersleuth. Unfortunately, I can't say much about the others, but I'd like to play all those myself 😅
  2. In case anyone is wondering it took 770 enhancements to get to blacksmith rank 10. I use 1 copper ore and 1 divination so roughly 770,000 yuld for swords and roughly 7,770,000 yuld for copper ores. Not sure if this is already posted somewhere, but just wanted to let anyone know who is trying to aim for a platinum. Time to BP grind now!
  3. I know there are some that make it a contest or some sort, but it's more of just a personal goal. Something to strive towards I guess you could say. Kudos on Persona 5 btw, fantastic game. I'll admit I've played short easy platinums and long difficult ones, but I've liked them all so far. I tend to only buy games that spark at least some interest and I usually try to go for the gold, or in this case the platinum because I end up believing that game was worth my time. Okay that's a partial lie, Star Ocean 5 just had me grinding mindlessly after the first playthrough (it required 3). The completionist in me just didn't want to leave it alone, but I promise after that one everything was for pure enjoyment. I also like that fact that my trophy list is a personal reminder that I actually did do something all these years.
  4. Yeah, I didn't even use smoke grenades I just mowed everyone down with that elemental sword combo after buffing my attack and speed. I found myself skipping the cutscenes half way through because the story wasn't engaging enough. Also, the main character looked like he hadn't slept for 72 hours or had bad allergies. I agree on that upgrade system. Upgrading everything equipment-wise was useless, except maybe armor I guess and the wannabe FFX sphere grid system was just unnecessary. Fortunately, if you hated this game enough you could always go back to the first VC, which will always be great.
  5. I get what you're trying to say, and this game was extremely different from chronicles. After beating it and putting a good amount of time into it, the differences only made me want the actual Valkyria Chronicles series. Storywise between this and chronicles was like comparing the current Avengers movies to the Justice League movie. It was definitely a parallel universe and any hope I had of it being just as good as VC evaporated after the first hour. Gameplay is simple if you have an understanding of the skills and realized early on that guns and grenades mean squat. It was a complete 180 from VC since melee attacks/skills were the fastest way to deal any damage as opposed to VC where cover, strategy, guns and grenades meant something. The only things Valkyria about this game is the art, some story lore and weapons. They tried to do something different, which is respectable and now I hope they know now to deviate from the master plan. I bought my copy for 15 dollars about 6 weeks after release, possibly less time than that. So...poisonous? Maybe. Half-assed? Oh yeah. A yearning for redemption in a the actual series? Definitely. For the record I also would not play it again or recommend it to a friend, go play the remaster instead. I still support the franchise even though this game seemed to put my soul into a mindless dimension where I was only able to play it just because I had it and not because I wanted to. Excited for VC4, though.
  6. Also confirming that you need to open all unique(one-time) and non-unique(can be open as long as you're restarting the map) treasure chests for the trophy. I missed one at itsukushima and had to go back and look for it post game. I'd recommend keeping track to avoid that
  7. Hidden treasures aren't missable since you can use requests to go back and get them. The only one I'm unsure of atm is collecting all items. Just make sure you don't sell anything unique and keep at least one of everything.
  8. It is possible if you haven't beaten the final boss yet, if you have then you must start the game over...like i did