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  1. {Cool}
  2. Strange... No crying party this month as usual ?
  3. +1
  4. Here's the deal http://www.ebay.com/itm/50-Sony-Playstation-Network-Card-for-only-40-Email-delivery-20-OFF-/261681290189
  5. You're welcome guys.
  6. Extreme mode what a b!t$h mode ! But I won't get mad because of this stupid non-gold trophy. Gald I didn't purchase the game and just got it by Plus. I will not support the developer of this game.
  7. What do you expect from a quarter-day game with no Online mode and costs $60 ?
  8. From Microsoft. I used to be biased toward it.
  9. AWESOME! This is so cool man. I like it very much Thank you very much.
  10. Yes sure. And for background I don't have ideas but I think it should contains green color. Anything would be very appreciated.
  11. Who did update my profile ? I just obtained a platinum and wanted to update but failed...

    1. Dragon-Of-MSoft


      Ok no problem man just wanted to know hahaha.

    2. Dr_Mayus


      I think it auto updates at different times in the day (I know it does for me at midnight)

    3. Ruhkillmeez


      Yeah, I've never seen the game under $50 here where I live

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  12. As the title says I suggest giving members the ability to close, open and delete thier threads.
  13. My PS+ subscription will end soon. So when my PS+ subscription ends, the IGC games will disappear and I won't be able to play them again even if I subscribed again ? And the only way to keep them is by extending my PS+ subscription before it ends ? http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=846956 ????
  14. Hello, I have a request for my first signature here. •Characters: Green Arrow. •Horizontal signature.
  15. Titan Attacks
  16. As the title says, what defines a hardcore gamer? Is it someone who buys every editions of a console ? Or plays AAA games and ignores indies ? Or maybe someone who obtains platinum of eveygame he plays ? Any standard ??
  17. Yea I liked boss battles. What an enjoyable indie game ! And with platinum ! That's awesome !
  18. I would like the new one.
  19. Usually the online trophies of fighting games worry me. But I guess I won't worry about that with this game because they seem easy to me.