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  1. Beautiful! Much appreciated!
  2. OOh, fantastic. I'll take Alice for the Ultimate Gamer one. In honor of the upcoming season of course. Hahah
  3. Yes, i've always made it an effort to go in on any SAO release. Always ready to support. I'd like Asuna for everything except for Fatal Bullet(Sinon). What is the "ultimate gamer" one, I am unfamiliar. Also, regarding Accel world VS. SAO can I assume they're similar to Long Song custom trophy/medals? Hollow Fragment was IMO the heaviest grind! Hollow Realization is a close 2nd! At least you get some nice outfit changes though.
  4. Great! Now what do I do? Haha
  5. I guarantee you my mind has been meditating on SAO since day one! As for the workout I'm going to go ahead and save it for a One Punch Man game. 😂, but yes please sign me up, i'd like to join. Hahah
  6. Awesome, how does one go about that process?
  7. Is this still available to join?
  8. you're perfectly fine without buying anything. In-game purchases/micro transactions do help the process along a bit. It's enjoyable nonetheless, but grindy if you don't use the aforementioned "time skip" method. If you do end up using that you'll possibly be sitting on top of a bunch of items that can be bought anyway.
  9. I use the one that raises awakening bar faster, the one that increases damage by 10% for every 10 hits for up to 200%, and the super power gem +25%STR and INT. I mainly use UNI and with that set up my elemental shot was doing 20k after breaking the end game bosses(rank 8 quests). I was around lvl 70-80 at the time.
  10. Totally doable, just takes practice and luck. I actually missed it the first time around and went back to play it during the post-game.
  11. Not too difficult, like most people said the minigame ones are most challenging, also micromanaging all the in-game chests is somewhat of a chore(I suggest a check-list). Most troublesome for me was getting Maduin for the full collection of mirages, but that difficulty can be mitigated by having someone trade one to you like I did for a few people.
  12. Einhander invasion for sure. Wasn't really RNG based like the grid game, but I took me the longest for sure.
  13. Nameless king for sure. His pet dragon bird was a dick!
  14. If anyone is willing to help me by dropping NG+ and NG++ rings that would be fantastic. PSN: undefinedmike. The game is great, but i'm definitely not looking to do 2 more full playthroughs any time soon.
  15. If you liked BB, Nioh was very good and similar in many ways. Think BB, but as a samurai and more humans are alive around you. 😂